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2013/14 Sixth Form Prospectus

his prospectus is a small part of the information available to you as you choose the next stage of your education. Your choices are very important if you are to complete your education successfully and secure the job of your dreams. Why Christleton? We welcome students who wish to work hard and enjoy their time here. We offer a huge choice of subjects (over 30) and the promise of outstanding achievement. Whilst you will have much more choice and freedom than in Year 11, we provide regular hours, supported study and feedback on all aspects of your work. With almost 300 students in the Sixth Form, you will have vibrant lessons, competition and the opportunity to contribute to school life and to make new and exciting friendships…so what are you waiting for?

Tony Lamberton Headteacher

I have opted for Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry in year 12. These are the subjects which interest me most and will allow me to progress to university to study Engineering or Chemistry. The Sixth Form has allowed me more freedom and time to target my weaknesses. The classes are much smaller than at GSCE and so lessons are far more personal. Anna Faulkner

Ambition. Challenge. Progress. Together.

Outstanding performance

"Students enjoy significant success in 2012" We are delighted that you have decided to explore what Christleton High School has to offer you and are taking your first step to joining us in September 2013. The vast majority of our students progress to university or take a gap year before entering the workplace: • 90% of our Sixth Form students went on to Higher Education, securing a

place at the university of their choice in 2012.


A Level

5 A*- C 96% Incl Maths & English 74% 5 A*- C

A2 Pass A2 A*- B pass rate

Our A Level students achieved 100% pass rate in 24 subjects.

98% 52%

Opportunity. Range. Preparation. Together.

With almost 300 students on role, we are able to provide variety and breadth in a friendly and supportive environment. We believe our Sixth Form offers: • Excellent exam results • A wide range of over 30 A levels • First class personal support, guidance and challenge • Thorough preparation for life in a modern technological society • Regular feedback on progress and achievement • Many opportunities to participate in the wider life of the school,

supporting others and developing strong personal and social skills •

The opportunity to be an individual who is valued within a strong and supportive community





Accounting equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to assess the performance of all types of business organisations and enables them to analyse and evaluate financial data effectively. Accounting fits well with any subject combination.

You will learn how to make art using a variety of media, processes and experimental techniques and will grow in your capacity to analyse, evaluate and understand works of art. You will generate and develop personal ideas and will strengthen your existing skills, independence and creativity.

A Level Biology allows you to gain an understanding of the basic principles and how they are applied in the modern world. It is a subject suited to those students who are interested in careers in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Physiotherapy and Veterinary Science.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in Art.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Biology/ Additional Science and Mathematics.

In the current economic climate, business is never out of the news and has a huge impact on our lives. If you are interested in marketing, production, accounts or personnel, you will enjoy this course as it will provide an excellent insight into modern Britain and the economic forces impacting on every one of us.





This course enables you to develop innovation and creativity through the creation of high quality, marketable fashion and textile products. You will build a knowledge of a wide spectrum of textile industries and the processes used during textile product manufacture.

This course looks at the workings of the market economy – how it allocates scarce resources, who gets what and why, what happens when markets don’t work and the role of Government. At A2 the focus moves to the global economy.

This course will encourage students to: Analyse, Be creative, Communicate. Find out how our language works, how we acquire it and how it has changed over the centuries and continues to evolve. You will investigate how language is power and helps shape how we think and behave.

Readers required! We all love stories: listening to them, telling them, watching, reading and writing them. This course helps students to explore and analyse how writers achieve their effects. You will focus on comedy as a dramatic genre and get your teeth into the gothic genre, with the opportunity of choosing two texts which inspire you.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Mathematics.

Requirement: Grade ‘C’ in a GCSE Textiles Technology course or a high level of interest or good skill in textiles.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Mathematics.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in English Language.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Mathematics.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in English Literature. for AS and GCSE ‘B’ for A2.


HISTORY (Edexcel)

I. C. T. (OCR)


Health and Social Care is a broad subject area. Students learn how social, psychological and physiological issues can impact on the life of those needing ‘care`, a good basis for nursing, teaching and social care. There is an emphasis on research and communication.

