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Our mission is simple: to be the preferred choice for personal trainers and clients looking for the most comprehensive personal and group training experience. We will accomplish this by developing and updating systems that support our mission and that are consistent with our core values and principles.

Values and Principles • Constant improvement • Respect for one another • Personal responsibility • Healthy living • Teamwork • Diversity

• Laughing & having fun • Attention to detail • Hard work • Open communication • Loyalty • Community involvement

Give us 25 minutes and we’ll train you to get fat-melting, body-transforming,

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Compliments of Mike Bates, Owner of Refine Fitness Studio



TO TRAIN AT REFINE FITNESS STUDIO 1. Motivating and Inspiring Environment

2. Results

Let’s face it most gyms and training facilities are nothing more than a nightclub with a different dress code. People meander through the maze of equipment with little to no support. The end result… well, there are no results. It’s rare to see any great physical change occur in these places.

The personal training team is held to the highest standards and is required to relentlessly improve their skills through year round continuing education courses and workshops. As a result, the personal training staff is a virtual All-Star team of the best in the business. In fact, where do personal trainers go when they want to learn? Yes, you guessed it. They come to us!

Every inch of our facilities are designed to motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve your alltime physical best and optimal health. From the temperature of the workout floor to the type of gym equipment to the volume of the music, everything supports the optimal training environment. No sweaty equipment. What makes the greatest difference is the quality of people who train and work here. You feel right at home when you enter through the gym doors.

3. Proven Track Record Come in to our facility and look around. Then come back three months later and you will see for yourself. Our clients get results. From busy doctor’s to full- time mothers to business owners we get results with our unique scientific approach to creating physical results.


THE REFINE My business is about relationships. This is truly what separates Refine Fitness Studio from any other facility. With this in mind, I want to tell you a little about myself and my journey that brought me to where I am at today. In no way is this journey complete but I can tell you I am very happy (more than just content) with what I have achieved so far… how many people can truly say that? Above: Refine Fitenss owner Mike Bates and his family. Right: Mike is a published author of professional fitness books.

Growing up I had part time jobs delivering papers that taught me a lot about work ethic and running my own business. I was motivated to make money but also sincerely enjoyed taking care of my clients. Instilled in me at a young age, these qualities are the driving force of how I run my business. During my high school days most of my time was spent playing sports year round, in particular track and basketball, but I also played volleyball and ran cross country. I was not one of those athletes that was gifted with natural talent; I had to work hard for everything I wanted to accomplish. For me, sport is what got me through school and allowed me to channel my energy in a productive way that made me a better student and taught me the importance of hard work and dedication. As my high school days were coming to an end I enrolled in the Human Kinetics (HK) program at the University of Windsor. What else was a ‘jock’ like me to do? In second year, I became involved with student parliament and was later elected Class President. During this time, I “got my feet wet” working in one of the “big box” fitness clubs. About 5 years after graduating I decided to go back to school and complete my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Today, I can proudly say I’ve maintained many relationships that I developed in university and I am honoured to teach in the Department of Kinesiology, as well as be an active

FITNESS STORY member of the Alumni Association at the University of Windsor. Giving back to the community that I grew up in is very important to me. I eventually left the fitness industry to pursue another opportunity with Human Kinetics Publishers. While this was truly a great company to work for, after 7 years I got tired of travelling, sitting behind a desk all day and answering to someone else. Let me be crystal clear when I say that this was not the type of job or company you simply leave to ‘try your own thing’, so more than a few people thought that I was crazy when I finally opened my own fitness studio in September of 2007. While the decision was not an easy one it was one that had been many years in the making. My goal with Refine Fitness Studio was to offer an alternative to the ‘big gym’ experience, an experience which not everyone enjoys. In my opinion, big clubs are not able to properly take care of the majority of their members due to their size. I wanted to offer a higher level of service and assistance to those people that needed it most, to ensure that Refine Fitness would be known for our Personal Training services and the results that our clients got and to hire and keep the best staff available while giving clients the best possible experience. During our first two years we saw great success helping our members improve their health and fitness; we began to build a name for ourselves in the community. Soon after it became obvious that we were going to need to expand our space in order to accommodate future growth and widen our Personal Training options and other

programs, thus, in the fall of 2010, we doubled the size of our main personal training area. While we have seen great success to date, we’re still a small business and are very much impacted by the ups and downs that all businesses experience; in no way have we ‘made it’ but I am confident we’re well on our way. I also believe strongly in community and feel it is important to get involved and give back. For this reason, as a business, we are actively involved with numerous charities and fundraising events. My business is also a family one. You will regularly see my parents, my wife and her family and our kids around the gym and my sister’s cleaning company keeps the studio spotless. I need to remind myself occasionally how lucky I am to be doing what I love while also making a difference in people’s lives. Refine Fitness Studio is truly about the people – our staff and, more importantly, our clients. If you need help accomplishing your goals, I can say with absolute certainty that no one will go to the lengths we will to help you. n


