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Like many other photographers I know who

at the same time.

are also moms, the event in my life that has shaped

my photography journey the most was the birth of my

connection, and the beauty in the ordinary. Sometimes

son in 2014. I began learning photography in 2011, but

it’s hard to see the moments when we’re so wrapped up

my passion for capturing moments and telling stories

in our day-to-day tasks. That’s where I come in. I am

was ignited by my need to record every milestone

a moment-seeker. I look for the tiny glances, giggles,

as I watched my son grow. Soon after he was born, I

and touches that get hidden between countless diaper

realized that the posed setups, styled outfits, and the

changes, meal-time battles, drips, spills, owies, and

use of props in my photographs failed to spark my soul

tantrums. I want every parent to see how much they

the way capturing real, honest moments did. I began

are loved and that their non-stop hard work is seen and

to focus on documenting my life with authenticity,

appreciated. I want every family to have their stories

and I’ve never been happier with the work I’ve been

recorded, preserved, and passed down. I believe that


when you allow your authentic self to be truly seen,

Photographing my own everyday moments

you create space for others to do the same. These real

has taught me to slow down and appreciate each day.

stories are what needs to be shared, because life is not

I am an observer by nature, and the camera helps me

Pinterest-perfect. Life is messy, and hard, and short,

process my world while creating something beautiful

and beautiful.


My photography tells stories of real life,

GET IN THE FRAME You were there, too. It’s easy to accumulate thousands of photos of our dear little ones’s beautiful faces, but how often do we, the parents, get in the picture? It’s not our fault, really, but we have the odds stacked against us. We’re usually the ones taking the pictures, but not being photographed ourselves. We don’t always feel like we’re dressed to be picture-ready. And maybe you’re uncomfortable with taking too many selfies, or asking someone to take your photo. Even if you and your significant other take turns taking each other’s photos, how often do you get the whole family in a photo together? I’m guessing maybe once a year, for holiday cards. Imagine your children grown up, as adults, and maybe with kids of their own. What will they learn about you from photos passed down? Imagine your kids and grandkids pouring over images that reveal your personality, who you were, and how hard you worked for your family. Imagine photos that tell your stories. Imagine your grandchildren and their children looking at your photos, learning about the past, holding a piece of their family history in their hands. If you could only have a single photo of yourself to pass down to your descendants, what would it look like? Who else would be in it? What would you be doing? Photos are a connection to the past, to loved ones we’ve lost. If we widen our perspective, suddenly, having your photo taken isn’t narcissistic, it’s truly a gift that we give to the future. We don’t get our photos taken to get 100 “likes,” we get them taken so our children will have a piece of us when we’re gone. They need to know the stories of their past that shaped who they are and who they will become. Your children will want to see photos that show that you were there, too.



ALL THE DETAILS Everything you need to know about Day-In-TheLife sessions, packages, and products.


“It is while you are patiently toiling at the little tasks of life that the meaning and shape of the great whole of life dawn on you.� - Phillips Brooks


DAY-IN-THE-LIFE $1000-1200 Sometimes our day-to-day tasks become so routine that we no longer see the beauty in them. These sessions tell the story of an ordinary day in your life, documenting all the beautiful, funny, and unique moments throughout the day. Whatever you typically do at home, I’ll follow along with you and really get to know you during our time together. There’s no stress - no outfits to pick out, no locations to choose, and we don’t have to worry about the weather cooperating. All you have to do is be yourselves. Through the session, we’ll share stories, laugh, and I may even play with the kids. It’s important for me to get to know you so you feel comfortable during your session, allowing your authentic personalities to shine. Maybe first thing in the morning, you spend some time cuddling with your sleepy heads as they yawn and stretch themselves awake. Maybe you like have pancakes in your pajamas. Maybe you need to pack the kids in the car to make a run to the grocery store. I’ll tag along and document that, too! We’ll cover playtime, naptime, bathtime, bedtime, and all the little things you do inbetween. This coverage allows you to relax and really spend some quality time being present with your family. You can put the phone away, knowing your moments are being recorded. And you know you’ll be in the frame, too, which is so important. Imagine passing down these photos to your children and their children, telling stories about what these days were like. Your children will know how much love and presence you gave them. Future generations will feel like they got to know you through these images. Your legacy, a piece of your family’s history, will be preserved. Half DITL sessions start at $1000 and last 4 hours long. Full DITL sessions start at $1200 and are 8 hours long. Please note that the fees for DITL sessions do not include digital files.

DITL sessions include a custom keepsake hardcover album and a slideshow video of your session. Additional prints, products, and digital image files are available to purchase separately.


