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Experiences that bring Cal-a-Vie Health Spa alive

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As summer at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa winds down we reflect on how much our family loved the warm, clear days at the spa, while enjoying many celebrations along the way. We hosted a birthday/anniversary celebration, a wedding, and several other fun-filled events. In the coming months, we will be announcing the opening of our new Antique Shoppe and the unveiling of our brand new website. Look forward to news about both of these fantastic events!

Anyone that’s been to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa has witnessed the richness of European antiques that adorn the spa. After many requests from admiring guests, we are proud to announce the upcoming 2013 opening of the Antique Shoppe, a showcase of unique antique pieces imported from France. From a 16th century Louis XVI walnut commode to a pair of gold gilted wall sconces, these 17 and 18th century treasures are truly one-of-a-kind. Look for important information about the opening date and ordering information by year’s end!


With great anticipation, the new year will also bring the completion of our fabulous new kitchen and dining area. Scheduled to open in early January, it will provide us an elegant and exceptional way to showcase Cal-a-Vie’s culinary excellence. Chef Jason continues to inspire us with his superbly presented cuisine and outstanding quality to ensure the highest level of guest experience! We look forward to seeing you all again in the upcoming months!

Faces of Cal-a-Vie

Bob and Marcie Zlotnik

Mom/Daughter Week

Ducote Wedding

Mom/Teen Week

Traveling Cal-a-Vie logo!

Celebrations and Special Guests at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa The air was filled with parties and celebration this past spring in honor of Marcie and Bob Zlotnik from Houston, TX who celebrated both their wedding anniversary and their birthdays here at Cal-a-Vie. Fifty-five of their closest friends and family were on-hand to help them celebrate in style with a ”White Nite” themed dinner and dancing extravaganza in L’Orangerie. Our annual Moms and Daughters Week was a great success, filled with sunshine, health and beauty programs, spa treatments and a private performance by local recording artist Kevin Miso who set the tone for a fabulous week of bonding. It was a great time for the moms and daughters! Race car driver and entrepreneur, Chapman Ducote and attorney Kristin Snyder from Miami, FL, came to Cal-a-Vie in June to celebrate their nuptials with a group of fifty friends and extended family. Family and friends took advantage of their time together by engaging in competitive activities such as water volleyball and water relay races. Cal-a-Vie’s 400 year-old chapel was the setting for their beautiful candle-lit ceremony. After posing for

wedding pictures alongside a 1950 vintage Rolls Royce, the group retreated to L’Orangerie for a fabulous evening of fun and festivities, including Chapmen showing off his drumming talents with a ten-piece band. We wish the Ducotes years of happiness! Moms and teens from across the country joined us for our annual Mom & Teen Week, 2012. Hunger Games star, Isabelle Fuhrman, along with singer songwriter sister Madeline Fuhrman and their mother Elina, were on-hand to talk about their exciting careers and celebrity life. We hope the best for Isabelle in her exciting movie career! Traveling with the Cal-a-Vie logo is serious business for Barbara Hoenig, mother of two from Wilmington, NC., who loves to show off her Cal-a-Vie hat while hiking. ”I am always in my beloved and totally faded, worn-out Cal-a-Vie hat and my worn-out Cal-a-Vie fanny pack, thanks to a gift given with love by my friends to a magical place called Cal-a-Vie!” Thank you Barbara for sharing!

Guest comments ”Cal-a-Vie is a piece of heaven with the feel of ”This is the best venue for a destination event I have France, but so much closer to home… simply divine!” ever seen. The group gets to bond and play together, – Ellen Sandler making everything more fun. I will be back hopefully with a group in tow.” – Wayne & Diane Ducote

”Cal-a-Vie is a superior facility with luxurious and inviting accommodations, world class trainers and therapists, exquisite food, and impeccable service” – J.A. Vincent

nutrition & cuisine

From the spa

Direct from the Cal-a-Vie Health Spa Kitchen

Grilled Loch Duart Salmon

This popular recipe serves as an excellent fall alternative to meat and poultry.