WHAT TO First Visit: You will personally meet with Mike. During this visit he will discuss your exercise history (or lack of for most of our clients), your health and fitness goals, and address any questions you have. Once he has all of this information, Mike will suggest the program he feels best suits you, based on your goals, time and budget. If you decide to get started on a private or semi private training program with us you can plan for the following: Initial Assessment: During this appointment you will meet with a Personal Trainer to review your health and fitness goals and decide on a precise plan of action. We will also set some specific goals for you to achieve in the coming weeks and months. Once the assessment is completed your Trainer will review the cardiovascular and flexibility portion of your exercise program. You will be given copies of anything that is important for you to remember because we know you will forget otherwise. Program Design: Many of our clients ask for an exercise program that they can do on their own time when they are not with a Trainer. It is at this appointment where we will lay out the exercise plan you will follow on the days you are not with a Trainer. While not all clients need this, everyone has the option of taking advantage of this. 1st Nutritional Coaching Appointment: The majority of our clients need help with their diet and they need someone to keep them accountable to making the changes and sticking to them. If you fall into this category then you

EXPECT will go through our nutritional coaching program. At your first meeting we will go over our meal plan system with you and show you all of the options you have when it comes to eating healthy. We will also assign you a food journal and will discuss how it should be filled out. Nutritional Coaching Appointments 2-4: After your initial nutritional coaching appointment you will have a weekly meeting for the next 3 weeks to review your progress, plan out some meals and address any roadblocks that are preventing you from seeing results. Private Training Sessions: Many people are worried about being in a lot of pain after their first few training sessions. The reality is, that moderate soreness is to be expected but this should not be severe to the point where you find it difficult to function the next day. Our goal at the end of your first 2 training sessions is that you should walk away feeling like you could have done more. Small Group Sessions: You will be placed into a group with 2 or 3 other people that have similar goals. At each session the Trainers will modify the program so that each person gets a workout that is appropriate for them. Most of our clients will work with a trainer 2-4 times per week for an average session time of 25 minutes. If time permits, we always suggest 20-30 minutes on a treadmill or bike along with 5min of stretching.


BENEFITS You will notice a difference in how you feel in the first 2 weeks.

If weight loss is your goal, you can expect to lose 1-3lbs per week.

Most people notice an increase in their energy levels and improvement in their general mood.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to an exercise program but those that follow our plan start to see weight loss right away. By the end of the first month, most of our clients have lost 6-10lbs.

You will notice strength and stamina improvements within 3-4 weeks. People notice this during everyday activities like climbing stairs, getting out of bed and lifting things around the house.

One of the unexpected surprises for many people is improved sleep. Exercise normalizes our bodily functions and can often times dramatically improve someone’s ability to get a good night’s sleep

OF EXERCISE After the first month you can expect to lose up to 3 inches off your waist, hips and thighs.

Improved memory and mental acuity Research has shown us that people that exercise improve the functioning of their brain and their ability to think clearly.

Improved confidence and a better sense of self awareness. Many of our clients have been too busy taking care of other people and they have put themselves last on the priority list. Most of our clients were scared to get started on an exercise program, so getting over this barrier makes them feel great.


CHOOSING A PERSONAL TRAINER 1. D oes the Trainer have testimonials from clients they have worked with?

If clients are seeing great results there should be no shortage of these At Refine, we have over 100 testimonials from real clients that have seen amazing results.

2. What are their qualifications? Did they take an in person course, test and were they evaluated on their practical skills or did they take an online exam? At Refine all of our Trainers have gone through a thorough certification process and are regularly evaluated based on their skills as a Trainer. Owner, Mike Bates, teaches in Kinesiology at the University of Windsor and also teaches the Can Fit Pro certification course. He has taught and certified most of the Trainers in the area. He hand selects the best Trainers in the field. Who else can say this?

