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The following is a conceptual set of characters created for children’s story books, toys, clothing as well as an educational website. Included are rough character designs, character bios and a brief overview of the universe they would inhabit, including friends and foes. To further fLesh out the concept, a mockup website was created. it can be viewed at: http : //

IntroDuCTIOn up the stairs, on the top Floor of a big house, off of the nursery, is a big walk-in closet. Inside live the Pant-a-loonies! - clothes that can walk and talk! when they are not being worn, they trade stories about their adventures outside. And if they are not playing games or getting themselves into trouble, they soon will be!

BUT... There is always the constant threat of being eaten by TIP, the puppy or worse, gypsy moth! Not to mention the crazy OCD Habits of the manic maid mrs klempenhepper! So tidy up your room, climb the stairs and Pull up your Pant-a-loonies!

inside a Victorian-ish gingerbread style house is a grand closet. double louvered doors open onto a large and fanciful nursery. The closet doesn’t exist in any particular time period, but it does have a very Mary-Poppinsesque quality to it. There are no ‘new’ technologies present (i.e. walkmans, Dvd’s, internet, etc.).

Inside the closet, at the far end, is a combination armoire and chest of drawers. It has a mirror, pull down secretary’s desk, lots of cubby holes and several drawers. The shelves on either side of the closet are full of shoe and hat boxes, wicker baskets and old leather suitcases. It is a combination walk-in closet and attic.

But The Closet houses more than just clothes. Inside can be found a laundry hamper, old fashioned globe, rocking horse, art easel, a child’s tool set, Various toys and games, as well as many other wonders. Whatever the Pant-a-lonnies need for their adventures can be found somewhere in thiS magical Closet.

PANTZ Kranky-pantz appears to have always woken up on the wrong side of the dresser. He always speaks his mind, has little patience and a short attention span, which always lands him into some sort of trouble. Though he won’t admit it, he is fond of everyone (except buxter the cat, to whom he is allergic), but has trouble showing his affection.

Together with his best friend smarty-pantz, kranky is always dreaming up elaborate schemes to thwart the machinations of their nemesis - the evil gypsy moth!


PANTZ smarty-pantz is a happy pair of pants. nothing gets him down - including his best friend, kranky. he is the walking encyclopedia of the Panta-loonies he is able to take the wildest of kranky’s hair-brained ideas and make them a reality though kranky usually takes all the credit. Smarty wishes he was as gregarious as his older brother, crazy-pantz,

unaware that his “unassuming” exploits outshine those of his brother. smarty-pantz is fascinated by birds and dreams of Flying one day.


PANTZ sweetie-pantz is an overachiever. She can do anything the boys can do (and better), but she does it with her unique feminine air. she is extremely handy with tools and with the help of smarty-pantz, she Can construct whatever contraption they need though kranky is usually less than pleased with her imaginative ‘special touches’.

sweetie-pantz has a crush on smarty-pantz and makes no secret about it. She is also best friends with buxter the cat, and is the only one he will allow to ride on him. together they venture outside the closet whenever the need arises.


PANTZ “Oh lemon tarts & butter curls!” - exclaims fancypantz with a mock stamp of his pant leg whenever he is flFlustered. But the phrase tickles him so much he giggles and immediately forgets whatever bothered him in the fiFirst place! Fancy-pantz gets to be worn to all the fancy outings and enjoys having tea with chubbypantz - where they will sit and laugh for hours.

Fancy-pantz loves to be involved but doesn’t like to get himself dirty, so he never really does anything more than offer words of encouragement and praise.


PANTZ Cumfy & Cozy are twins. Together they are the sleepy-pantz. They share a strange language only they understand and are always Finishing each other’s sentences. Cumfy & Cozy dream their adventures since they are asleep most of the time. In their dreams, they flFly through the night sky visiting the stars and mrs moon as well as a host of other mythical puffy cloud creatures. Their best friend is a giant cloud dragon that carries them through the night sky looking for adventure.

PANTZ groovy-pantz, being a pair of hip-huggers, is quite literally the ‘hippie’ of the Closet. she adopts all the orphaned socks found by wash & dry and those discarded by mrs klempenhepper. she repairs them using appliques. in her ‘lost sock’ commune, she educates them about life, love and The arts. She is a free and liberated thinker. Her views and ideas of life outside the Closet border on radical. she also believes that a peaceful coexistence with gypsy moth is possible.