12 oz. salmon, raw 1 T grape seed oil 1/8 tsp. kosher salt

Chef Jason Graham Cal-a-Vie prides itself on its culinary excellence. For the past eleven years Cal-a-Vie guests have been enjoying the delicious cuisine of Executive Chef, Jason Graham. To Jason, it’s about ”quality, innovation, and imagination”. His interest is to stay on the cutting-edge of the finest, healthiest, and freshest cuisine available with a modern spa cuisine vibe that everyone loves! Jason’s culinary path includes years of classical cooking. He extends his culinary gift through cooking demos for the guests, teaching them everything from how to select the best cut of meat to experimenting with unique and colorful vegetables.

Recipe Directions:

Heat oven to 400º. In a large sauté pan, heat the oil until slightly smoking. Meanwhile, salt the fish as desired. Place the fish rounded side down and keep on medium high heat. When the fish is golden brown, place the whole pan in the oven for 2-3 minutes. Remove and turn salmon on the belly side for a few seconds before serving.

NUTRIENT ANALYSIS: Calories: 150.75 Protein: 16.86 Total Fat: 8.79 Sat Fat: 1.16 Sodium: 0.00 Fiber: 0.00

Carbs: 0.00 Cholesterol: 46.75 PCF Ratio: 6-0-54

Enter antioxidants. Plentiful in whole, unprocessed foods, antioxidants are believed to protect the skin in multiple ways. Eating tomato ”Having a diet high in the Unfortunately you can’t get this paste, which is high in lutein increases tolerance to UV radiation thus reducing wrong kind of fat may also phyto-protection overnight. Your sunburn. When Vitamin E is combined diet must be rich in these nutrients encourage skin cancers.” for at least eight to ten weeks to with Vitamin C, these nutrients provide protection by increasing sunburn threshold. receive the benefits, and of course, Polyphenols are found in cocoa, tea, and diet alone is not your best defense. A topical sunscreen citrus fruits. They act as enzyme inhibitors, reducing is imperative to adequate sun protection, and some inflammation that may enhance skin cancers. Over a contain green tea or beta carotene which benefits the decade ago, Wang, et al reported that rats that were fed skin topically as well as inside the body. But for the green tea polyphenols experienced fewer UVB related time when sunscreen fails, or you just push the sun skin tumors (Carcinogenesis 1991, 12:1527-30). time a bit longer than you should, it’s nice knowing you Having a diet high in the wrong kind of fat may also have the backup of an antioxidant rich diet providing encourage skin cancers. Diets high in omega 6 fatty powerful damage control.




We are all familiar with the sting of sunburn, but did you know that UV radiation affects the immune system? Ultraviolet radiation, especially UVB, creates inflammation which leads to reactive oxygen species, which most of us know as free radicals. These free radicals play a central role in accelerating aging, causing loss of firmness and elasticity of our cells. The end result, skin appears rough, leathery, wrinkled and with uneven pigmentation, or at worst, skin cancer.

acids have been associated with higher rates of squamous cell carcinoma. In a study by Rhodes, et al, receiving high doses of the essential omega 3 fatty acid, EPA (ecosapentaenoic acid) doubled the time before skin became burned (Carcinogenesis, 2003; 24:919-25). Unfortunately, our diets are largely out of balance when it comes to healthy fats. Our modern diets provide a ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 of 10:1. To achieve a healthy ratio 4:1, reduce the amount of snack and prepared foods that contain omega 6 fats found in canola, soy, sunflower, corn, and safflower oils. Replace them with foods high in omega 3 such as nuts, fish, olive oil and avocado, and only use grape seed and olive oils in the kitchen.



By Linda Illingworth, R.D.


Skin Cancer and Diet

Granola & weight loss Did you know that granola is a delicious way to get whole grains? Granola has been associated with improving weight loss and preventing diabetes. Consuming more whole grain than refined grain reduces your risk of colon cancer by 30%, stroke risk by 36%, and reduces gastric reflux and inflammation throughout the body. Our signature granola is made right here at Cal-a-Vie and is a superb, healthy snack, low in sugar! Order Granola today at 866.772.4283 x 268.


From the spa

Beauty tips from the experts help create a more beautiful you!

