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CC:someone’ s been i mpersonati ng me, and you’ re the bi ggest pretender I know!

- he lands behi nd the avenger,spi ns around and draws a bolas launcher from i nsi de hi s cape -

-. . .and i n the same moment grabs cc by the scruff of the cape and hurls hi m backwards pa:rrwwrr! !see?!who’ s the pretender now! ? cc:you don’ ti nti mi date me pal.

cc:I don’ t know what your moti ves were,or why you tri ed to frame me, but i ’ m taki ng you i n for the murder of arti e choke!

- he fi res the bolas at the parsni p avenger,momentari ly trappi ng hi m. . .-

pa:oh no? perhaps you’ ll feel di fferently about the thought of a 5 story drop?! can’ t say that i mpersonati ng you now can you? after all,gravi ty i s no nemesi s of M INE...

pa:“pretender” am i ! ? I’ ll show you who’ s the pretender around here! !rawrrr! ! - lunges at the carrot crusader -

-. . . but the avenger uses hi s super strength to snap the bolas cable. . .-

pa:wai tami nute. . .before you sai d somethi ng about murder? idi dn’ t murder nobody! cc:well that’ s a double negati ve,whi ch i s almost a confessi on i ni tself - tell me why should ibeli eve you then? after all, you’ re fi rst reacti on was to attack me. . .

- cc vaults over the lungi ng avenger,dri vi ng hi s head i nto the rooftop -

-. . . and hi s super speed to duck the tazer cc had fi red at hi m whi le he was i mmobi le. . .-

pa:. . . whi ch i s hardly the acts of an i nnocent veg,yeah iget i t. . .but what can isay,you got me all ri led up!i can understand why you came to me, i t’ s true that’ si ’ ve been i mpersonati ng you,but i ’ ve never even heard even heard of thi s arti e choke guy,i swear!

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pa:waitaminute...before you said some- thing about murder? ididn’t murder nobody! cc:well that’s a double negative,which is almost a confess...

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