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A Sample of My Creative Writing Style

Challenge: Make up a story about yourself as an unconventional superhero.

Logophile vs. The Evil Dr. Hyperbole (Radio transcript) ANNCR: And now for another thrilling episode of… (echo) Logophile! FX: PAGES FLUTTERING/TIMPANI/THUNDER SHEET ROLLED AND WOBBLED ANNCR: For the benefit of those who missed the earlier episodes, here is the story to date: Chris Brune, an all-American athlete, lady-killer and all around swell guy, recently discovered that he had a unique gift. He found that he was able to change the content of the written word in books, film and various other media. From letters to billboards he was able to author his own version of textual reality. He would think it and the words would change as though they had always been that way. Chris’ schoolmates coined the nickname “Logophile” for him, due to his love of wordplay. His powers were limited though. It turns out that our hero is only able to manifest his thoughts into text printed sixty-six and ¾ years into the past. Meanwhile, back in 1942, an aging politician named Joseph Goebbels was being promoted to the office of Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany. Joseph Goebbles’ seventy-seven years had calloused him into a cruel and effective xenophobe whose main weapon of hate was the deceitful media of propaganda. He had perfected his craft over the years and his peers jestfully referred to him as “Hyperbole”. He noticed that the fantasies of his willful childhood mind had started to manifest in the world of words around him. He had come to realize that his will was being pressed into the far off future. FX: TICKING CLOCK/FURRIOUS WRITING ANNCR: Who will triumph in the ensuing battle of words? Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Will Logophile be able to maintain his tangent reality, or will the peaceful post Nazi world we know twist and pervert into a never-ending fascist nightmare? Tune in next week as our hero appeals for help from other scribes throughout time: Lewis Carroll, Aldous Huxley, St. Thomas More and Sun Tzu. But watch out Logophile! Dr. Hyperbole has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. The evil doctor has tricked Franz Kafka, Grigori Rasputin and Ann Coulter to join his maniacal menagerie of meanies.

A Transcript | creative writing sample  

An example of my creative style.

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