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Facing the Bully

Welcome  to  the  first   day  of  School  I’m  your   teacher,  Mr.  Music-­‐   Box  

By:    Christopher  and  Jerome  

Here at Asij, the soccer team was awesome. The football team was also awesome, but the action that they were famous for, was bullying. Oh  no!!!  I  can’t   breathe!!   DO  I  LOOK  LIKE  I   CARE????  

And  it  all  started  from  the  first  day  of  school  at  recess.  The   Nerd  Girl  and  Eggy,  the  egg,  were  the  only  ones  at  the   classroom  

I’m  going  to   hurt  you  now   because  you   are  not  my   friend   AAAAAHH!!  Help   me  Mr.  Music-­‐ Box!!  

5M  RULES!  

Meanwhile  in  the  teacher’s  lounge  …  

Crash~~~!!!   HELP~~~~!!!   Hmmm…did  I  hear   something?  Nah,  just  the   wind.  


Back  in  the  5M  classroom…   Now  do  my  homework  and  give   me  a  candy  bar,  or  else  you’ll   earn  yourself  another  slash.   Yes,  sir!  Anything  you  say  sir!  

At  the  teacher’s  lounge,  Mr.  Music-­‐Box  remembers   that  he  has  to  go  back  to  the  classroom  to  plan  the   next  lesson…but  obviously,  Eggy  and  the  nerd  girl   doesn’t  know  that    

Next  is  math!!!   So  fun!!  

So  he  goes  back  to  the  classroom  

OMG!!!!  What  is  Happening   WHAT  IS   GOING   ON???!!!   LOSER!!   FAILURE!!  

So  he  was  dragged  to  the  principal's  Office  to  have  a  small   lecture   Ugh.  Just  let  me  go   already…  

Not  only  did  you  bully   her,  but  Blah  Blah  Blah   Blah  Blah  Blah  Blah   Blah  Blah  Blah  Blah   Blah    

Clean  that   Clock!!!!!  

Yes  Sir  

And  so  Eggy  returned  to  the  classroom,   shamed,  and  apologized  for  what  he  had  done   to  the  nerd  girl,  not  meaning  it.  Also,  he   cleaned  up  the  classroom  un^l  it  was  shiny… THIS  IS  NOT  SLAVERY!!  And  soon,  a`er  he   finished  every  single  punishment,  he  ran  away   and  never  returned…or  will  he¿  


Anything  you  say  sir!  


Facing the bully