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Seeing, touching, smelling, h writing, abstract moments of the stuff life throws at you piration! “Harley weir“

hearing, reading, intrigue‌ all of u...take it as an ins-

Second year/Semester 4 - 2016

Clash Collection Woman


Trend Forcasting Researcgh For Balenciaga Women and


Forcast Research Balenciaga Vetements NIke

For the season 17/18, the designs of „Mezcla“ will be multifunctional. The garments include detachable elements which are detachable or attachable with a zipper. This leads to an individual style of wearing the designs of the brand by the customer. Most of the detachable elements include sportive elements into the garments. Through that, the garments can be worn for chic events but also fit perfectly for leisure wear. Also in this collection the fabrics consist out of 100% yarns / fibers of the same type, to assure an uncomplicated procedure of up cycling the fabrics. In 17/18 the up cycled elemtens from a garment are furthermore included as details, for example a cuff or a leg pannel. For the up cycling old fabrics and garments are being used. The illusion element is visible in the construction of the garment itself. It is created through shifted seams and certain elements of a garment, for example sleeves that are shifted to the front. Also the layering creates a certain overload living the customer unable to understand the construction of a garment. The garments appear in a way, they actually are not. The collection includes disproportioned garments, exaggerated oversizing and the combination of very stiff and flowing fabrics. One important element of the contrast is the combination of the old and the new.The garments itself include elements of classic designs, for example classic fabrics and silhouettes. Also the main colours are soft and calm, giving the garments a classic touch. Due to the inspiration with Nike, the garments have sports details. These are represented in big zippers, bright colors and chunky elements. Through that also the leisurewear is more represented in the collection. There are drawstrings, enabling the customer to change the silhouette of a garment to their wishes and to keep the versatile element of the brand „Mezcla“. We want to create a collection which is honest and represents a healthy and conscious lifestyle. It is not about glamorizing a way of living which is unreal - we want to bring back reality.


She is young and have attitude. She is borred from social media like instagram, no one can see anymore the realistic, just addicted and focused what the net world is telling everyone how we have to be. She has a strong character, she likes to go out with friends and gets lost and wild. A Aversion on all fashion beauties, that dont have any personal character. Age: end 20s to early 30s residence: city Interest: culture,political interest, friends, to have good job Personality: open minded, self-confidence, hard-working, concious





shifted Structured


Raw edge

minimalistic detachable-versatile






Colours/ materials Inspired by the photographer scarlett hooft graafland, in her photos i could see our concept of using basic colours but also popping coulours which reflex the sporty side of nike. Integrate the popping colours for details in the collection. the choice between 5 fabrics, I used Twill and poplin. It was allowed to take one extra fabric, i decided to take a untreated wool fabric.

Line-up Group collection

Line-up Personal


second year/Semester 4 - 2017

Collection for 2027 / zero waste Clash louise bourgeois and kanye west

Triptiek ( Collaboration between Design, management, brand students)


What is our mission? We armour ourselves as rise of robotising/auto nity.

How do we use Kanye and Louse as inspiration? Kanye sees him self as a role model, a soldier of culture. We at REVOLT see ourselves as a “gang� that drives a new generation. A generation that sees the human emotions and connections as the most important thing. Louise shows her traumatic history in het art in an extremely sincere and personal way: showing her most personal side in order to better herself. The norms en values of Kanye and Louise are combined in REVOLT, through providing a family for a generation that cares for one another and for what they believe in: human connections and emotions are the most important thing, especially in our world. A world where technology is taking over. This movement of dehumanising is what REVOLT stands up against. We need to stick together as a tough family, that is sincere about how they feel and what they believe in.

What is our vision? Preserving human connection.

a rebel family against the omation and loss of huma-

Colours Color


Semester 3 - 2016

Collection for ss2017 Topic fusion / Clash boxing x Ballet




“I´m not a woman. I´m not a man. I´m something you will never understand.“ -prince

Line up Fusion ss 2017

Semester 4 -2017

Collages Topic: you never know

personal project

Semester 3 -2016

Styling assistant Interview magazin - germany

personal project

“creativity is the greatest rebellion in excistence.“ -osho


HTW Berlin Amfi Amsterdam

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