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Why have you chosen to study Media Studies A Level? -

I have decided to study media studies because I really enjoyed media at GCSE and I would like to carry on knowing more about the media and different aspects there are in media.

Is there a particular area/genre of the media that you are interested in? -

I am interested in directing/producing the short movie and trailer clips as part of the coursework. I am looking forward to this because I really enjoy movies and would like to experience how it is to make movies, how easy or hard it is etc. I also like editing clips on the Mac movie maker, using different transitions or using cross cutters.

Why do you think the Media is important? -

I think the media is important to everyone and the society because I believe the majority of the population relies on the media, whether it’s the TV catching up with the latest shows or news, they use it to update themselves. Besides TV, there are newspapers which are another type of media material people buy instead of watching the news.

How much power do you think it has over our society? -

I think the media has won most people over as it has the most power to entertain and update citizens. The media has affected us in many ways, portraying different genders differently compared to reality etc. What the media writes, most people believe, for example, everyone believes every update on the news, without the news, no one’s updated with what’s happening in their area or around the world. Looking at this, the media has a massive power to rule over the society.

Choose 3 different groups of people and explain how you think they are represented in the media? -



Woman: the media portrays every woman as housewives that every woman should belong in the kitchen, making dinner for the husband when he’s coming back from work. This is because they believe woman can’t do anything but doing cooking and cleaning. Some media portraits woman as smart, clever and intelligent but you won’t see this often in magazines or newspapers. Men: in the media, men are presented as the dominant and ruling gender; this is because they believe all men work hard to get where they are, wearing smart business clothing including ties to show they are working in a high status were sometimes they are not, they only wear it to make it look like they are really high and in a high class job. Men are also portrayed as the bread winner in the families as they are male. Elderly: most of the time, the media portrays the elderly as weak, old and sometimes grumpy. They always imagine all elderly are weak as they show that all elderly would use a walking stick to help them walk etc. In movies, elderly are shown as grumpy as they can’t do much and sit and moan if they wanted something, but in fact it’s not true/. The media only presented them like this but most elderly are not all grumpy but sweet.

What skills do you hope to develop through learning about the media? -

I would like to develop my understanding about how the media works and what is the purpose of stereotyping different age groups etc.

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