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Christopher Clevenger 299  Dale  Dr.,  Apt  101  •  Kent,  Ohio  •  44240     CELL:  (937)  509-­‐2993  •  E-­‐MAIL:    


Enthusiastic, driven and dedicated individual with six years of experience in youth advocacy and political organizing. Award-winning organization, communication and interpersonal skills. Strong leadership abilities and solid work ethic. Self motivated team player. Deadline oriented with the ability to adapt to changing priorities and environments.


Bachelor of  Arts  in  Political  Science,  (In-­‐Progress)  May  2014   Kent  State  University,     Kent,  OH  44243     Minor:  Lesbian,  Gay,  Bisexual  and  Transgender  Studies    


Proficient in  Microsoft  Office  Programs  (Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint,  Access,   Outlook),  Expertise  in  Adobe  Design  Programs  (Photoshop,  InDesign,  Acrobat   X  Pro),  Ability  to  work  with  both  Mac  OSX  and  Windows  operating  systems,   Skillful  use  of  social  media  and  online  tools  (Facebook,  Twitter,  Tumblr,  etc.).    


Nonpartisan connections  to  local,  state  and  federal  organizations  focusing  on   political  education,  registration,  advocacy  and  support  for  college  students.    


Young Democrats  of  America  –  LGBTQ  Caucus   Political  Director  |  National  |  2013  –  Present                                                                Is  responsible  for  the  creation  of  external  publications,  press  releases,  caucus   newsletter,  and  materials  for  use  by  members.  Coordinates  action  alerts  to   members  regarding  national,  state,  and  local  legislation.  Facilitates  the   arrangement  of  meetings  with  elected  officials  and/or  leaders  of  other   cooperative  organizations.       Young  Democrats  of  America  –  LGBTQ  Caucus   Communications  Director  |  National  |  2012  –  2013                                                                Manages  and  oversees  all  aspects  of  communication  and  outreach  on  behalf  of   the  caucus.  Acts  as  a  liaison  between  the  Young  Democrats  of  America  and   caucus  members,  political  leaders  and  members  of  the  media.  Works  with   state  and  local  parties  to  coordinate  social  media  and  youth  outreach   initiatives.  

William O’Neill  for  Ohio  Supreme  Court     Director  of  Communications  |  Columbus,  OH  |  2012  –  2013     Oversaw  all  official  campaign  communications,  event  scheduling,  social  and   electronic  media  management,  press  relations  and  outreach  to  state  and  local   party  groups.       Acted  as  the  lead  campaign  manager  and  coordinator  throughout  the   campaign.   Kent  State  Political  Science  Club   President  |  Kent  State  |  2011  –  Present     Oversaw  and  managed  the  organization  and  its  membership  at  Kent  State   University.  Organized  voter  registration  drives  with  local  organizations  both  on   and  off  campus.  Served  as  a  non-­‐partisan  liaison  to  local,  state  and  federal   political  organizations.  Advocated  for  student  advancement  and  understanding   within  political  issues.  Organized  an  annual  trip  to  Washington,  DC  to  meet   with  elected  officials,  non-­‐governmental  organizations  and  political  advocacy   groups.  Coordinated  voter  registration  efforts  with  Campus  Progress.       Delta  Lambda  Phi  Fraternity  Office   Lead  Administrative  Manager|  National  |  2010  –  Present     Maintain  office  services  by  organizing  office  operations  and  procedures,   oversee  correspondence,  maintain  email  lists,  and  announce  events  and   meetings.  Provide  historical  reference  by  defining  procedures  for  retention,   protection,  retrieval,  transfer,  and  disposal  of  records,  in  conjunction  with  the   Office  of  Information  Services.  Coordinate  the  office  manual,  and  facilitate  the   planning  of  Office  Staff  and  Board  retreat  in  conjunction  with  the  Office  of   Events.       The  Office  Manager  keeps  the  Executive  Director  and  Chief-­‐of-­‐Staff  informed   by  reviewing  and  analyzing  special  reports,  summarizing  information,  and   identifying  trends.     Kent  State  Lesbian,  Gay,  Bisexual,  Transgender  and  Queer  Student  Center     Student  Assistant  -­‐  Program  Coordinator  |  Kent  State  |  2011  –  2012     Oversaw  and  implemented  social  advocacy  programs  for  students,  faculty  and   staff  at  Kent  State  University.  Implemented  a  straight-­‐ally  training  program  for   student  organizations.  Coordinated  monthly  programs  between  the  Center  and   internal  offices.  Developed  a  training  guide  on  LGBTQ  health  and  wellness  for   human  sexuality  courses.  Managed  social  media  outreach.  Served  on  the   LGBTQ  Advisory  Board  as  the  student  liaison  to  the  Vice  President  of  Diversity,   Equity  and  Inclusion.          

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ChrisEClevenger Portfolio