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Santa Clara University Catala Club Service, Support, and Spirituality June 2011

Volume 20, Issue 11

President’s Message—Joanne Moul Dear Friends, Can you believe it is June again? Another school year is coming to an end, and with it, an end to Catala’s year as well. And what a year we had! From Bucky the Bronco to Santa Claus, from our historical Fr. Catala to the invigorating Father Zampelli, from margaritas to tea, scones to onion volcanoes, exquisite tables to bocce balls, our luncheons, socials and events were well planned, well attended, and just plain fun. This was the year Catala took a big step into the world of technology, (well, big for us). Behind the talents, creativity, and perseverance of Vicki Pope, our newsletters added

graphics, pictures and color. We are going green, and working on our website. Wouldn’t Mrs. Sullivan be proud? And while our emphasis is always on strengthening the bonds of our Santa Clara community, we are women who understand the importance of a bottom line. True to our purpose to provide financial aid to deserving Santa Clara undergrads, we proudly presented 2 different checks to Father Engh worth a combined total of $60,000. Our year officially ended at the May Installation luncheon, but it officially began then, too. As we thanked our Catala friends who gave so much of themselves

while creating our successful past year, we welcomed those who have stepped forward to continue Catala’s work for the coming year. Speaking of the coming year, Mike and I are once again pleased to invite you into our home for Catala’s summer social on Saturday evening, August 20. And mark your calendars for Catala’s fabulous Fashion Plates, Thursday, October 20 at the Santa Clara Hilton. Thank you, Catala friends, for your unwavering support. There is much to remember and celebrate and there is much to anticipate and rejoice. Happy summer. Warmly, Joanne Moul, President Go Broncos!

Chaplain’s Message—William F. Donnelly, S.J. It occurred to me that we live in a kind of "fix it" society. Americans especially are known for our attitudes and abilities to repair what's wrong, and make things right again. Whether it's a sagging fence or a broken plug, we respond with "just give me time, I'll get at it." Too bad such positive points of view don't prevail always and everywhere. Far too many places in the world have inadequate food, polluted

water and widespread human suffering. What is needed are fix it practices worldwide. On reflection, that's really what God did. The world had been marked with political unfairness, oppression and even squabbles among his chosen people. Then Jesus came, did his best to put things right, and suffered for it. To be sure, his subsequent resurrection didn't solve everything but it

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gives all of us the power and motive to do what we can. So in celebrating the miracle of Easter, let us hope that our gratitude and response will be that of the Lord. Lord, we can pray, give me strength and motives to carry on your work, that all may come to know and love you, and bring your peace to all we meet. William F. Donnelly, S.J Chaplain


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Santa Clara University Catala Club Membership News With Sympathy to

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays—June Our membership is now at 294 members with 16 new members since the fall.

1— Jackie Nichols 13— Susan Carter 20– Joan Mackin 2— Julia Collins 13– Anne Parsons 21– Jeannie Mahan 5-— Florence Sordello 13– Kris Ravizza 22— Rose Best 6— Kathy Winkelman 14– Mary Morris 22– Kathleen Bruno 7— Betty Bauman 15– Marina Panotin 22- Karie Grasser 7— June Coli 15– Mary Staveley 25—Mary Terry Bader 12— Gemma Membreno 17– Peggy Poindexter 26– Audrey Going 12— Rosemary Stuebing 17– Talat Zahia 28– Kim Crary 12– Joanne Moul 30- Lisa Membreno

Board Member Spotlight Betty Ford

Cathy Bonnici, on the loss of her mother. Save the Date Summer Social Joanne & Mike Moul’s Home Saturday, August 20 5:00 PM

May Installation Meeting Recap Our May Catala Day began with our annual installation Mass organized by Fran Lowry with Father Engh and Father Donnelly as celebrants. Guests were then treated to a delicious lunch organized by Jeannie Mahan and Joan Stoelker. Catala was fortunate to have Father Engh as our guest speaker where he shared with us his 5 points of Santa Clara’s strategic plan. We also enjoyed hearing from 5 Catala scholarship recipients. It was rewarding to hear from them how our Catala scholarship contributions have truly made a difference in their lives. In addition, Kimberly Hill from SCU’s theater dept. educated us on the upcoming play “Hay Fever”, the story and preparations for the play. This was our last luncheon for this Catala year. Please mark your calendars for our September kick off meeting in the de Saisset Museum on Wednesday, September, 21 where we will enjoy lunch and a tour.

Betty Ford joined Catala in 1974 at the same time her oldest son, David, was attending SCU. Betty has actively served Catala since that time. Starting with decorations, Betty went on to serve 2 terms as President from 1978-1979 and 20002002. Preserving Catala’s history was Betty’s focus. She completed a rewrite of the history, purpose and by laws of the club, and honored Fr. Magin Catala by planting willow trees on campus. Fr. Catala planted a willow on each side of the Alameda in the 1860’s to provide a grand entrance to the Mission. To this day, 3 willow trees, a commemorative plaque, and a garden with bench are located near Bannan Hall as a result of Betty’s efforts. Kim Crary, First Vice President Catala has also benefited from Betty’s love of art. The Coat of Arms of Catala were completely hand drawn by Betty and is still being used today. Fashion Plates 2011 Save the Date!! Fashion Plates 2011 will be Betty has enjoyed the women she has worked with, the Jesuits on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at the Santa and being on campus. Clara Hilton. If you would like to be a "Table Her connection with SCU runs deep. Her husband graduated Sponsor" or Volunteer either at the event or from SCU in 1950, her father in- law 1918, and her 3 sons, before, please contact Nancy Tarantino at David, Timothy and Edward. We are very thankful for Betty’s dedication and creativity and look forward to many more years of Betty’s willingness to be a part of Catala. Vicki Pope, Newsletter Editor

News from University Relations Volunteer Opportunities Santa Clara University has many volunteer opportunities to help our students and our community. The opportunities are open alumni, parents and friends who care about SCU and want to be involved. Not only will you enhance your connection with the Santa Clara family, but you will enjoy knowing that you are helping others. We look forward to working with you! For a list of opportunities, visit getinvolved. or Vicki Yoshihara at, your Fashion Plates cochairs. World Youth Day In the April 2011 Newsletter, we informed our members of the board decision to support World Youth Day with a donation of $1,000. To the right is a photo of the students attending and Jack Treacy, S.J.

Membership Information At the May luncheon meeting, the general membership ratified the Catala Board's decision to place Catala membership dues at $40.00. Thank you to all who participated. Joanne Moul, President Page 2

Catala Newsletter June 2011  

June 2011 Newsletter for the Santa Clara University Catala Club

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