3. I s the schedule based on times that are best for you or the Trainer?

Most people work with one Trainer, which can make it very difficult for clients to change times and exercise at times that fit their schedule best. At Refine, all of our clients work with 2-3 Trainers, giving them all of the flexibility they need to workout at times that are convenient for them.

4. Are they a role model? All of our Trainers exercise on a regular basis and look the way a fit and healthy person should. You will not experience this at some of the other facilities in our area.

5. Does your trainer continue to educate themself within their field?

This is required to keep their certification but it is also important so that the Trainer is on top of the latest training styles.

We host no less than 3 workshops for Trainers in the area and have training sessions for our own staff twice a month. When it comes to educating Trainers we lead the industry and our Trainers are simply the best, no exceptions.

6. How does the Trainer help you with nutrition? Most trainers give sporadic advice or tell people to follow a diet that only bodybuilder or bikini model would. Real people need to eat real food. All of our clients get a comprehensive meal plan system with lots of options for every palate. Our meal plan system has been endorsed by Dietitians and Naturopathic Doctors alike.


CLIENT OF THE Wayne Rollinson Age 57

Each month, our trainers nominate someone who has shown great strides in their fitness goals. These are not people who have simply lost the most weight, or people who’ve built the most muscle. They’re people who’ve continually shown their trainers that they’re committed 100% to their fitness goals. These are just a few of their stories.

Having been fit most of my life, the advice of doctors and therapists post-auto accident – that I take it very easy and stop whatever I might be doing as soon as I felt pain – was leaving me frustrated, sedentary and depressed. Previous attempts to work out at bigger gyms with trainers failed, as I re-injured myself repeatedly. I work out 3X per week with Colin for the most part. Always an avid cyclist, I had been able to ride for several years, but have been able to gradually get back to it. I am amazed that my general fitness level has well surpassed what I have been led to believe it could ever be. Though very gradual, my endurance at any activity has improved substantially.

MONTH Pat Campbell

Pam and Robert Smith

Age 53

Ages 59 and 60

I decided to join Refine Fitness after fracturing my left arm. My goals were to eat well, feel good, and tone up my midsection, arms and legs. I had been exercising regularly at the gym at the hospital but noticed that despite my best efforts my weight was slowly creeping upward. After my injury, I wanted some guidance from certified personal trainers to help strengthen my arm and improve my overall strength and cardio. I started with the 16 week small group coaching program, working out every Monday night in a group setting with Mike and working with a personal trainer for half an hour on a different night. In addition I try to work out on my own once or twice weekly. Jody was instrumental in encouraging me to give 100% during a workout. She also helped me with meal plans. She gave me the confidence to set up my own workout routines at the gym. I feel stronger and I love the changes I see in my overall appearance. I would like thank all the staff at Refine Fitness for helping me achieve my goals!

“I guess for me I was motivated by my 60th birthday coming up this August,” recalls Pam. “I realized to stay active I would have to make the effort to work out regularly and not just go home after work and be a couch potato! I have tried other gyms in the past and even tried personal training but the approach was nothing compared to the friendly, personal and individual approach of all the well qualified and dedicated trainers at Refine!” And for her husband Robert? He says his motivation “was turning 60 and realizing that while I enjoy my work I was finishing the day tired, sitting on the couch and repeat! My fitness was decreasing and my weight increasing.” Pam added that she “found the 1st fit test quite challenging and was pleased to see a definite improvement in my cardio and strength abilities the 2nd time I did the test. The 3rd fit test was a real challenge for me and has motivated me to work hard to improve my performance next time!” Robert attributes his training at Refine to his definitely increased fitness level. “I could not have completed, never mind passed, any of Refine’s fitness tests before. Last test I was 1 minute better than target. I have also lost 14 lbs without feeling the effort.”



The Most Effective and Efficient Way To Meet Your Goals In Record Time

Private training is our most popular form of training. Do you think having a fitness coach is beyond your reach? Then let us show you how our Personal Training program makes personal fitness affordable and fun. You will be trained by one of our certified personal trainers. Each client is provided with an individualized program (not a one-size-fits-all) that you perform while being coached and encouraged by your personal trainer. This method is efficient, effective and structured to meet your goals. You can be assured to get the same personal attention that we are famous for!

SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING A Cost-Effective Way to Trim Inches and Feel Great with Others

Semi-private training is especially popular with our married clients. We know that sometimes you need a little bit more

money by “sharing” the trainer. By having someone to

encouragement to get to the gym. That is why we started

work out with, you get all the results of having a Personal

our Semi-Private Training. This allows you to train with a

Trainer and you get that instant “Buddy System”. We have

Personal Trainer and your spouse, best friend, mother...

multiple timeslots available for our Semi-Private Training

the possibilities are endless. If you don’t have someone to

so we can always find something to accommodate

join with, we always have someone we can pair you with.


This makes Semi-Private Training cost effective. You save


Find Everything You’re Looking for Under Our Roof.


If Personal Training and Semi-Private Training are not what you are looking for, maybe we can interest you in the newest thing at Refine Fitness. We offer 8 different specialty classes that you have unlimited access too. Everyday is something different which ensures that you

What our clients are saying:

are never bored with the classes. You can go as many times as you like and classes are available morning, noon

“I think we maintain our discipline by holding each other accountable to show up for sessions. Being active daily has always been a part of our lifestyles, so we are pretty lucky to already have that mentality. We’ve always been good eaters, but since starting our sessions, we’re even more motivated to prepare healthy meals. We notice the difference in our workouts when we’re eating healthy. And most importantly, we really do have a lot of fun.

and night. Weekend classes are also available. We offer: • Yoga

• Pilates

• TRX/Kettlebell

• Core & Strength Training

• Boot Camp

• Muscle Conditioning

• Cardio Kickboxing

• Cycling

Every trainer we have had the opportunity to work with has been great, and each brings a different quality to their workouts which we really enjoy. The boredom and repetitiveness we faced with our other gym is definitely not an obstacle for us anymore! – Andrew & Bronwyn Tolmie

“I have attempted in the past to live a healthier lifestyle but nothing worked or lasted. I know for sure that my life changed when I joined Refine Fitness. I am successful now because I have a commitment to my trainers to show up and do my best. I have also learned the importance of nutrition, and my family has given me great support and encouragement”

—John Billing


TESTIMONIALS Phillip Dmetroshko

Doris Hellenbart Age 69 Height: 5’7 Occupation: Retired Total Weight Loss: 17 pounds, 4.1% Body Fat and lost 10.9”overall from waist, umbilical, chest and hip.

“Has all of this sweat equity paid off? You bet. I measure my gain in improvements in my daily living tasks. I can walk with minimal pain or needing to stop to rest. I can take the stairs again without fear or resorting to an elevator to avoid a couple of stair climbs. I still take the elevator but only if necessary. I can rise from a sitting position without struggle or embarrassment. I can get in and out of my car easily and carry several bags of groceries inside my house. No marathons, no awards, no “Iron Man” trophies - just successful every day accomplishments.”

Age 64 Height: 5’4 Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

“I would say as a result of the continuing and expanding program I have been on, at almost 65, I am in better shape today than I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Last year my husband and I did a 3 week hiking trip in New Zealand and even though we were not seasoned hikers, we were able to more than keep up with our group. The 5 day Milford Track hike was extreme, but amazing. In addition, here at the studio, I have made personal bests on a very regular basis. I think a couple of things are important like diet and exercise. I have been stable in my weight for many years, however I think it is always good to enjoy things in moderation. When you deny yourself something, it tends to haunt you and then you get out of control. As far as exercising, it is important to do something you like but what I like about training or group exercise is that there is a personal commitment to a time and place. I know where I will be on Monday and Wednesday at 3:30pm, so if someone asks to schedule something then, I know I am busy. Make yourself a priority. Pencil that appointment or workout in and maybe charge yourself a cancellation fee if you don’t make it because if you can’t find the time for yourself, then you won’t be able to do things with your friends and family later.”

Jim and Mary-Kay Savage Ages: 52 & 49 Heights: 6’2” & 5’3” Occupations: Border Services Officer & Daycare Supervisor

