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August 2012

The mission of the YSC Newsletter is to keep Youth connected to the fire of the Holy Spirit from Conference to Conference and Rally to Rally. «FirstName» «LastName» Or Current Address «Address» «City, State», «PostalCode»

The Holy Spirit has filled the YSC Newsletter with His words of knowledge and wisdom to reach out to the lives of many Youth the for the past ten years!! God has provided the vision and the ministry to keep Youth connected. Youth leading Youth to the Greatness and Glory of God’s Power Youth leading Youth to the Peace and Joy of Jesus’ Love Youth leading Youth to the Holy Spirit for a spirit of Self-Control


Calling all 391 friends on our facebook!!

Lee : “ ahahaaa! This is soo funny I got to say; extremely cleaver in portraying the dish cleaner (sponge bob) as a worker of Satan.”

We have a mission to reach 500 friends by the next ‘Take Jesus to the Streets’ Rally (10/14/12). If you are #500, 495, 487 and 399 to send a friend request to YscSa, you get a FREE t-shirt and FREE admission to our next rally! Soooo get moving & we’ll keep you connected to the awesome events God has inspired us to put together for you!

Hazel : “ Paul?... I don't understand it.. Is he suppose to be any random person!? Or the good guy, because sponge bob is the evil one here… Yuri : (Hazel I love you, you’re so clueless) “ It’s Paul, one out of the twelve apostles of Christ . Writing the book of … (what would you do whit out me) (today’s picture brought to you by Lee)

Anonymous : “Some things in our lives seem to be as clear as glass, like this cartoon character is to children; but end up being as filthy as the dirt in the ground underneath our feet. Once we’re able to calm down the stormy winds in our lives and put the dirt where it belongs, underneath our feet, we too can be like Paul. We can be able to over come our struggles and continue to write our stories!!

tweet the Twitter verse of the month to “ysc_sa” & win a prize!

“Let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it.” 1 Peter 3:11

wining names will be printed in the Sept YSC Newsletter!

Refugee/Hazel/Yuri: 0_o !! ( that’s anony for you…)

Y.S.C. Office Rape Crisis Hotline Battered Women

Charismatic Prayer Group Prince of Peace Catholic Church 7893 N. Grissom Rd. San Antonio TX 78251 Gathering Every Monday @ 6:45pm-9:00pm, group.html 2

Hazel : > . <

Helpful Numbers: 210.226.7545 Boys and Girls Town 210.349.7273 Runaways Covenant 210.804.0083 National Runaway Paul Solano Photography 210-787-0175 Support his business He Supports YSC

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2230 Schuwirth Rd. Converse, TX 78109


Dear Life, I am so used to hiding from u cause i don't like myself. There is something inside screaming, yet i am afraid. “Afraid of what,” they will say. What if they don't like who i am. Or find it difficult to get along with me. The reason i hide is cause everyone remembers the old me. Their expectations of what i use to be are higher now. However i can’t go back. More importantly i don’t want to go back. If i go back, then i will be lost. There is hope though. U see, i talk to him everyday. He says that everything is gonna be okay and that he is preparing me for greater things. I feel pulled in both directions, and many times, i feel i don't know which way to turn sincerly, Max Travis

Hey guys! Gabrielle here ;) I’m a new writer for the YSC newsletter and excited about it! I hope all of you are having a good summer. I have been working on my school throughout the summer and am ecstatic to be graduating next year in 2013, (btw Congrats to all the 2012 Graduates you did it! J!) Today I was thinking about how many times I just start singing my fave song out loud. It doesn’t really matter where I may be, at my local grocery store, thrift store, or my home. I don’t even realize that I am actually singing…maybe its just me but it happens all the time. I just think it is so easy to start singing “Call Me Maybe” or whatever your fave song may be. But do you ever just start singing a song you hear on K Love? I know I have to admit I don’t just go out and sing Christian songs anywhere, because at some places this may not be accepted or it might just be “weird” to start singing “How He Loves us” at the H.E.B.…but why is that? I mean I am comfortable singing Christian songs at church and at my youth group but I still need to work on being more public with my faith. I believe that God is calling us (the YOUTH) to be Fearless in how we live and how we act, around everyone and not only around our church friends. So just something to think about J , and maybe next time I’m at my H.E.B., I will hear someone singing a K Love song ;) Take care + be Fearless in Your Faith in Jesus!! 6

What:“Come and See” about joining The Life in the Spirit Retreat Team Who: If your between the ages of 13 and 25 and want to be “on team”

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When: Friday, August 3rd 2012 Where: 1707 S. Flores, SA, TX 78204 Tour Time: The tour starts in September 2012 and ends in June 2013 Commitment: One Year We minister in the Archdiocese of San Antonio and around Texas. This is an amazing opportunity for you to grow with God and to teach teens about the message Jesus has for us. “Team” means you can take part in the drama team, the teaching team, or the technical team, learn how to lead small groups, pray, and experience the joy of seeing God work miracles and have fun...all at the same time. This event is free but please call to reserve your seat! 210-363-3097


Teens want to know… “Fear” of the Lord?

