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Medium Combi Perfect for emptying septic wells or other industrial cleaning with vacuum pump and high pressure jet ting. For example; removal of oil, grease or petrol separators, acids or alkalis is no problem with this vehicle.

Our most flexible unit with a wide spectrum of variants and options



High pressure jetting pump:

- Stainless or mild steel.

-H  ydraulically driven.

-Volume up to 4 400 gallons (20m3).

-T  ype: Pratissoli 3 cyl. piston pump.

- Different solutions of water and

-C  apacity: 20,5 gallons/min at 2 900 psi (93l/min at

sludge compartments.

200 bar) - Mounted in stainless steel cabinet.

Vacuum pump: - Hydraulically driven. - Capacity: 15.500 l/min - 33.000 l/min (550 cfm 1200 cfm). - Type: Vane or blower pumps. - Secondary tank to protect pumps against over suction.

Jetting hose reel: BEHÖVER TEXT HIT. Vilken tum håller den och hur lång? Vart sitter den? Hydraulically driven?

Suction hose reel:


- Different solutions.

-H  ose trays made from stainless steel and

- For example; Fixed, Pivotal, Foldable. - These can be mounted on the back or on the side of the tank. - They can also be equipped with a swivel.

Lights: - 4 Work lights. - 2 Extra reversing lights. - 2 Flashing beacons.

integrated with the tank. -S  torage boxes made in stainless steel, lockable and rubber seal on the doors plus internal lighting with plastic lining on the bottom.

Available options: - Manipulator/Casette. - ADR. - Acid proof tank and valves. - Heated cabinets, jetting hose reels, jetting pump cabinet and valves. - Hot water jetting system. - Adjustable water pressure from radio. - Engine start and stop from radio. - Transfer pump. - Tank jetting. - Tool cabinet and sanitary cabinet. - Suction hose reel. Mounted on the rear.

Jurop PVT400 Blower Blower system with sound proof cabinet plus space for storage.

Jurop PVT200**/PR200*/PR250* ** Blower pump system. * Vane pump system.

Tank construction standard BEHĂ–VER TEXT

Tank construction two compartments Extra water compartment. Possibility to move fluids between compartments (optional).

Tank construction extra water tank

Tip function Hydraulic tipping tank for easy debris removal.

Remote control Easy to work with.

Central control system Protected in lockable stainless cabinet. All electrical equipment in one place.

Control panel In stainless steel box, easy to operate. Switches logically positioned with clear symbols.

Manipulator 4” or 5” suction hose.


Rear end Pivotal suction hose reel.

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High pressure pump cabinet Stainless steel. Jetting reel with 90m 1/2” hose. The reels capacity is 120m.

Stainless steel tool cabinet (optional) In different sizes with lockable and rubber sealed doors.

Panel Pressure and water volume.

High pressure jetting reels BEHÖVER TEXT

Why Rolba? ROLBA have over 50 years experience in the production of mobile jetting and suction units culminating in our latest models, the SUPER COMBI, MEDIUM COMBI and CITY COMBI. Our staff are long term employees with a wealth of experience and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in customer care and keep regular contact with our clients seeking to enhance further development of our units. Low noise levels and emissions are key elements of the ROLBA product range. Our mission is to supply products that are operator friendly, highly efficient, with health and safety in mind at all times.

Swedish quality - Rolba are renowned for their vast experience in building suction and high pressure jetting units and their user friendly approach to their designs. - Tank built in stainless steel for a longer life. - Hydraulic tipping tank making it easy for tank cleaning. - Radio control with various functions. - Proportional hydraulics providing fuel economy and low environmental impact.

Contact us ROLBA RoadVacsTM Ltd Telephone: +44 1235 848 544 Fax: +44 1235 538 931 Website: Mr. Gerry Campbell E-mail: Mobile: +44 783 166 5028 Mr. Donal Kearney E-mail: Mobile: +353 86 0400 745

The confidence we have in our products, allows us to offer a 24 month warranty.

Rolba medium combi  
Rolba medium combi