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Spring Summer 2011 Catalogue

t ex t i le s Exposing Luminosity for Dress Body Couture

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Exposing Luminosity Transparencies and cut out volumes provide a strong trend forTINE 2011 Spring Summer collections. As part of a greater investigation into Richard Serra’s architectural sculptures for Dress Body Couture, ‘Exposing Luminosity’ explores the intriguing spaces created by form, or as a memory left behind from cut out material. Diamond motifs feature strongly as a metaphor for refraction and the transference of light through these spaces.

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cut + Bond lamination spandex and cotton

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diamond cut lamination polyester, nylon three layers of hand cut mesh and georgette bonded through lamination adhesive and finished with a fine white polyester mesh on top.

mystical glass lamination polyester, nylon, cotton velvet cut-out applied to a polyester cotton backing with yellow contrast sandwiched between. negative cutout used to complete its axial symmetry inspired by magic crystal spheres.

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lace corners lamination nylon, silk

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glass light lamination polyester, silk black velvet cut outs with silk organza backing. the layered monochrome kaleidoscope effect is accented by the shadows cast, mimicking shards of glass or light through a prism.

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lace corners lamination nylon, silk square silk organza shapes inlaid between a nylon cream backing and perforated nylon lace. its surface and shapes reference dappled light and shadow corners.

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DIAMOND EXPOSURE lamination polyester, nylon argyle style diamond cut shapes with a double layer sheer nylon georgette and nylon netting backing. lamination provides multiple transparencies.

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cut + bond lamination spandex, cotton clean cut spandex laminated onto cotton backing. simplicity of the stripe maintains its minimalist aesthetic and architectural sculpture.

Printed in Australia Š 2011 photographs: Christine Pan cover image: lace corners image: mystical glass

Textiles Catalogue 2011 UTS  

A project completed in 3rd year Fashion and Textiles at UTS 2011. Created textiles, manipulations and graphic design of booklet.