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central value


functional value


expressive value



Bringing core values into words is like verbalizing a color. You have to hit the right tone - otherwise you fail. We did it the right way and came up with something so inspiring and exciting, that you want to know everything about this brand. With focusing on the basis of the concept, which will be introduced in this book, we came up with a vision and mission, which fully represents everything the brand NUDE stands for, what we are and what we will offer.



Everyone has the right to know the truth.



We don’t hide, we don’t lie - we reveal. we are going to show you a naked truth.



Not the

everybody has world. But we

the are

chance to change going to do that.

We figured out that it is just impossible to be 100% sustainable and green without failing at the needs of the consumer. So here we are - we will fulfill your needs and give you what you want - but we will let you know how we did it, where and with whom. Even though we didn’t produce it in europe. And this is what we want to achieve: bringing honesty back into life, back into fashion and give everybody the access to transparency.


a truth that might be shocking, but honest about every sigle detal.


central theme

100% transparency With our concept, we are the difference that was needed in the fashion industry. Someone, that tells you the truth. And by that, we don’t mean the always „oh so perfect sustainable-truth“ but something beyond that. As our core values, transparency & honesty already tells you what we are, we deliver this message in a different way. We don‘t hide things that contain non-vegan products, non-sustainable clothes or long delivery ways. We are not ideal but that‘s what makes us unique, because we are honest about it.


every single step of how we work will be visible to our consumer.


central value

the naked truth: 100% transparency


making a change, quite simple.

R aw H o n e s t y , N a k e d T r u t h We are going to reveal every single detail, showing a naked truth. We are so honest, that you will be sure of how the raw materials ended up in the shop. Truthful, clean and clear. Without hiding, easy to understand for everybody. Quite simple, isn‘t it?!


smooth and beautiful materials 12

functional value crispy clear shape

As raw as our honesty is, as simple, smooth and beautiful are our materials and products. Made with love, we offer a classy, chic and sophisticated look. Clean, Scandinavian high fashion pieces with sharp and straight lines and a crispy clear shape.

simple and clean 13

expressive value

With our honest communication we are the difference out there. You will see and feel out raw honesty and naked truth, expressed by the second picture. You have to take a closer look to find out what‘s behind, just like the first picture shows. We are out there, about to tell you everything. Maybe not what you want to hear but what we need to say.


Access to every detail, things that are usualy hidden.

feel our transparency, see our honesty


Brand Book NUDE