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The Common People's Manifesto (Remembering the Common Folk of America) We have forgotten about the common cause and the common lives of the people of the United States of America. We have have lost memory of the trials, the terrors, and the tears of those of us who make up the magnificence of our beloved nation. What happened to the cause of we common folk? In the belly of technological and scientific advancements, as well as the pushing of massive music and video marketing, the cause of the common folk no longer is important, or even considered. For profits and for monetary gain, we have lost focused on the true struggles and denials of who we are, and what we mean to this growing and diverse nation. Where does the honor and respect exist for the common people of the United States of America? Especially when Lady Ga Ga, Jay-Z, and Rihana are more important or given more attention to than factory workers, farmers, teachers, plumbers and the like. How are not these people more worthy of credit or recognition? Aren't we/they just as important to the muscle, beauty, creativity, and brawn of our country? And, even our government, has forgotten about we, the common. We, the overlooked and the undermined. Doesn't government and politics either work for or represent we the people? Are not our senators and our congresspersons in office to fight for and pass laws and legislation that believe in the cause and welfare of the common people? In their neatly tied ties and two piece woman suits, when did government forget about us? When did their pensions, salaries, and superior healthcare plans become more important than the disasters and destruction of ghettos and lost pensions of the average worker? Where did the imbalance come from in all of this? Have our officeholders really forgotten about us? And, are we the common folk, guilty of keeping them in office as they continue to push a “them� agenda? We are still here. We are still struggling. We are still united. We are still a people. We are still human. We are still Americans. We are still workers. We are still survivors. We still care. We still share. We still need. We still bleed. We do cry. We do have tears. We hold on to faith. We still have hope. We are the common people. We have a common cause. When will the common folk be recognized, respected, and motivated again? When will we be included in the decision making of our politicians and our presidents? Are we not smart, crafty, and able too? Š Christopher Donshale Sims Community Organizer and Poet All rights reserved by author 2010

The Common People'sManifesto  

A political essay on the importance of people, community, and the scope of how it all works.

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