The aims are to develop skills and historical understanding, and stimulate interest and debate about important historical events of the 16th and 20th Centuries. A lively course that examines the nature of leadership through monarchy and dictatorship.

A broad course looking at the relevance of modern technologies to both organisations and individuals. The practical experience of using a wide range of software complements many other subjects. Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in English Language.

This stimulating and useful subject introduces you to the basics of Criminal Law, and the civil tort of Negligence. You will explore the various sources of Law in the UK and apply theoretical concepts and a detailed knowledge of individual offences to fictitious scenarios.





Students will learn how to select appropriate recording equipment and how to record professionally, from initial planning to the mixing and mastering. Most students go on to H.E. to study music or studio production or music technology after this course.

The aim of this course is for students to gain an understanding of key areas in Physical Education. Students will study anatomy and physiology, acquiring movement skills, sports psychology and socio cultural issues relating to sport and history of sport as well as practical and analysis modules.

Physicists try to understand how the universe works and this syllabus provides an opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of physics in the context of the real world. Physics students develop transferable skills, which can open up many career pathways from engineering to architecture.

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of human behaviour. The aim of the subject is to study various aspects of people’s lives with the hope that understanding and insight can be gained. Your success will depend on your ability to learn and evaluate the theories studied.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in English.

Requirement: Interview with Head of Department to demonstrate skills and experiences in music.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in History.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in P.E. and ‘B’ in Science.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Additional Science/ Physics and Mathematics.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ including Mathematics and English Language.

Requirement: 5 ‘C’ grades at GCSE including English Language and Mathematics. A Grade B in Science is strongly advisable.



Chemistry is essential for studying Medicine, Veterinary Science, Clinical Sciences, Biochemistry and Geology. You will gain wider understanding and application of Chemistry and develop personal skills highly sought after by many professions.

Computing focuses on the initial processing carried out by the computer. You will be looking at how data is transmitted, processed and utilised. Programming is also taught and examined at AS level.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Science/ Chemistry and Mathematics.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Mathematics and GCSE ‘C’ in English.



Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in Drama.

Requirement: Grade ‘C’ in a GCSE D & T course (Electronics/Product Design/Resistant Materials).

A creative and exciting experience! You will apply performance and/or production skills creatively through your realisation of drama disciplines. You will devise your own pieces, as well as exploring and interpreting plays from different periods and genres.

This course develops innovation and creativity through the designing and making of high quality 3D products using a mixture of woods, metal, plastics, composites, smart and modern materials. You will build knowledge of materials, design, and market influences and manufacturing processes and solve challenging design problems.





Planet Earth is in crisis! This course will give you a deep and wellinformed insight into the environment, and the scientific processes that control and affect it. There will be day visits and a three-day field trip in addition to classroom-based learning.

If you have good communication skills and an interest in studying abroad, you will enjoy this course. A real passion for the language is essential, as you will practise weekly with a native speaker, whilst learning about relationships, music, cinema and society.

The world is changing and Geography allows you to see why and how it is changing. Taking this subject can enhance communication skills, ICT, team work, problem solving and environmental awareness through the study of global challenges.

The main aim of the course is to develop awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between ideas, institutions and processes, in particular with reference to the political systems of the UK and USA. It will appeal to students who enjoy debating current affairs.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in Science.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in French.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in Geography or English.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in English and Mathematics.




MUSIC (Edexcel)

Mathematics supports a wide range of university courses including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Economics. This course builds on the Higher GCSE topics and introduces new ideas such as calculus. It includes modules in Statistics and Mechanics.

For talented mathematicians who need more challenge, this course covers the full A Level in Year 12 and builds up to two full A Levels by the end of Year 13. You will cover modules in Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanics and Division Maths.

A real interest in all aspects of the media is important for this course. You will develop a media vocabulary, an understanding of how texts target a specific audience and the issue and debates that surround the media.

Requirement: GCSE A* in Mathematics.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in Media (if taken at GCSE). C in English Language

This course explores the theory and history of music further than GCSE. You will develop your composition skills to a high level and perform a recital on an instrument or voice. Independent thinking and a range of creative, logical and intellectual skills are developed.





