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Century 3000

Holter Analysis System Sophisticated analysis, editing, and data management software designed by the company that's been scanning Holters for more than thirty years. Biomedical Systems has been providing Holter analysis services for more than 30 years. Having scanned more than 2 million Holter tests during that time, we've learned quite a bit about what makes a great Holter System. All of our knowledge and real-world experience have come together in the Century 3000 Holter analysis package, our premium software offering.

Strips saved for inclusion in reports can be reviewed, edited, or deleted prior to printing the final report.

Networking and Data Management

The Century 3000 features both prospective and retrospective analysis tools including paging and superimposition display.

Whether your needs are to have digital Holter recordings transmitted from remote sites for analysis at a central site, or to allow multiple Holter systems to be networked together, the Century 3000 can be configured to meet your needs. For easy integration with other systems and databases, the system offers the ability to export analysis data in an ASCII format as well as saving final reports in a PDF format. For HIPAA compliance, the system allows you to implement passwords and user permissions for all persons that access the system. Data can be audited at any time to see who viewed or edited a record.

Scanning And Reports Done Your Way Do you prefer prospective or retrospective analysis? Are you more comfortable with superimposition scanning or are you used to paging? Do you want to print full disclosure reports? Are you interested in customizing your reports with a logo and specific summary comments? No matter what your preference, the Century 3000 system has the tools you need to produce accurate Holter reports your way. You can create re-usable profiles for scanning technicians as well as physicians, so analysis and report preferences can be customized to meet the specific needs of all who utilize the system.

Validation provides rapid access to all examples of significant events for verification of analysis accuracy and documentation.

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Century 3000

Holter Analysis System Features and Specifications Analysis Tools and Capabilities

Software Features

• 2 channel arrhythmia analysis, either userselectable or automatic • 3 channel ST segment analysis • QT analysis on any single channel • Time-domain Heart Rate Variability • Supports sampling rates from 128 to 1024

• Prospective analysis with superimposition, RR interval histogram, and automated arrhythmia analysis • Page-mode display with color-coded beat highlighting • Template Editing • RR Interval histograms and scatter plots • Validation Display for rapid identification of significant events • On-screen display of all analysis tables with editing capabilities • Enhanced ST analysis • Point-and-Click Beat Editing

Holter Recorder Compatibility • Datrix VX3 Digital Holter recorders • Braemar DL and DXP series Digital Holter Recorders • ELA SpiderView™ Digital Holter Recorder • Cassette Recorders (system option) Final Report Options* • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cover Page (Paragraph or Tabular) General Table Supraventricular Ectopy Table Ventricular Ectopy Table Bradycardia Table Pacemaker Activity Table ST and Heart Rate Trend Ectopy Histograms Heart Rate Variability Strip List Summary Diagnostic Strips Patient Event Strips Significant Event Strips Full Disclosure

The RR Histogram display provides easy access to the shortest and longest coupling intervals of any beat classification.

*Reports can be customized to include any or all of the sections listed above. The cover page can be customized with your logo and paragraph text that is specific to your facility or to individual referring physicians.

Century 3000 Configurations The system is available as software-only (includes flash card reader or recorder interface cable) or can be furnished as a complete solution including computer hardware and printer.

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Scanning And Reports Done Your Way Biomedical Systems has been providing Holter analysis services for more than 30 years. Having scanned mor...

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