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ChildLine is a 24 service that helps anyone up to the age of 18. We will help with any issue big or small. If you feel like there isn’t anybody you can talk to at home, then give us a call because we can always talk to you at any time of day. ChildLine’s intention is to always keep calls confidential. Our counsellors only take action if the situation is very serious or life threatening. Counsellors do not record calls but write down case notes of calls and sometimes counselling supervisors may also listen in to calls to make sure that they can help the best they can. It is always our intention to help so do not feel scared of anything if you need to call us. There are 14 centres across the country staffed by our wonderful volunteers. The bases are located in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh (where the service is provided by the Scottish children’s charity Children 1st), Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Rhyl, Swansea, Birmingham, Nottingham, London, Exeter, Belfast and Foyle.







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More than 165 million cups of tea are enjoyed in the UK every day. So here at Childline we think that whilst you enjoy a nice relaxing cup of tea, you can help children at the same time. Stop for Tea is a great opportunity to get together with your friends, family and colleagues and help end cruelty to children in the UK. It’s simple, throw a tea party wherever there is a place for and sell as many cups of tea as you can to raise money for children up and down the country.

To get involved email us and we will send you a Stop for Tea kit. Other ways to raise money is simply donate to us by picking up the phone and talking to one of our volunteers. Or if you feel you want to do something, it could be a party or a sponsored silence, go ahead and do it then send us photos and we will feature you on our website.



We have thousands of beautiful people who volunteer at ChildLine, which helps us give the best service possible to children. But, this only comes form people generously giving us their time and we are always looking out for these particular types of people. You can be a switchboard volunteer to help take calls, you can be an admin volunteer to help us deal with the day-to-day runnings of an amazing cause. Or you can become a fundraising volunteer devoted to finding ways to raise awareness of ChildLine so we can reach as

many children as possible. We can only continue to offer children this service with your help so we can’t stress enough how much we would love you to get on board with us. To become a valued member of the Childline team get in contact with us via email and we will send you the a plication forms. Join us in helping a childs futures.



ChildLine Info Booklet  
ChildLine Info Booklet  

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