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Who are you? I am doing a film trailer involving different skills. The purpose of this trailer is to attract my targeted audience using different camera shots, angles and movements.

The Big Idea As the theme of the film/trailer is Gritty British Realism, I decided to come up with the idea about how bullying can change you; how the impact of society effects individuals which reflects on real life (Britain). The plot of my film is that a young boy gets bullied throughout his childhood in school and outside of school. In his personal life (at home), his parents (preferably his mother only) abuses him and tells him to do this and that, selling drugs and focusing him to eat food he doesn’t want etc. He’s failing schoolwork and exams because he’s not focusing leading him to fail his education. As he grows up, he is stilled bullied until one day, he stands up for himself. He stands up against bullies, his mother and HE becomes the bully. The film then shows him in his own gangs, selling drugs, doing crime such as bullying neighborhoods, for different reasons, bullying young school kids for pocket money etc. One day he is walking down the streets and sees a girl that he admires. He follows her and finds out where she lives; following her for a week, he finally plans to make a plan to accidently bump into her to start a conversation. He knows her daily routines (such as leaving the house at a particular time and going to the bus stop to get to somewhere). He purposely waits for her to reach to the bus stop and then he arrives at the stop. He sits right next to her at the bus stop seats and asks her what time current time is to start a conversion. She tells him and he asks for her name and she tells him. They talk and find out that they are going to the same place (same bus etc). This happened over 2 weeks and they got close throughout the 2 weeks of sharing the same buses and accompanying each other in the journey together. One day, he asks her out and she agreed. He takes her out on a date and they kiss. They share moments together, going cinema, bowling and walking around markets. But one day, he calls her but she never picks up, sending her texts and she doesn’t reply. He gets anxious, worried and angry. As he walks, he sees her and as he runs up towards her, he sees her with another guy. The guy he sees her with was the bully that bullied him through childhood. He finds out that she was dating him. The bully recognizes him and talks to him. As they talk, he keeps looking at the girl and she tries to avoid any eye contact. The bully gets a phone call and picks it up. He walks away from him and the girl and takes the call. The guy then tries to quickly talk to her and asks her why she hasn’t called and replied to any of his texts and all she said was ‘I’m sorry’. He tells her to meet him at the bus stop at a certain time and that he wouldn’t leave until she comes. The bully comes back and says it was nice seeing him again but he’s got to go and sort out things (in his own gangs) and walks away with the girl and leaves him alone.

The Big Idea continued Later that day, he waits at the bus stop for 1hour, passing the original time to meet up. He carries on waiting for her to turn up and eventually, she arrives. He sees that she is slightly upset and quiet. He takes her to a park and they talk. He holds her hand and she filches. He finds out that the bully has abused her. He asks why is she with him and not with him instead (the guy) and asks her why did she go out with him when she was with him (the bully) etc. She tells him that he was different. They share a kiss and have a secret affair. One of the members in the bully’s gang finds out that they are having an affair and tells the leader (the bully). He gets angry and sends out his gang to teach him a lesson no one messes with him. The guy and the girl were out and the gang members attack him. They fight and weapons (knives) were used during the attack. The girl gets hurt and dies. They run away as he calls and shouts for help and cries because of the pain. The next day, he plots his revenge. He’s working out, watching the other gang’s movements (stalking) etc. One day, he attacks the member who killed the girl he loved. The rest of the member comes back to attack him for killing their friend. They fight an attack each other. Although he got his revenge, he carried on attacking people. He became more and more violent; his face was on posters as ‘most wanted’. Police officers were tracking him down but never found him. A couple of years later, he’s in a psychiatric ward talking to his therapists. No one knows how he ended up in the ward. I decided that the trailer of this movie will end with him saying ‘no one f****** knows about me, no one’.

Where will you film? Who will you cast? What props and costumes etc will you need? I will be filming around Gritty areas that reflect on real life Britain such as Brixton or Peckham. I will also film around filed areas such as Crystal Palace. My main cast will be one of my media teachers as he wanted to take part and we both agreed he’ll suit the role nicely. I will cast other people as my roles once I find out who will be suitable for my roles. Tripod, fake knives or weapons are also needed for my trailer; costumes will be baggy clothing with trainers or vests and jeans to show the Gritty side of Britain instead of suits and posh accents with teas and biscuits.

When will you film? I will be filming as soon as my storyboards, casts and locations are sorted. This will hopefully be after the February half term (1 week) after the half term or on the week we come back.

By Christine Tran

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Progress Plan for the new trailer (project)