A course that has relevance to a whole variety of Careers. You will discuss and debate ethical and philosophical issues with real life examples from the news. The specification offers an academic approach to the study of religion and is suitable for candidates of any religious persuasion or none.

This subject provides an excellent grounding for many careers and equips students with the ability to think critically about aspects of our society. If you have viewpoints on youth culture, education and crime, you will enjoy putting them forward in Sociology.

Students who like the idea of taking a language further will enjoy this course. It will build on the language acquired at GCSE and will give you the opportunity to discuss relationships, media and popular culture in lessons and with a native speaker.

Over 3.5 million people in the UK now work in Tourism and this course is designed to provide students with study that links classroom activities with local travel and tourism organisations. The skills acquired would be useful in a range of professions.

Requirement: GCSE - high ‘B’ in Mathematics.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in RS, or Grade C in English

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in English Language.

Requirement: GCSE ‘B’ in Spanish.

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in Music. Grade 6 in performance

Requirement: GCSE ‘C’ in English Language and Mathematics.

Sports. Social. Enrichment. Together.

Development. Responsibility. Community. Together. At Christleton High School, we recognise the importance of developing your skills and talent in a range of sporting, social and cultural activities. You will find a variety of opportunities on offer to Sixth Form students including: • International and UK subject-based trips • Young Enterprise (developing business skills) • Work Experience • Maths Mentoring Scheme • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme • A host of Music, Drama and Sporting activities • Peer Mentoring • Reading Enhancement • Student Services

The Sixth Form Common Room and Deli Bar are lively hubs for planning numerous social and charity events, including talent shows, rock concerts, game shows and the final Leavers’ Ball, where tuxedos and ball gowns are the order of the night! During their first week, Year 12 students experience a residential visit with a difference when they put their survival instincts to the test.

FAQs What grades do I need to enter the Sixth Form at Christleton? A minimum of 5 GCSEs, grades A*-C, including English and Maths.

How is A Level different from GCSE? Greater independent study and individual responsibility for your own learning is the key to success. Smaller groups mean more personalised learning and a close working relationship with teachers.

How many lessons will I have? Each subject will normally involve nine lessons of one hour per fortnight. This will be matched by an equal amount of private study in each subject, either in school or at home. You will take four AS subjects with the possibility of sitting AS General Studies in Year 12. In Year 13, you will take three full A Levels.

Maturity. Independence. Support. Together. I joined Christleton High School in 2011 from Ellesmere College. I had considered lots of schools for Sixth Form and decided on Christleton High School because of its reputation and wide variety of courses on offer. Although I didn't know anyone, the students and teachers made me feel very welcome and I quickly felt part of the school. The teachers are encouraging and challenging and constantly support me to perform at my best. They are always on hand to offer advice and guidance. The lessons are interesting and have developed my thinking beyond academic learning which will equip me well for university and my future. Iona Jackland

In 2011, I joined Christleton High School to study Maths, Further Maths, ICT, Physics and Computing. At first, I was worried about moving to a new school; however, everyone was friendly and helped me to fit in and feel at home. The lessons are very informative as well as interesting and the teachers are always willing to help, both in and out of lesson time. I'm glad I moved to Christleton as there is a wide variety of subjects which allowed me to pursue the courses and, hopefully, career I have always wanted. The school's support has given me the confidence to do just that. If you are considering Christleton for your A level studies, I would advise you to just go for it! Aaron Walwyn

"I am really enjoying my time as a member of the Sixth Form as it provides me with much more freedom to study the subjects I enjoy and gives me the opportunity to get involved in activities such as debating and public speaking. I have also benefitted from the support of my tutors and the responsibilities that come with being a senior student in the school. That’s what the Sixth Form is to me really: the perfect balance of freedom and opportunities with responsibility and support�.

Christleton Sixth Form offers: An outstanding range of advanced courses" Register

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Mr Nick Gannon (Senior Teacher/Sixth Form Year Head) Mrs Hilary Laidler (Sixth Form Year Head) Ms Kate Saxon (Assistant Headteacher)

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Christleton High School 6th Form Prospectus 2013-14  

Christleton High School 6th Form Prospectus 2013-14