The Cal-a-Vie Beauty department introduces an advanced treatment dubbed ”Pilates for your face”! NuFACE can improve the look of your skin. It’s true! It works by using a micro current which is a low level, safe, and soothing electrotherapy that rejuvenates, firms, tones, and lifts the skin. It actually helps create a more lifted, youthful, and refreshed look while reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Only five minutes a day! Imagine having your own personal Pilates trainer for your face! And, in only five minutes a day, you will see improved tone, contour, and a youthful glow to your skin. With NuFACE (the only product FDA cleared for facial toning and stimulation) you can regain firmer muscles, tighter skin, lifted brow, contoured cheekbones and a more defined jaw line.

Take 5 minutes a day for 90 days to see a more youthful you, then 2-3 times a week to maintain the new you.

Along with the diffuser we offer a variety of synergistically blended essential oils. These 100% pure essential oils were created especially for diffusers. Each bottle contains one full ounce of superior quality, 100% pure essential oils and nothing else. We currently carry the following varieties: appetite suppressant, bergamot, sweet fennel, patchouli, clear thinking, rosemary, exotic basil, lemon, mood booster, sweet orange, pink grapefruit, rosewood, pleasant dreams, lavender, sweet orange, dancy tangerine, tension reliever, rosewood, nutmeg, lavender, sweet orange, Wake-Up, rosemary, and lemon peppermint. Welcome fall into your home with a little bit of spa magic enveloping your every day!

To learn about which oils are best for you contact Tiffany at: 760.945.2464




Fall days remind us of back to school & holiday time. Both are fun and exciting but can also be stressful. Essential oils are powerful mood boosters that can help alleviate stress during the most hectic times. Our state-of-the-art diffuser uses high frequency vibrations to convert essential oil and water into billowing clouds of fragrant, therapeutic vapor. Just add water and your favorite essential oil. The unit glows with mesmerizing high-tech light emitting diodes. Fragranced, cold-air mist instantly billows from the directional tip and continues for up to 5 hours. You will benefit from its soothing and purifying mist.



Miracle Potion: essential Oils


Call today to order: 760-945-2464

Olive oil for great skin Despite all the hype about the supposed benefits of fat-free diets, it turns out that we need essential fatty acids for good health as well as for more elastic, dewy skin. Yes, certain kinds of fats are bad for us, so rather than using saturated or hydrogenated fats for cooking and eating, switch to extra-virgin organic olive oil: it is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats. ”Good” fats strengthen our cell membranes, helping our skin to look nourished and radiant.



1 Ramy Brook Silk Blouse $288 2 Chan Luu Sequin Skirt $320

Fall ‘must-haves’ for dressing up or working out

A silk peasant blouse for day or night

The perfect stretch maxi skirt in silver gray for a dress up or casual look

3 Chan Luu Fringe Necklace $78 4 Suss Cashmere Hoodie $298 5 Rese Workout Pant $74 Long and flowing

Cashmere hoodie to throw on anytime

Lycra workout pant from LuluLemon, Rese or Prana

1 3

6 Salomon Hiking Shoes $158 7 Yoga Tune-Up Balls $9.95 Trail shoes for setting you free


Yoga/therapy balls to strengthen and firm

To purchase shop or call the Boutique at 1.866.772.4283 ext. 268





health & fitness


Make your workout fun by mixing it up with new dance steps and moves like belly dancing!

Rhythm mover

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa fitness experts know that diversity in our work-out is key to keeping exercise fun and interesting! Belly dancing is just one of our 120+ exercise classes available to guests each week at the spa. It’s filled with moves that will tone your entire body, perfect for all sizes and ages, and also a fun way to

bond with your female friends. Belly dance is a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise and is thus suitable for all ages. It is a good exercise for the prevention of osteoporosis in older people. Many of the moves involve isolations, which improves flexibility of the torso. Belly dance moves are beneficial to the spine, as the full-body undulation moves lengthens (decompress) and strengthens the entire column of spinal and abdominal muscles in a gentle way. Belly dancing with a veil makes the exercise fun and can help build strength in the upper

Hip hits – A staccato movement of the hips out from the body. This can also be performed using other body parts such as the shoulders or chest. The move is usually achieved by isolating the hip area and contracting the glute muscles to move the hips up or down. The dancer’s weight can either be distributed across both legs or on one leg with the toes of the other foot pointed. Undulations – Fluid movements of the hips or of the chest and abdominal muscles in a circular or rotating fashion. There are a wide variety of movements of this kind, of which the most well known is probably the rotating movements of the chest forward, up, back and down to create the impression of riding a camel. Don’t forget to dress the part with a skirt or harem pants, beaded or coined hip scarf or belt, veil and zills (finger cymbals)!




