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Phnom penh CHAMROEUN

PHALLY thanks to her small grocery store, her dearest dream will come true : at last, one of her children will be able to complete school! Phally is 48 years old. Her husband works on building sites and earns an average daily wage of 13,000 riels (2€) a day. They have 5 children, aged between 14 and 29.The two eldest work in a textile factory for a monthly wage of 200,000 riels (32 €). The next two help their parents, but the latest, a girl, is still in school. Phally started off selling sodas and shampoo outside her house When her second child was born, Phally decided to set up a small business to earn an additional income for her family. Because she didn’t have any capital to start her activity, she borrowed 2,000,000 riels (320 €) from a neighbour. With the money, Phally went to the central market and bought shampoo, cakes, sodas, and other groceries, and she started to sell these goods outside her house. Every riel she earned was wisely spent : one part to pay back the principal and interest of her loan, one part to help pay for the family’s expenses, and another to renew and gradually increase her stock...Phally soon ended up knowing the ropes of her new trade, and thinking that if only she could get to borrow one more time, and at a reasonable rate, she would be able to go up a gear. - Poitiers - 33- (0)5 49 60 68 50

Two loans (32 and 80 €) and trainings As soon as Chamroeun, our partner, opened an agency in her neighbourhood, she asked them for their support. A first loan of 200, 000 riels (32 €) in June 2008, and a further loan of 500, 000 riels (80 €) in February 2009 enabled her to develop her business. Phally also attended social trainings as well as modules on book-keeping, on how to save money and how to develop an income-generating activity, ... A dramatic increase in the standard of living for the whole family Work effort, good sense, austerity, capital, trainings, advice and encouragement, were as many ingredients that allowed Phally to rapidly develop her little business. Her net monthly income rose from 480, 000 riels to 800, 000 riels (77 to 130 €), and she managed to save up to 226, 000 riels (36 €). With all these recent economic developments, the family can now live more comfortably, and they have been able to buy a TV set, electrical fans, a bicycle, and a motorcycle.They will now be in a position to do up their house - of late virtually occupied by the groceries - and most importantly pay the tuition for their youngest child Pheu, so that she can finish shool! ! october 2009

mfi success # 2  
mfi success # 2  

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