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Swissgear SA1923 Scansmart Backpack I have a great attachment with backpacks and I find them to be the ultimate help for any student. I personally love to buy stylish bags especially the ones which are designed extensively for students. My recent purchase in this department was of the Swissgear SA1923 Scansmart Backpack. It was made after a thorough research online. After coming across products in different ranges and qualities I finally decided to order swissgear sa1923 online. On getting the delivery I started using it extensively to determine its true potential and durability. After making a proper analysis I reached at the conclusion that this product has some truly amazing features and benefits for users. It is one of the finest bags that I have used and seen in a long time. Following are some of the advantages of this great product which I have discussed in detail. 1.


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A great storage capacity to hold a large amount of stuff. It even has some uniquely designed space compartments which can hold lots of stuff. Laptops, books and many other similar gadgets can be effectively placed and stored in the sa1923 backpack. It has a separate laptop compartment which is specifically designed for laptop placement. It is fully padded with a smooth material to give an extra safety to the laptop machine. The pads have been especially designed to protect the laptop from scratches and other similar kind of damage.

There are some thin compartments which have been designed to hold important papers and files which you may not want to get mixed with other stuff. There is plenty of space and slots for additional items such as pens, cd players, mp3 players, caps, glasses, cards, bottles and many other similar items. This great facility gives this product a great edge over other products in similar category. There are two additional pockets on each side of the bag which are mostly designed for laptop accessories such as chargers and power cords. The front part of the bag has large pocket which can be used for multiple purposes. It also has a great design which creates a nice effect. Backpacks for College Students

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The strap pads are very comfortable and provide a great support to shoulders. You will simply love the feeling attached with these straps. The extra comfort factor has been especially taken care of by swissgear which provides the user with additional comfort and support while carrying this bag to work, college or anywhere else. The most amazing part of this backpack is its appearance and design. I personally found this bag very stylish and unique in its design. I simply love to take it to college and travelling due to its attractive design. It surely puts a great impression on friends and people. This is one aspect which is loved by most of the users of this great bag. Even kids love to take this bag to school and have attached a great feeling with it. This is mostly because of a great school bag which swissgear sa1923 makes. It has all the basic features of a school bag and stores a large amount of books, files and lunch boxes. The zip design is also a glowing side of this great product. The creative zip design helps to keep the movement of the zip in a most comfortable manner. You won’t feel even a slightest bit of a problem while managing the different features of this bag. There is not only an inside capacity in this bag but a great range of outside pockets and small attachment slots and holes make this an ultimate travelling and carrying bag for users. For those of you who love to go for hiking and travelling, the swissgear sa1923 can be the absolute choice for you. This is because it has a great durability feature and can hold tons of your favorite items which you would want to take with you on your trip. The price is also very much affordable and reasonable as compared to other similar category products. The standard swissgear sa1923 product is priced at $50 which in my view is quite reasonable for a product that has tons of great features for users. I would have loved to spend more on this great bag because it has given me a great satisfaction and I feel extremely good after this purchase.

Despite a great number of favorable reviews from the user community on the internet I still saw some negative comments regarding this great product. Some of the users’ complaints are discussed below. Swissgear SA1923 Scansmart Backpack

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According to the negative comments the side opening of the laptop holding compartment is very annoying which makes it difficult to hold the pc in a proper way. This was a complaint that was endorsed by most of the users on the negative comments list. 2. Some others feel that the padding on the laptop compartment would have been more thick and smooth. However, this is a problem which I don’t endorse at all as there is already a lot of padding done in the laptop compartment which gives it a great support. 3. Many users found it difficult to place their laptops in the bag. According to them the space for laptops is not sufficient and creates problems for other stuffs which then require a good stuffing from the sides. This is again not a valid criticism as the standard compartment of this bag can easily store a 15.6 widescreen laptop. For people who are having a 17″ should probably look for other bags and must not complain unnecessarily. These were some of the negative comments from the user community but I personally found these comments weak in nature because they discussed unnecessary problems and never tried to mention all the great qualities which are attached with this great bag. I would love to recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a high quality bag with a tremendous durability option.

Swissgear SA1923 Scansmart Backpack

Swissgear SA1923 Scansmart Backpack Swissgear SA1923 Scansmart Backpack has some truly amazing features and benefi...

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