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close up of james prune’ s face

computer:i ncomi ng news buleti n featuri ng peachi e keen --cc:on screen.

- flashback shot AT:“look see. . . ? no heart,no soul,i t’ s just a mi ndless drone! ”

peachi e:. . . world of musi c lost a legend today,as soul musci an james prune, often referred to as the ‘ godfather of soul’was brutally murdered someti me thi s eveni ng.

peachi e:whi le the s. p. u. d are yet to release any offi ci al detai ls,eye-wi tness reports are comi ng i n descri bi ng a gri sly scene,where the vi cti ms body was ri pped apart as i f the murderer was looki ng for somethi ng. . .

- flashback shot ng:“. . . looks li ke someone tore hi s heart strai ght outta hi m. . . ”

- flashback shot - the creature i s looki ng at a poster of james prune that says ‘ soul’on i t-

close up shot of cc’ s face

- flashback shot at:“i t’ s got no brai ns,can’ t thi nk for i tself. . . ”

heart,so ul ...brai ns . . the creature. . .i t’ s goi ng after all the thi ngs that arti e sai di t di dn’ t have!but who does i t know wi th ‘ brai ns’ . . .wai t,of course!dr potassi um! !

peachi e:prune was of course famous for such soul classi cs as ‘ papaya’ s got a brand new bag’and ‘ peas,peas,peas’ . . . CC:so ul...

- flashback shot peachi e:“the ‘ godfather’of so ul was brutally murdered. . .body was ri pped apart as i f the murderer was looki ng for somethi ng. . . ”

cc leaps from hi s computer toward the pi pe that leads to hi s garage

cc:computer:plot fastest route from the locasti on of arti e choke’ s murder scene, to the nearest rentable storage uni t

WKAC - Roughs - Page 25