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db: what the hell i s he doi ng here? di d you sell us out you li ttle punk! ?

at:whoa,chi ll out fellas!i t’ s not the REAL carrot crusader,i t’ s a fake!!

at:sure!watch thi s. . .hey you!pi ck up that throwi ng kni fe!-i t’ s always droppi ng those, must be a desi gn flaw or somethi ng.pretty li feli ke though ai n’ ti t?

at:of course not!i t’ s got an i n-bui lt tracker on i t - see? there i t goes, back to base just li ke isai d. . . course,can’ t let you see where that i s now can i ?

db:. . . i si t. . .dangerous? at:nah,i t’ s li ke itold you,i t’ s got no brai ns,can’ t thi nk for i tself.

at:look see. . . ? no heart,no soul,i t’ s just a mi ndless drone,does whatever i tell i t too!

at:go on,get outta here. . .return to base.see the plan i s,i f we m ake superheroes that we can co ntro l,they don’ t need to be a problem no more,and you know the best part. . . ?

db:i t’ d be crazy to say yes!i ’ ve never heard such a stoopi d scheme!you can’ t just play at:so whaddya say boss? want to be part around wi th nature that way -di d you see the of the plan that’ s gonna revoluti oni ze the look i n that thi ngs eye?? that’ s a ti cki ng cri me i n thi s ci ty? you’ d be crazy to say no! ti me bomb of di saster ri ght there!

At:my. . .busi ness partner and ihave been maki ng them at hi s lab - told you i t was i mpressi ve di dn’ ti !pretty good huh? dB:. . . thi s thi ng. . .i t does whatever you say?

at:. . . they’ ve all got secret i denti ti es no-one knows who they really are,so when we replace them,who’ s gonna know the di fference! db:what are you doi ng!you’ re just letti ng that thi ng loose i n the ci ty??

av:the boss told arti e to forget abbadi t, he wasn’ ti nterested.arti e wasn’ t too pleased about that - he swore that he’ s show us the mi stake of not endorsi ng hi s freakshow,and that we’ d better watch our backs yadda yadda. . .

WKAC - Roughs - Page 18  
WKAC - Roughs - Page 18  

at:of course not!it’s got an in-built tracker on it - see? there it goes, back to base just like isaid... course,can’t let you see where tha...