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introduction Hajimemashite! (How do you do?) Living Lite: Kids’ Sushi was founded in 2010 by Christine Vi with the goal of providing an eating expreience catered towards promoting healthier eating habits. Providing a cultural, yet modern approach to dining, Living Lite’s success comes from the creativity of allowing customers to customize their own meals. Children can create their own sushi rolls that includes fish, roe, crab meat, and vegetables. These ingredients promote a healthy heart and provides a means to stabilize a healthy weight. Our success for the past 3 years have been attributed to the idea that children should learn how to eat healthy, but have fun while doing so. We have opened 3 locations on the DC metro line to make our healthy meals easily accessible. Families have brought and introduced their children to the Japanese cuisine scene, making it so easier for them to give their children the right nutrients. Competing against the fast food industry, Living Lite teaches children that healthy food is also delicious. Parents will be happy to know that children will not have to sacrifice their favorite food and snacks when they dine with us. Instead of french fries from McDonalds, why not have edamame instead? Healthier trades made easy as this allows children to live out their childhood, and grow into fit and healthy adults who are capable of making the right eating habits for their future.

Eat good. Eat lite.

company profile Who We Are Living Lite: Kids’ Sushi provides a healthier alternative to fast food dining. With obesity being one of the country’s predicaments, we offer families and their children a nutritious and cultural dining experience. Using the freshest ingredients, we make our sushi to order so that customers know their meals are freshly prepared by our staff. Our sushi rolls are always customizable so that children are encouraged to view the list of our fresh ingredients and learn about them. Our success for the past 3 years have been possible for our affordable prices, fresh and healthy ingredients, and our locations being metro accessible. Our brand and concept is revolved around making fresh, delicious, and healthy meals that encourages children to make healthy choices for their growth and development in the long run.

Concept Profile The United States is suffering from an obesity epidemic. As the fast food industry continuously generates revenue, children face the dangers of becoming overweight and obese. Since fast foods are generally inexpensive and dining out increasing, Living Lite’s goal is to make dining out enjoyable as well as affordable. Our ingredients display a variety of vibrant colors, making our food aesthetically beautiful and fun to eat.

why franchise with us

Why Living Lite?

Living Lite is always open to promoting a healthy generation, whether it is now or the future. We depend on the owners and operators to maintain our successful message. We are committed to franchising for a fit and healthy future as well as using our generated revenue to promote this message.

Amazing Training Experience

Living Lite’s goal is to be recognized as a superior franchising company that promotes healthy eating. Our belief is that our training experience should teach our staff how to interact with the younger generation to help them understand the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Classy Service

Living Lite offers owners and staff a good return on their investment. You will be given four week vacations with pay as well as holiday vacation with pay.

market analysis Executive Perspective It is assumed that dealing with childhood obesity is simple. However, as more children are open to new technology and television, this leads to a sedentary pattern. A majority of these children come from low-income families. Undisiciplining children in healthy eating and not promoting activities to keep them active puts their children in the position of not knowing how to care for their body in the long run.

Analysis of Results Include Children in the Process

Children who are more active in selecting the products and foods they consume are more likely to have a healthy and stabilized weight. This environment puts children in the active role of learning what is healthy eating. This allows parents to know what their children are consuming and it helps them be able to prepare meals knowing their child is getting the proper nutrients.

Buy the Right Ingredients

Families whose children are at a healthy and stable weight are more likely to have stocke their refridgerator with fruits and vegetables. They tend to buy less frozen/pre-packaged products as well as meat. This allows children to get in the habit of consuming fresh foods and being able to snack on sweets at an acceptable quantity.

Stay Active

Children who are more physically active tend to have a more positive attitude. Whereas, overweight and obese children tend to suffer from depressiong and low self-esteem.

Laying Down the Law

Parents who enforce rules on their children’s eating habits helps their children get in the pattern of eating an acceptable amount of fresh foods while still being able to enjoy sweets and other snacks on the side. This helps them have control of knowing what their child is consuming at home. Creating a boundary for children helps them develop a pattern of how often they can indulge but still stay fit and healthy.

products & services Services


Our services have been known for freshly made sushi rolls. Living Lite believes that freshly made by order is the best dining experience for families and children. Our menu contains a variety of traditional Japanese cuisine that will culturally immerse our customers as if they were dining in Japan. We freshly make:

Living Lite has a chain of products we sell in our restaurants to customers who enjoyed our signature flavors. This our way of letting our customers enjoy our flavors at the comfort of their home if they decide not to dine out. Our products are:

• Sushi rolls (10 pieces) • Nigiri sushi • U-don and soba noodles • Onigiri • Omuraisu • Bento box • Green tea ice cream Our services give children a good number of choices that will benefit their growth and development in the long run.

• Lite soy sauce • Teriyaki sauce • Hot sauce • Green tea All of our sauces are low-sodium to promote a healthy heart.

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for more information Take that next step! All further inquiries can be sent to: Living Lite: Kids’ Sushi Franchise Department 1600 Connecticut Ave 5th Floor Washington, DC 20009 tel. + 1 202 710 0539 fax. + 1 202 710 0540 We thank you for your interest in franchising Living Lite: Kid’s Sushi.

frequently asked questions

1. Is the franchise fee included in the initial costs of opening my restaurant? Absolutely, the initial fee of $10,000 is included in your total investment.

2. What if I have no experience with on site location or construction?

As a part of your initial investment fee, Living Lite helps you select your location, lease negotiations, and remodeling of the existing building of choice.

3. How larges should my restaurant be?

The minimum space is 1500 square feet and the maximum is 2500 square feet.

4. Is restaurant experience necessary?

No, as a part of the initial investment fee you put forward, we give you and your staff the training you need to operate your business. A member of Living Lite’s staff will be at your store for the first three weeks of business.

5. I’m interested in franchising with Living Lite. What do I do next?

Please complete the enclosed confidential application. Fill the form in black or blue ink only and mail it to us. For a speedy submission, you can submit your application online at:

Living Lite: Kids’ Sushi 1600 Connecticut Ave 5th Floor Washington, DC 20009

Living Lite: Kids' Sushi Franchise Brochure  

Living Lite: Kids' Sushi Franchise Brochure

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