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Another March For...Something By Brianna Foster

Staff Writer On March 20, the founders of the “#meninist” movement announced that they too will be holding their own march, which is set to occur sometime in the near future. The demonstration comes on the heels of January’s Women’s March, in which women and men took to the streets to voice the need for equality. #Meninism is a relatively new movement that seeks to keep white men in the positions of power that they’ve held for centuries. This march comes as a time where men seek to reestablish the dominance they feel they’ve lost in things like the push for equal pay and women choosing not to shave or wearing pants. Men across the country have been voicing their excitement on social media, using #mencanwalktoo, and you can find tens of them taking to the streets in cities like Montgomery and Oklahoma City soon. Men are now saying that it is their turn and are looking forward to the march. “I am happy that they are finally doing something to recognize men,” said Randy Simonton, a blogger

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from Omaha that we caught up with as he was being forcefully removed from Comic-Con for indecent exposure. Men across the nation are singing similar praise for this event, and they see it as their time to voice some recent frustrations. Paul Atkinson, a professional Civil War reenactor, said that he has been having an especially hard time.“I think it’s finally time that men have a say. I was thrown out of work the other day because I asked a woman if she wanted to see my bayonet. I told my boss that I had simply asked, but I was silenced, and I believe that it was solely because I was a man.” Upon further digging, those interviewed also made it clear that only men would be involved in this march. “No, my wife will not be joining me. She hasn’t left the kitchen in 25 years, and I don’t know if she could handle the sunlight,” stated John Turnbull. This march will host similar features to the women’s march, with the rally being held at twelve noon. This main event will feature prominent speakers such as Bill from Lowe’s and the inventor of the muscle shirt.

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If you are going and you would like to show your support for the movement, you can wear things similar to the pink hats: men are encouraged to tuck their pants into their socks and wear pants three sizes too big, at a minimum. A sign-making event will be held at a Modell’s in the future somewhere around 5:00 p.m. sharp. Barbeque will be provided.

An angry mob that you may be seeing come march day!

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