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Loupe. The Magazine of Christopher Ward.

The thing that’s so great about Christopher Ward watches – the thing that first attracted me to the brand, anyway – is the way that it’s committed to making high quality Swiss-made watches accessible to virtually everyone. And that means that the Malvern range – while not the most interesting watches horologically, maybe – are vital, the bedrock on which it is all built. How exciting, then to see that the new Malvern collection – the MkIII version, in C3 quartz and C5 mechanical form – retains this commitment to accessibility, but moves the game on significantly. These aren’t just handsome watches at a great price point, but are truly desirable in their own right – and with an attention to detail that’s astounding at the price. The C3 looks great on our cover this issue but, believe me, they both look even better in the metal. Matt Bielby

Sorcerer’s apprentice There are so many extraordinary claims made about what are actually quite unexceptional things in this industry of ours that, when you do first hear about something exceptional, you tend to take it with a pinch of salt. And when you come across someone who says he designs and then makes every single component of his watches by hand, it’s not surprising that deep scepticism kicks in. This was our reaction when we first heard about the late, great George Daniels, who not only mastered the 35 or so skills required to complete a watch entirely by hand, but arguably – with his co-axial escapement design – was also responsible for the greatest leap forward in horology in more than 200 years. His only apprentice, Roger Smith, vowed to build on this astonishing legacy and is today – with his small team on the Isle of Man – still creating the most wonderful timepieces using the ‘Daniels method’. Despite operating at somewhat different ends of the watchmaking spectrum, we are constantly inspired by the work of Roger and his team, who have overcome some of the most difficult obstacles imaginable in their efforts to create something of beauty, meaning and lasting value. We were, therefore, delighted when ‘The Watchmaker’s Apprentice’ himself agreed to be interviewed for this issue of Loupe. Prepare to be inspired!  Enjoy the read.

Editor: Matt Bielby Art Director: Jamie Gallagher Designer: Sam Burn Photography: Damon Charles, Peter Canning

Cover: C3 Malvern Chronograph MkIII 1 Park St, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1SL

Chris, Mike and Peter

Loupe. Issue 04. Spring 2017  
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