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Screw:look sharp wi se-guy,you’ ve got a vi si tor wai ti ng. . . av:a vi si tor? for me?

- Al vocado i s shoved i nto the vi si tati on room,you can see smoke developi ng on the othersi de of the glass. . .av:hey watch i t pal! !

- suddenly the carrot crusader’ s shadow looms out from the smoke,appeari ng to al exactly as i t di d duri ng the attempted hi t on joey the leek. . .av:i t’ s. . . i t’ s you! !

cc:surpri se. . .

av:you here for another round you freak?! I’ d li ke to see you get me through 3 i nches of bulletproof glass!

av:oh gawd whattya want from me? idon’ t know nothi ng iswear! !

- the door slams shut behi nd hi m,and appears to be the only one i n the room.the othersi de of the room has now fi lled wi th smoke. . .-

- suddenly a hand appears from behi nd al and squi shes hi s face i nto the glass. . .the carrot crusader was on hi s si de of the room all along,al could just see hi s reflecti on!av:urrk!

cc:you know why don berry wanted arti e choke dead, so you can start there. . .that was me aski ng ni cely. . . but perhaps you’ d prefer the alternati ve approach. . . ? av:err,no,that’ s ok,i ’ ll tell ya what iknow. . .

WKAC - Roughs - Page 16  

Screw:look sharp wise-guy,you’ve got a visitor waiting... av:a visitor? for me? - the door slams shut behind him,and appears to be...

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