PANTZ Chubby-pantz is a very imaginative girl - so much so that she lives mostly in her own fantasy world. She talks to her teapot and stuffed giraffe. In her world they talk back and are her dearest friends - next to fancy-pantz that is! the kloset kidz think she has ‘popped one too many buttons’, but fancy-pantz enjoys her eccentricity. chubby-pantz looks forward to whenever fancy-pantz returns, as he is always bringing treats back from his outings - from assorted sweets to exotic tEa Bags.

PANTZ crazy-pantz is an extreme thrillseeker. When kranky and smarty need someone ‘crazy enough’ to help them, He is the First to volunteer his services - especially if it involves thrills, chills and a hint of danger. He is the older, wilder brother of smarty-pantz - though not as bright. despite his bravado, he doesn’t think things through and as a result ends up causing more mayhem. It is then up to his kid brother, smarty-pantz and the rest of the Pant-a-Loonies to get him out of trouble.

PANTZ stinky-pantz is really very sweet, but he stinks because he is constantly being soiled. He never gets to go far because of his unfortunate condition and spends a lot of time in the laundry hamper or visiting the rumbling couple: Wash & Dry. When he is clean, he is ecstatic, but his happiness is short-lived as he quickly becomes dirty one way or the other. The other Pant-a-Loonies can’t help but giggle at his predicament. Stinky-pantz dreams of the day he is outgrown by his present wearer so that he can change his name.

PANTZ Cousins, Cam & ‘argo are the adventure pantz. Worn by a pair of twins, They do everything in tandem. mostly, They get to play in the backyard and As a result, they are involved in a lot of exploration and discovery. Back inside, they relate their adventures to the others through interactive reenactment - with the Pant-a-loonies assuming the roles of any ‘wild animals’ they may have encountered. Everyone enjoys and is captivated by the theatrical nature of their presentations.

NEmesis Gypsy Moth Gypsy Moth is the crazed, sworn enemy of the Pant-a-Loonies. He may be diminutive in stature, but he has big dreams of world domination, or at least taking over the Closet.

although his elaborate machinations are continually thwarted by kranky-pantz and smarty-pantz, He is never deterred and is constantly plotting his next attack. As with most evil genius’, we are never quite sure what

exactly is his motivation though it can be guaranteed to be petty. He is a classic stereotypical, overacting villain complete with maniacal laugh, shaking Fist and the predictable bellowing of “Curse you, Pant-a-Loonies!” He, of course, has the obligatory villain-esque accent.

Friends WASH & DRY Wash & Dry reside in the basement. They know all the dirt about the goings-on in the household and are the source for current events. They banter back and forth though they have varied opinions on most matters. What they do agree upon is that They are not fond of Mrs klempenhepper - who is very laundry-illiterate.

BUXTER THE TABBY BUXTER is the old house tabby. He likes to spend most of his day sleeping in the Closet - hiding from Mrs Klempenhepper and her caustic attitude. He loves sweetie-pantz and basically ignores everyone except her - for whom he would do anything. Kranky-pantz is allergic to him and Gypsy moth is afraid of being eaten by him. Mice, on the other hand, have nothing to fear.

Foes MRS KLEMPENHEPPER Mrs Klempenhepper, the house maid is absentminded and unpredictable, her so-called cleaning habits play havoc with the Pant-a-Loonies. TheY fear her more than gypsy moth. uneven folding, uninhibited use of bleach and starch, wire hangers instead of wood - this women is a menace to all things sewn.

TIP The PUP TIP is a young rambunctious little puppy. known as ‘Tee PEE’ - terror puppy, he loves to sneak into the Closet looking to chew something - and it’s usually Kranky-pantz! He’s supposed to be restricted to the main flFLoor and yard, but thanks to mrs Klempenhepper, we know who let the dogs out.

WebSiTe The Pant-a-loonies! up the stairs, on the top flFLoor of a big house, off of the nursery, is a big walk-in closet. Inside live the PANT-A-LOONIES! Clothes that can walk and talk! When they are not being worn, they trade stories about their adventures outside. and if they are not playing games or getting themselves into trouble, they soon will be! But... there is always the constant threat of being eaten by TIP, the puppy or worse, gypsy moth! not to mention the manic maid... MRS Klempenhepper! So tidy up your room, climb the stairs and prepare to pull up and party with the pant-a-loonies!!


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A conceptual set of characters created for children’s story books, toys, clothing as well as an educational website. Included are rough char...