Jim – “The best thing that I did for myself was to listen to the trainers. They are always there to help you succeed. Secondly, train with a partner. There have been many times, when the weather was nice, I didn’t want to go to the gym. My partner, my wife, keeps me motivated. And I always say on the way home, “I’m glad I went today.” Thirdly, never let that whiney little “I can’t do it” voice get the better of you. I have pushed through it and have rewarded myself with the pride and satisfaction of accomplishing more than I had ever through I could do. Don’t quit. You are stronger than you think!” Mary-Kay – “I owe my success to my trainer James. My first day for my assessment, was also James’ first day so he has been with me from the start. James has provided so much support and pushes me to perform far beyond any level I would have pushed myself. His “no excuses” motto and constant challenges keep me on my toes. Dee has also been an awesome inspiration. She has recently made me “see the light” by encouraging me to join a spin class which I now do Monday evenings

along with my other routines. Dave has recently become one of my Small Group Trainers, and he too has been amazing at knowing what I need to do to be my best. I have really enjoyed the benefits of Small Group Training. The two ladies in my group Pat and Karen have been an inspiration since the first day. Thanks Ladies! BIG thanks to Refine Fitness for the support, encouragement and of course, laughs. Yes, exercise is actually fun! I have enjoyed my experience right from the first week and my enthusiasm caused my husband to join right behind me. Exercise has now be- come part of our everyday life. I feel confident that our new, healthy life-style will assist us in growing old together. July 23rd is the big day. I will be able to say ‘FIT AT 50, SCRATCH THAT OFF MY BUCKET LIST!’”



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be in shape to join?

No. Most of our clients were non-exercisers before they became clients

2. If I have an injury or illness, can I still join?

Yes, myself and our Trainers work closely with other health and medical professionals to ensure each client is following the best program based on their individual needs and imitations

3. I work strange hours, how can I schedule sessions?

We are open 7 days per week and are very flexible with our schedule. Many of our clients have odd and erratic hours and appreciate. We are open from 6am to 9:30pm during the week and 8-5 on Saturday and 9-2 on Sunday.

4. How long are the sessions?

We specialize in 25min training sessions for people that find it difficult to make time to exercise. Most of our clients will complete 20min of exercise on a treadmill or bike before or after their training session but this is not mandatory

5. What will I be asked to do during my sessions?

Sessions are always customized based on the individual needs of the client. Even in a small group training session where there are 4 people, each person is getting a workout that fits their fitness level. During the session you will do a variety of exercises that will be focused on improving strength, toning and shaping muscles, improving overall endurance and stamina and increasing your mobility. We have over 100 different pieces of equipment to choose from but often times the best exercise plans are when people are using their own body weight and some dumbbells.

6. When will I see results?

People that follow our plan will start to see results in the first few weeks. Most clients will lose 1-3lbs per week.

7. Do I work with the same trainer all the time?

You will work with 2-3 trainers. This gives greater variety in your program and consistency in your program as Trainers schedules may change. This also gives our clients lots of flexibility when they need to change appointments.

8. Can you help me with my diet?

Yes. We get all of our clients set up on comprehensive meal plan with a full recipe book and food journal. Our meal plan system is a huge part of our success and clients love it be cause we do everything but cook the food for them. n 21

GET FIT with MIKE Are You Afraid to Fail? The following article is reprinted from the July 5, 2012 edition.


was one of those weeks where I met with quite a few new exercisers. A common theme with 3 women over the age of 55 was their fear of failure when it comes to exercise. Each woman had not exercised in a long time and had the usual aches, pains, weight gain and hormonal challenges that most women experience at this age.

routine. Each of the exercise can be modified to suit the needs of a beginner and an advanced exerciser.

Each of these women were scared to death of getting started on an exercise program and were very concerned that they would not be able to stick to the program or keep up with the exercise routine we had planned for them.

One thing I did not tell you about last week that really made my week was about another person that came in. As I was trying to convince a few women in their 50’s and 60’s I also met a nice lady that was in her 90’s. Yes, you heard that right. I met with a 90 year old female that has not been exercising. Not only did this lady meet with me but she went through an exercise program with me. Not only did she come in once but she felt so good after her first session that she came back in for a second session.

Fear of failure is one of the top things I hear from new exercisers, yet most believe they are the only ones that feel this way. The fact is, that most people have this fear in one way or another. The great thing about exercise is that you have hundreds of choices and most of your options can be modified to suit your situation, budget and individual needs. Most people can exercise at home on a very small budget, while others may want to invest in a home gym of some kind. Others may have access to equipment in the building they live in or at work. Still others may join a gym or hire a Personal Trainer. There is no ultimate exercise that every person on the planet must do. There are definitely some great ones – squats, lunges and dead lifts being at the top of my list for lower body workouts while push ups, pull ups, planks and bird dogs will round a great upper body and core

Regardless of your situation, you are going to need to put yourself out there and make yourself a little uncomfortable. Anytime you start something new there is going to be a degree of awkwardness and fear. Overcoming this is well within your capabilities.

