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The task has been set and the race is on at the London College of Fashion. The first ever collaboration of, Cofrad, Parisian Mannequin Design Company, Jewellery Designer Jade Mellor from Not Just A Label and the winning collaborative team of students at the London College of Fashion. The competing students must utilise their skills from their four specialist subjects in Fashion; Business, Media, Design Realisation and Visual Merchandising. The participants must produce individual industry standard campaigns across all subjects involved, collaborated into one multifaceted campaign to further launch Cofrad, Jade Mellor, Not Just a Label and of course the ever growing talent at the London College of Fashion. The date for the winner; March 2013 The date for the exhibition: September 2013 The location:Paris


Since 1976, Cofrad have built up a reputation on the strength of bold choice and statements. From clients like Topshop, Moschino and Christian Dior Cofrad have built up a huge clientele list. In the process of evolving into a distributor of leading brands of window mannequins, Cofrad have turned their expertise into a fine art. In 2001 Cofrad took a major step into manufacturing selecting only the best brands becoming a publisher for famous names such as Patina-V, Ralph Pucci and Houston & Battilei. Cofrad are known for their heritage, quality and creating innovative ideas with the craft being impeccable above anything else.

All these strengths combined make Cofrad Mannequins the partner of choice. With this exciting opportunity we are celebrating Cofrad and their craftmanship collaborating with London College of Fashion. Clémentine art director of Cofrad said “This collaboration with students is very important for us. It is very important to have a transversal relations between students and professionals. We also like to see the vision of young people and how they see this business. It is interesting as the retail habits will evolve very quickly. Then, the students could be our future collaborators or customers so it is a good introduction.”


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Cofrad’s commercial team will help you through your selections. Custom evaluations, custom tests, showroom visits. Contact @ +33 (0)1 53 17 14 00

Cofrad have not only become publishers for famous names, they have worked with the likes of celebrity Megan Fox.


Cofrad mannequins can be ordered in many different finishes and variations. For example, Stylised or abstract, realistic mannequins or bust form. As Cofrad are also about sustainability they also offer repair & renovation. ‘As we see it, renovation is also an ethical issue; extending mannequin doll life is an integral part of a responsible and sustainable approach.’

Each brand in the Cofrad team have their own design team giving every mannequin personality: different but complementary. The different teams create several collections every year but can also work directly with you to design the perfect mannequin for your needs. Cofrad can offer you innovative and suprising solutions, using imagination and attention to detail.

Meteorites, Minerals, Mellor.

“I am inspired by the colours and shapes of minerals, the textures of meteorites and ancient architecture, but I like delving deeper than the surface. By looking at how they form, questioning why they look like that and learning about the geological processes I develop my own techniques.� Jade is based in Manchester, United Kingdom and studied at Manchester School of Art graduating in 2009. From the buried treasures of Pompeii to jewels found in meteorites and asteroids falling to earth over millennia; Jade Mellor wants to evoke the feeling of uncovering gems that have practically become part of the landscape through the wearing of time, but originate from another world or civilisation. Jade’s techniques continue to develop creating timeless jewellery. Here, at the London College of Fashion we asked Jade a few questions about herself and the collaboration.

Just a bit of background information, Where are you from and where did you study? I grew up in a small village in Cheshire until I moved to Manchester to study 3D design at Manchester School of Art. Recently I’ve been researching materials and processes returning to the building of the old converted chapel of the family home where I grew up. Your material for the jewellery are so beautiful, where do you source your materials? It started in Manchester Museum’s gift shop. I would do a lot of research there during my degree and was really inspired so I  bought some of the souvenir minerals and gems to experiment with. I also loved the Natural history museum in New York, their jewels from space exhibition is amazing and I ended up buying some things from there. From a kid I’ve always kept my eye out for unusual stones and shells on walks and holidays on the beach and I like that they are from places I visit. Using other people‘s finds when making their unique piece means it will have a special history just for them. For the specialist minerals  I buy specimens from collectors and geologists who have actually discovered them whilst working in amazing exotic places. I love choosing these and looking at their shapes and colours I often see things I wasn’t looking for and it can inspire new pieces. Where does your inspiration come from?  I am inspired by the colours and shapes of minerals, the textures of meteorites and ancient architecture, but I like delving deeper than the surface. By looking at how they form, questioning why they look like that and learning about the geological processes I develop my own techniques. I’m currently in the middle of a palaeontology course looking at the formation of fossils and rocks which I am enjoying so much. Continued learning is a big part of my work. Why did you agree to collaborate with students from the London College of Fashion and Cofrad Mannequins? You can learn so much by collaborating. Paris has been an important city to me. It was my first fashion show, recently my first fashion week and my favourite artists and designers, Chanel, Schiaparelli and Line Vautrin were all based in Paris. Their pioneering spirit and forward thinking really motivated me to do my own thing at a crucial point during university when I was trying to find my way. This project seemed to bring those two together. Plus you can see that Cofrad want to showcase the talent and ideas of the freshest minds by working with London College of Fashion students by giving them this exciting opportunity in their central Paris showroom, So who wouldn’t want to be involved in that? What does the future hold for you? I’m just in the process of moving to a bigger studio in central Manchester, in a space with fine artists, ‘zine creators and designers. I’m excited about having the space and community to put on exhibitions and house a pop up shop to allow people to see where I work and buy objects straight from the studio. Is there anything that you haven’t done that you would like to get involved in?  I would like to spend some time working in a foreign city, I think it freshens your ideas and awakens new ones if you are in a different environment. 


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JUST A designer today’s

LABEL (NJAL) platform for pioneers in

is the world’s leadshowcasing and nurturcontemporary fashion.

Set up in 2008 to infuse new life into fashion, NJAL was quick to become and indispensable tool for the industry; helping desigenrs gain exposure and finance their progression independently by providing an easily accessible retailing forum via its online shop. NJAL is a creative hub setting trends and creating innovative ideas. WIth over 16 million hits per month, NJAL is an expanding destination facilitating growth in the fashion industry.


LCF Group C collection Lineup

London College of Fashion’s rich heritage and responsiveness to changes in design practice have positioned it as a leading global provider of fashion education, research and consultancy. The college’s work is centred on the development of ideas with its staff and students forward thinking to “Fashion the Future”. At London College of Fashion we wanted to know what was the most exciting thing about the collaboration and why collaborate with Jade mellor, Cofrad and NJAL.

“Meeting some amazing people has indeed been the best part of this project, and I have unquestionably learnt a lot – Each project is different and every time you learn something new to better yourself for when you’re involved in such work in the future.” “Jade’s philosophy matched our concept and ideas best – her use of ecological minerals and our aim to celebrate Cofrads dedication to sustainability worked hand in hand – she was definitely a natural choice” “Luckily, Cofrad has such a strong unique selling point so immediately knew what we had to focus our concept around – its heritage, craftsmanship and high quality.”

More To Follow... The Official Collaboration of Cofrad, Jade Mellor and the winning students from the London College of Fashion will be announced in early April 2013. For regular updates on the progress on this exciting production follow us on blogspot, twitter and facebook.Cofrad, (the magazine) magazine will officially launch online in May 2013.

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