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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

sequence in which they had arrived into the arena. As they exited the temple through the door from where they had entered, the purple-garbed Translator Poets gathered and sat nearby the Soothsayer to exchange notes and discuss their transcripts. For an instant, the boy had the impression that the ritual was over. However, the audience remained silent and seated, and so he assumed that further developments awaited him, although he couldn't imagine precisely what lay in store. –

« The Arbuja will be summoning you soon » announced Kasulik Sõber to his pupil, who, realizing what was about to occur, clearly conveyed his apprehensions with a quick glance at his interlocutor, « don't worry » immediately chuckled the Gatekeeper, « just go to her when she invites you, and listen to her » he instructed in a warm, low voice, « you'll do just fine » he ensured with a confident grin.

Calmed to a certain extent by the encouraging words, Rahu Lüli nodded in agreement as he gazed at the huddle of whispering scribes, anticipating his moment. The harmonious chanting echoed under the lofty dome as the minutes passed. He supposed that the nun would tell him the details of the task he had been selected for, and he fancied that it would be something exceptional, something that would set him apart from all the other initiates, something that would necessarily afford him the respect of the entire community. The Tõlkiji Luuletajad quieted down, and the lady robed in white rose and walked to the center of the stage where she joined her hands in front of her, concentrating for a while before addressing the crowd in a solemn manner. –

« Väljavalitud, as you all know, as Arbuja I am able to interpret some of the revelations the Valgustatud offer us via the Kaksikud » the graceful woman began, « but only one of the Suur Usujuhtide, the Great Spiritual Leaders, can completely decipher the rhymes of the Enlightened Ones » she explained pensively, « and only when we are guided by one of those blessed beings is it possible to contact one of the Suurepärane Giidid » she reminded the spectators.

The young monk focused intently on the Soothsayer, increasingly overwhelmed by the feeling that he was about to be thrust into the heart of an adventure that could turn out to be much bigger than him. « This morning, I have good news for you » the Arbuja carried on, « the Valgustatud have good news for us ! » she declared, slightly louder, and in a more cheerful tone, pausing to let the suspense build, « they have informed us that the identity of the next Suur Usujuht has been determined ! » she then affirmed, provoking great agitation in the room, « for many years now, we have been hoping for someone to lead us » the nun mentioned once the reactions had subsided, « most of us were not born when the previous Suur Usujuht left us, but our wishes have not been vain, and our hopes may be about to be fulfilled » she submitted with contagious fervour, and once more, at her statement the assembly had The Threshold


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