Let me make this clear. A lady in her 90’s that had not exercised in over 30 years walked into a fitness facility that she knew nothing about and asked about getting started on an exercise program. If fear is holding you back from starting an exercise program ask yourself what must have been going through this ladies head as she was on her way to her first exercise session. For the record, she drove herself and walked in and out without any assistance. She was an amazing person and her energetic spirit made my week. You are capable of whatever you put your mind to, so stop talking yourself out of exercising and get to it. n

For the past three years, Mike Bates has been writing health columns in the Windsor Star. A few of those articles have been selected and reprinted on the following pages.

Make a Date with Fitness The following article is reprinted from the September 6, 2012 edition.


of my favourite things this time of year is getting back to my regular routine. Up with the kids at 6: 30 a.m., out the door by 7: 45 and at my studio or teaching in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Windsor by 8: 30 a.m. My clients are just like me. Many wander from their regular routines over the summer and are now getting back on track. A great way to adopt an exercise routine is to book three or four regular appointments for yourself. Exercise is like many other things: If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. Having a regular time to exercise also helps you mentally get into the routine while scheduling other things around the workout.

Things I enjoy most about working with a trainer include: • I know they are going to weigh me and ask about my food journal. • They will also push me further than I would push myself. • I have learned new exercises, teaching cues, and things about myself and the trainers. • Keeps me focused on accomplishing my goal of losing 25 pounds by Sept. 30. To date, I am down 11 pounds. I am not aware of anyone who can’t benefit by working with a trainer. The more out of shape or limited you are physically, the more you’ll benefit by working with a pro. n

Most busy adults I know need to take a step further and schedule this appointment with a trainer or group exercise instructor who will keep you accountable. It’s often tempting to forget to exercise for something more pressing, but if you know someone is waiting, then you are more likely to show up. I have taken my own advice the past six weeks and have been working with the trainers at my studio. For me, it’s a great opportunity to give the trainers feedback and to get a high-quality workout. No matter how I am feeling before the session, I know that when I show up I’ll put in the work.


GET FIT with MIKE Checklist for Good Trainers The following article is reprinted from the February 23, 2012 edition.


have worked with or taught more than 1,000 personal trainers over the past 20 years, so I have seen some of the best and worst in the business. Based on this experience, I have compiled a list of what the best trainers are doing:

• An extreme focus on technique and proper form. Trainers are not rep counters and aren’t there to take notes for you. Their job is to coach you. They do this by exercise modifications, proper teaching cues and helping clients progress from one exercise to the next.

•C onstantly learning new things. This may come in the form of informal education like reading books, magazines, journals and websites. It should also include at least one conference or workshop per year. Top trainers easily spend more than $1,000 per year to keep themselves educated.

• They are motivating. At the end of the day, a good trainer will get clients to do more than they ever could on their own.

• They are role models. Trainers should be exercising regularly, should not be overweight and should generally follow a healthy diet. The goal is not perfection. Everyone should be able to splurge occasionally. In my opinion, this is an integral part of a healthy diet. If you are depriving yourself you will not follow the plan for long. • They should be constantly challenging their clients. This may be in the form of new workouts, setting new goals for clients or addressing issues that their clients are ignoring, like poor eating and not doing what they need to do to accomplish their goals. • They should be doing things for their clients outside of exercise sessions, like sending emails, making phone calls, handing out recipes and passing along good articles. The easiest part of a trainers job is the exercise session. Keeping someone motivated is the biggest challenge.

• They are able to adapt their style to clients’ personalities and needs. • They are fun to exercise with – most of the time. There will be occasions when clients dislike a trainer for pushing them to do things they are capable of but don’t want to do. The best trainers have their clients smiling and laughing at some point during a session, not the whole session. • They keep an unwavering focus on their clients’ goals. People work with trainers to see results. It’s a team effort, but the trainer should constantly be reviewing goals and tracking progress toward those goals. • They love their job. This should show in everything they do. Now that you know what it takes to be a successful personal trainer, use this information to evaluate your own trainer or to find one. You are worth it. n

For the past three years, Mike Bates has been writing health columns in the Windsor Star. A few of those articles have been selected and reprinted on the following pages.

1623 Wyandotte Street East Windsor, ON N8Y 1C8 519.253.9400