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Australian Performing Arts Grammar School A different way to learn

Why Performing Arts Benefit Developing Youths Embrace creativity and encourage diversity We all want our kids to grow up well rounded, moral, and intelligent. While most educational institutions incorporate the arts into their curriculum, it hasn’t yet been given the spot light it deserves in assisting our children develop and grow their creative or social conscious. Embracing creative learning enhances the literacy, numeracy, and overall development of social and cognitive attributes in children.

The University of South Australia along with Windmill Performing Arts and the Department of Education and Child Services have conducted a study into the relationship of theatre performance and the mental, social, and behavioral development of children ranging from primary school pre-teens through to adolescents. The study has shown a tremendous improvement in basic social skills such as selfconfidence, as well as in cognitive development by use of diverse vocabulary, critical thinking, and selfreflection to determine outcomes of certain situations. The study conducted across South Australia can be applied to school kids right across Australia, and as the value of the arts grows within both primary and secondary education institutions, students are learning the values of self-expression which in the scheme of life, is priceless.

Not all children learn in the same way. While traditional education is the primary service on offer across Australia, there are other options available for children with specific interests or strengths. The performing arts, be it acting, dance, music, or other dramatic arts, encourage children to think outside the square and embrace an alternative to the usual constraints of a traditional school environment.

Nurturing and encouraging characteristics such as self-esteem, self-discipline, organization, self-reliance, poise, and the important ability to converse with adults, performing arts help kids develop into strong, diverse, and confident young adults. Don’t underestimate the power of the arts – it is what gives our children the confidence to succeed.

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Australian Performing Arts Grammar School  

The Australian Performing Arts Grammar School focuses on helping students achieve academic, creative and performing arts excellence. Located...

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