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What kind of realism is being attempted by the program? -

Eastenders is trying to show the conflicts between one another and how they all can link together as they all have one way or another that relates to them. The realism the program is trying to show is that everyone has problems and it can affect others as well.

Who is being represented in the drama (who is present) and how? -

The whole teaser is trying to promote Sharon Watts played by Letitia Dean. She’s back at Walford either causing trouble or peace. During the teaser, it shows a hurricane suggesting that her being present at Walford is trouble and unwanted. Sharon was wearing a wedding dress, floating down from the sky while everyone scared yet curious looks up to see what all the trouble was. The idea of her wearing a wedding dress and a hurricane is present suggests the wedding will not be as she expected but will turn out to be a disaster. Her hair was curled and she had little make up on, showing elegance and perfection for the wedding. They only showed certain people who can relate to Sharon, whether its family or friends.

Who is not being represented in the drama (who is absent) and why? -

In the clip, I realised Sharon’s son was absent. This may show as some ideas that during her presences at Walford, something bad might happen to her son Dennis played by Harry Hickles. Bad incidents or flash backs of dreadful memories that will hit Sharon hard and painful to face.

Can we identify any characters that are stereotypical representations? -

Looking at the teaser, they showed many people running away and hiding. This shows that they are assuming everyone who comes across hurricanes; their immediate reaction is to run. They did this because of the media; they are showing society what they think of people and what they will do. Also portrayed Phil, Lucy and Billy looking up towards the storm and being scared yet they look up to see what’s going on. As of this, this tells me they want to show most people are nosy and curious of everything that happens around them.

Is there a dominant view of the world represented in the drama or are there several different views to choose from? -

There is one dominant view of the world represented in drama which is the hurricane. This is a powerful and dominant situation as a hurricane can occur anytime and any day. Hurricane is related to death or tragic accidents, which is what the world is afraid of but Eastenders decides to use the hurricane to show that Walford is a dangerous and scary place to be.

What different response might the audience members make to these representations? -

Different people will react differently to the representations in the clip. If they feel like they were insulted by the media, they will feel angry and furious. If they don’t mind what the media portrays them like that, they wouldn’t care and ignore what the media portrays them like. From males to females, from straight to gays, everyone will respond directly to which one they think they fall under. The society is filled with stereotypical representations because the media decided to give categories and rule over us.

By Christine Tran

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