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Storyboard: The Myth of Medusa This story is about how Medusa get killed by a hero “Perseus�

Dialogue: On the decimal island beyond the waves Medusa is adding statues to her garden of death.

Dialogue: Warriors turn to stone trying to capture her head. She possess a power every conquer wants.

Dialogue: Perseus will bring the head of Medusa to protect his mother from unwanted marriage.

Dialogue: Perseus adventure to Medusa begins

Dialogue: Lost in the wilderness, Perseus does what many ancient Greek would done on the same circumstances.

Dialogue: Zeus send down his messenger (Hermes) to give a jump wing sandals to help Perseus. Hermes advice s Perseus to find the stingy Nymph. They possess a magical weapon to help kill Medusa.

Dialogue: Only the gray sisters know where to find the nymphs, so he travels day long to get there.

Dialogue: They don’t like visitors, so Perseus take the eye ball from the gray sisters and he starts to ask question about the Nymphs are located.

Dialogue: He finds the stingy Nymphs along the river streaks near the gate way of Hades.

Dialogue: The nymphs provide sword of Zeus, shield of Athena and Helmet of Hades to help finish his mission.

Dialogue: How he succeed well so many others have failed. The secret lies on his shield. The shield is like a mirror.

Dialogue: Perseus is frighten as he steps to his first step to his fate.

Dialogue: Perseus using his shield as he goes further to Medusa lair. He keeps moving backwards and only seeing his shield as an act of mirror.

Dialogue: Perseus looks on Medusa reflection on his shield, then he closes his eyes and swing his sword and cut Medusa head off.

Dialogue: When Perseus returned to Serifus and see his mother having their marriage celebration, Perseus is very mad and point Medusa head to the king. (The king forces his mother to an unwanted marriage.)

Dialogue: The king of Serifus turns into stone as Perseus point Medusa head towards the king. Perseus is able to safe his mother and welcome as heroes.

Storyboard: The Myth of Medusa  
Storyboard: The Myth of Medusa  

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