A Real Person

If this is what is meant by the “dog days of summer”, I think I truly relate. It has been so hot and muggy, only to have it rain until you can say “Ahaaa”, and then the heat and mugginess increases till you can almost not breathe. I found a solution STAY INSIDE IN AIRCONDITION. In the midst of the August weather, I managed to find a “shout out”. I ran into Omar Villasenor the other day. Some may remember him and his involvement with YSC, LitS Retreat Teams or Youth Explosion. He was that tall, dark and handsome guy that all the girls would go crazy about. He is all grown up, graduated from college and taken his place in the medical field as a registered nurse. Well, he is still tall, dark and handsome; but hey girls, HE IS TAKEN. He found his perfect match. He got engaged to Angelina Hollywood; also a registered nurse and will be getting married sometime next year. Congratulations! We “shout out” about him because he was just like you; facing all the struggles and issues that surface during the teen years; knowing that if you stay with God, stay grounded in your faith and have a support team that believe in you, pray for you, and keep you focus, all things are possible. Keep looking up!

...looking for a few good men A long, long time ago, before the Marines thought of the slogan, “The United States is looking for a few good men”, Gods’ Spirit hovered over all the earth looking for a few good men. He found men like Moses, Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. God has never stopped looking for a few good men; young, middle age, or old; he never quits looking. He calls us by name; he is looking for the best in us. Just like the Marines who are willing to surrender their selves, their plans, and even their lives, God is looking for us to surrender all for the great big plans that Mighty God has for us.

guys told me they loved me and that I should prove my love to them. Thereafter, they would end up leaving me or losing my number. With every lost number I would push friends and family away & drown myself in thoughts of unworthiness.

Scripture, however, also says that, regarding God, “perfect love has cast out fear” (1 John 4: 18). As Christians, we know that God loves us so much that “he gave his only-begotten Son” (John 3: 16) and proved His love for us in that while we were still sinners, “Christ died for us” (Romans 5: 8).

Be aware that God wants us to know Him as “Father.” Indeed, it is, according to St. Paul, the Spirit Who inspires us to call God Father and into a relationship of son-ship rather than servitude (Romans 8: 15-17; Galatians 4: 6-7). Again, though the Bible warns us, “God is not mocked” (Galatians 6: 7), it simultaneously encourages us to “draw near to the throne of grace” (Hebrews 4: 16). So the fear of the Christian is not that of a slave to his master. It is that of a son coming to his Father, who deserves all honor and adoration and praise, so we cannot expect to live eternally if we live a life of sin here (Scripture is clear about this). At the same time, we know that God will give us all that we need – in fact, much, much, more than that – for our salvation, as He is our Father. So, we are not afraid of Him as our master, but as our God. A God Who is also, by grace, Our Father. ~Peter 4

His glory is hidden, sometimes we worry, struggle and many times we fail, but then he opens our eyes to see and discover what awaits for us…His amazing grace and mercy. He is not finished with you yet. His plan has just begun!

Are we willing to let go and give up all our weakness and sin; give up all our excuses, our lack of education, our past, our past failures and our feeling of unworthiness. Are we willing to let go of our carnal (human) mind and dare to tap into the super natu- HIS GLORY IS HERE! ral spiritual mind of Christ, not knowing his plans Glory and Honor and Praise to our God for us but ready to trust, follow and obey. Just like the Marines are looking for those who qualify, God forever and ever Amen! is looking for those who are willing to offer Him our Hear me...Mr. G finest form of worship and sacrifice; willing to sur-

As our theme for this year is Fearless, I would like to explain what fear of the Lord is and is not. First of all, according to the Holy Scriptures, fear of God is a gift of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11: 2). The Bible also says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9: 10). Indeed, St. Paul says to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).

The answer is that there is more than one type of fear: servile fear and loving fear. It is one thing to be afraid of God because we view Him as a divine slave master Who is just waiting to find an excuse to punish us. This is called servile fear; the fear of punishment for wrongdoing, without being motivated by honor or a sense of duty, and least of all by love; a slave-master relationship. This is the kind of fear St. John wrote about.

render the things we like or have; ready to give and do everything for Jesus with great joy and with all our hearts.

How do you decide whether a glass of water is half empty or half full? If you consider the glass half full, you see the positive side, also known as being optimistic. You see the little bit of water you have can be used to cure your thirst. However, if you consider the glass half empty, you see the negative side, also known as being pessimist. You only see that you will run out and refuse to cure your thirst.

Once more, how was I supposed to know what love was if I didn’t even love myself. I was thinking each guy could give me the love I so desperately longed for, but the love that I thought was missing was inside of me. It took every student calling me names to wake me up and come to the realization that I was doing wrong and it had to stop. The love I searched for was not what I needed.

When I was allowing my body to be used, I never classified either side of the glass. It had its benefits and its downfalls. Through the situations and encounters, I was asleep to the possibility of saying no. I thought each relationship would turn out different & for the better. These

God created a world for me…a world for me to Love. He created many things and my love towards His majestic creations shows I appreciate His work…but I am His masterpiece! And I can not give love if I don’t have love for myself. be continued… 5

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