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TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Cistercian Abbey

Maverick Park Elementary School Room of Written Memories MXC: Studios and Gallery

Parallel Construction: Micro House Urban Garden

Professional Work: Retail Center Drawings and Sketches Graphic Design Resume

The Cistercian AAbbey: Precedent


Located in Irving, TX, the Cistercian Abbey is a contemporary building that willfully and respectfully draws inspiration from its ancient, Hungarian roots. It is the latest addition to a complex, which also includes a school, library, and a monastery. The objective was to study the plan and section, and to find important relationships including proportion, structure, and uses of space within the small chapel. Drawing: Ink on vellum Model: Basswood, styrene

Maverick Park Elementary An undeveloped site on the northern rim of downtown San Antonio, TX was proposed for a new elementary school to serve the growing neighborhood. Bound on the north and eastern sides by highways I-35 and I-37, as well as a significant elevation change, this site presented some interesting challenges. The solution was to create a campus with public functions fronting the street, allowing the primary learning areas to be in the quieter side of the site, all connected by covered walkways. Drawing: Ink on vellum Rendering: Photoshop, sharpie Model: Chipboard, basswood, cardboard






















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1. Office 2. Cafeteria 3. Kitchen 4. Gymnasium 5. Entry 6. Library 7. Computer Lab 8. Science Lab 9. Music 10. Art 11. Outdoor Learning 12. Classroom

“Room of Written Memories� The objective here was to create a private library for a book collector. The slope of the site, as well as the unique proportion, required a thoughtful and dynamic solution, which was to include two full walls of books, a garden, and an exterior room. Drawing: Ink on vellum Model: Basswood




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1. Entry to Site 2. Garden 3. Entry to Library 4. Library 5. Exterior Room

M X C:

studios + gallery

The objective was to create a unique space within the urban fabric of the Centro Historico of Mexico City. Connections to neighboring museums, churches, and open spaces were important, as well as to the metro line beneath the site. The solution was to design a dynamic, multifunctional building with a central courtyard, while respecting the history of its surroundings, and to extend the courtyard visually to the plaza, creating an island of refuge amongst the brick and mortar. Drawing: Ink on vellum Rendering: Prismacolor Model: Basswood

Casa Modulo:

Parallel Construction

As a part of a fourth year design/build studio, we were given the chance to design a 300-400 square foot micro house. Things to think about were: It must be moveable, must be built within a given budget, and must be modular. The solution was to design two individual pods, one living, the other bedroom and bathroom, connected by an exterior covered deck. As co-leader of a group of nine students, duties include design collaboration, drawing construction details and other construction documents, and keeping a construction schedule.

Note: Project currently under construction

U r b a n

G a r d e n

Located just south of the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy, adjacent to Palazzo Mignanelli and the piazza, a former fast food restaurant is to be demolished and replaced with an urban garden. Based upon the principles of traditional Italian gardens of the renaissance, the solution carefully considers the placement of significant elements, such as the red wall and catwalk, with the steep slope of the site and the context which surrounds it. Drawing: Ink on vellum Rendering: Photoshop Model: Basswood

Retail Center Formerly a Wal-Mart, a vacant building in Floresville, TX was in the midst of a renovation which, when finished, would include three leasable spaces for retail establishments. Among the necessary changes were an adaptation of an exterior wall to include structure for a canopy and storefront windows, which did not previously exist, as well as to widen service and delivery doors at the rear of the building. I was asked to create detail drawings according to the specifications of the architect and engineers. Drawing: Ink on vellum

Study in Value

Charcoal and Graphite Bristol Paper November 2007

Study in Texture

Charcoal and Graphite Bristol Paper October 2007

Patterns in Nature

Book Cover Adobe Illustrator/InDesign September 2010

Displacing Space

Advertisement Poster Adobe Illustrator/InDesign November 2010

Vintage America Postage Stamp Adobe Illustrator May 2010

Project Puffin

Advertisement Poster Adobe Illustrator February 2010

Contact Christopher Harkins

5826 Chesapeake Place

Fort Worth, Texas 76132 e.

t: 207 479 1890

Education 2003-2007

Mount Desert Island High School Bar Harbor, Maine ________________________________ 2007-2009 University of Maine Augusta, Maine ________________________________ 2010-2013 San Antonio College San Antonio, Texas ________________________________ 2014-2017 University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, Texas

Experience 2005-2016 John Harkins Plumbing Southwest Harbor, Maine Apprentice ________________________________ 2006-2009 Acadia Corporation Bar Harbor, Maine Sales Associate ________________________________ 2007 Pier 1 Imports Augusta, Maine Sales Associate ________________________________ 2008 Gap Inc. Augusta, Maine Sales Associate 2010-2013 San Antonio, Texas Newport, Rhode Island ________________________________ Archicad Autocad Drafting Drawing Illustrator InDesign Modeling Photoshop Revit SketchUp

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Christopher Harkins: Portfolio  

A collection of selected works from my undergraduate studies in graphic design and architecture.

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