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Creative Report- Peter Dodd

Peter Dodd Is a 2D animator based in London. He’s done lots of work for Lupus films, the Line Studios, Studio AKA and others. He is a much sought after freelancer whose work I really admire, particularly for its variety and breadth. I arranged a phone call with him while he was on the way to work.

How did you discover 2D animation? Mr Dodd Told me it was over the course of several years. He began with a Fine Art degree at Sunderland University and he’s thankful to have it now as it gave him a really strong understanding of the human form and anatomy, which has aided in his animation. He underwent a 6 month course at Cosgrove Hall as an animator which cemented his love of the medium.

What is the best way to preserve 2D animation? Apparently 2D has been declared dead many times in the past but there’s still a lot going on, especially in mainland Europe where 2D full length features are more common. Now 2D animation is done digitally, on the same computers as 3D animation, there are a lot more studios that merge the two art forms together. A lot more mixed media animation happens now.

Prometheus Bound, a Peter Dodd personal short film

What was being an animation director like on Ethel and Ernest? Some of the scenes, such as Ethel’s death, Peter Dodd animated himself because he had a very specific vision for it that was too hard to communicate across to the animators. Otherwise, he used actors for reference footage and said that he wanted to “overload the animators with information� so that they could animate specifically to the criteria. The hardest part of the job is communicating his vision properly.

After discovering animation, how did you finally find your place? Mr Dodd told me he was clinging on for many years, and that he started working in 2D at around the advent of 3D, so there weren’t as many jobs and a lot of 2D animators left over. Opportunities arose on mainland Europe and Mr Dodd went and worked on advertisements and TV specials, before returning to London. It seems that the best 2D animation happens in France. Mr Dodd worked on �The Illusionist� there years later.

What are you up to now? Mr Dodd is employed at Studio AKA until June, doing mosty adverts. He was unable to tell me anything specifically, but on the day I phoned him he said he was spending the day making a baby food advert or some such. He also told me to check out the work of Marcus Armitage, BAFTA nominee and filmmaker, who makes exactly the kind of stuff I’d love to produce.

Lessons learned Mr Dodd inspired me to continue to pursue character animation and hone my skills . I would love to work at a studio like AKA, who produce incredibly varied and creative short commissioned films. I really enjoyed talking to him and hearing him speak especially about finding your place in the industry and building yourself up to be well respected

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