Shiver or shimmy – a shimmering vibration of the hips. This vibration is usually layered onto other movements to create depth in performance. The shimmy can be performed in different directions - up and down, side-to-side, or in a forward and back swinging motion. The same move can be performed using the chest and shoulders, sometimes called a ‘shoulder shimmy’.



Important moves

body, arm and shoulders. Playing the zills (finger cymbals) keeps things lively and also trains your fingers to work independently while building strength. Most of the movements in belly dancing involve isolating different parts of the body (hips, shoulders, chest, stomach, etc.) which appear similar to the isolations used in jazz ballet, but are often driven differently. Correct posture and muscle control is as important in belly dance as it is in other fields of dance. Keep your work out interesting! Catch a belly dancing class next time you are at Cal-a-Vie!


Kick off the fall with the unique and versatile art of belly dancing!

Fresh bananas and apples!

They’re loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, fruit is healthy treat when you need a little energy boost. Full of vitamins and minerals, apples and bananas have ‘good’ carbs, which can give you quick energy. Look for bowls of apples around the spa, a perfect compliment to working out.

Special guests January 6 - 12 Vivian Diller, PhD

Author ”Face It” - What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change

Upcoming in 2013

The experts come to Cal-a-Vie to share their expertise with our guests. Check out our calendar at

February 24 -March 2 Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke Author, ”Change your mind change your body.” Women’s Wellness Week

March 10 - 16 Special Guest Instructor

Join master instructor from Xtend Barre workout, a dynamic combination of exercises that will give you a long, strong and lean physique.

Vivian Diller, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City and author of ”Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change”.

Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke is a New York Times bestselling author, sought after professional speaker, researcher, and licensed psychologist. She is internationally known for the treatment of eating disorder disorders.

April 7 - 13

May 19 - 25

June 9 - 15

Mari Winsor Pilates

The Xtend Barre system sculpts the body proportionally so that each body part is equally challenged. This total body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out.

Get the body you’ve always dreamed of with the unmatched guidance of America’s leading Pilates expert, Mari Winsor.

He is one of the foremost spokespersons for homeopathic medicine in the United States. Dana has devoted his life to homeopathy.

Dana Ullman, M.P.H.

Kim Kilway is director of The Pilates/Gyrotonic Studio, at The Houstonian Club, and a certified teacher in Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

Mari has done more than anyone to preserve, promote and enhance the genius of Joseph Pilates. She has kept his exercise theories vital and alive with brilliant innovations like her new Slimming Pilates™.

He has authored ten books, including ”Discovering Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century” which includes a foreword by Dr. Ronald W. Davey, physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Increasing stamina, core strength and flexibility. For the everyday athlete of all abilities, this advanced Pilates class will take your fitness level to the top of your game!

Whether it’s a group retreat, wedding, special event or a unique celebration, Cal-a-Vie creates an experience like no other. Contact Colleen Hernandez, Group Sales Manager at 760.945.2466, or email her at for more information.

Reservations: 888.373.8773 Cal-a-Vie: 866-SPA-HAVENS

Presort Standard US Postage PAID PERMIT NO. 825 SAN DIEGO, CA 29402 Spa Havens Way Vista, CA 92084 1.866.772.4283


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Cal-a-Vie Living Gourmet Cookbook $34.95

Luxurious Spa Basket $250 This beautiful spa gift set is the

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recipes to kick-

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to order from the

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reservations team at 1.888.373.8773 to place your order. It’s quick and easy!

Boutique? Simply call 1.866.772.4283 ext. 268 and your order will be handled quickly and efficiently! Order online at


Men’s Shave Gift Set $375

Granola $9.95

Filled with Yonka products, this gift is

Cal-a-Vie’s own organic private label granola. Healthy and tasty!

perfect for the man in your life who needs a little pampering! Pair the extensive mens line, with a great shave kit, and you’ll have a man who can’t wait to get up in the morning and start his daily skin care routine.

12 servings

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