“Where w that our

- Oliver


we love is home - home feet may leave, but not our hearts.� r Wendell Holmes, Sr.


Chapter sessions are the perfect way to dip your toes into the documentary approach. These two-hour sessions are like a little taster of the full DITL sessions. Please note that the fees for Chapter sessions do not include a photobook or digital files.

Chapter sessions last 2 hours long and include a slideshow video. Prints, products, and digital image files are available to purchase separately.



PRINTS Did you know that a professionally-made print will last 100+ years, much longer than the short lifespan of a harddrive or a cell phone? While technology is always changing and growing, a beautiful print will stand the test of time. The convenience of digitally storing our images is great, but there’s nothing like holding an image in your fingers, or seeing your stories come to life on the walls of your home. Prints from my professional lab are printed on archival quality photographic paper for excellent image quality. Canvases are 1-1/2 inch depth, hand-made, and ready to hang.

Print 4x6 5x7 8x10 8x12 11x14 16x20 16x24 20x30 24x30 30x40

$9 $9 $9 $16 $18 $58 $85 $110 $135 $186

Mounted $16 $26 $30 $46 $49 $103 $139 $180 $220 $323

Canvas - - $211 - $262 $372 $416 $538 $610 $860

Prints will available to order through the online viewing gallery. Tax and shipping not included.



BOOKS Photo books are my favorite way to preserve your family’s story. My books are a true high-quality photographic print by a professional grade lab, featuring layflat binding and thick, matte-finish pages. Pricing varies depending on size, number of spreads, and page options. The standard book included with your session is sized 10x10 and includes 20 pages. Additional copies of your custom book are available to purchase.

Layflat custom book, 10 spreads/20 pages: valued at $750 and up Standard book included with Day In The Life Sessions



DIGITAL IMAGES Digital image files and print release are available to purchase. For the best value, you can purchase the full collection of digital image files, which includes all the images in your gallery. Please consider that print quality is highly dependent on what lab you choose to print from. I am happy to recommend a professional quality lab so your images look their best. Just ask!


Digital image files can be downloaded after purchase from the online gallery.


THE PROCESS You have an idea of what you want photographed, but it may feel scary to say yes not knowing exactly how a session works. Let’s talk a little about how my process works, so you’ll understand what to expect from start to finish. Going beyond the photos, your experience is important.

1. The Beginning CONTRACT? CHECK. RETAINER? CHECK. I require a signed contract and $100 retainer to save your date. The retainer is credited towards the total session fee, with the remaining balance due by the day of our session. Now we’ve got a date. YOU’RE BOOKED!

2. Preconsultation Once we know what type of session we’re doing, we’ll consult together over phone and email to go over the details. Got butterflies? Worried about the kids warming up to me? I’m happy to pop over and break the ice with everyone in person before the session. The more at ease I can make you feel, the better the pictures are going to be.

3. Waiting for Our Session THE ANTICIPATION IS ON HIGH. About once a week or so unti our session, I’ll check in with a quick tip or just to see how you’re doing. My goal here is to keep you excited and for your end to feel as stress-free as possible.

4. The Photo Session WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS AT THE SHOOT? Everyone’s nerves (including mine!) can be a little wracked up at first, so we’ll take a few moments to chit-chat. When I feel we’re ready, I’ll give you my signature pep talk. I’m not a silent creep in the corner shooting. It will feel like you just have a new friend hanging with you. You do not need to worry how you should look/what you should do and I’ll help you through any of those fears. This is where my talent lies and why you hired me, so trust in that. Your job: enjoy our time together. Simple as that.


5. Waiting for the Gallery LET’S CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE BRAVE! You said yes to taking control of your memories. Please reflect on our time together, because I want to know how you felt about the experience. I’ll send you date and time options for our gallery reveal & product order session.

6. The Gallery Reveal + Product Ordering It’s time to see your story in photos. You’ll see unnoticed moments turned into custom art. You’ll see photos that make you say things like, “OMG, that is so him!” You may cry. You may laugh. You will smile. You’ll be hooked to this style of photography! You’ll get to feel and touch the products I have on display, so you can visualize what your story will look like in the products before you purchase. You’ll decide on the must-haves during this session and save 10% on your order during this time only. You’ll leave feeling like this experience was an exceptional decision.

7. Product Delivery YOUR GALLERY IS OPEN FOR 14 DAYS. As you wait for the delivery of your products, you’ll have the opportunity to share your gallery with friends and family. You may also order additional prints and products during this time at standard rates. Your products will arrive within 6 weeks of your order. If you live near me, I may hand deliver your products, because seeing your reaction to how they look is the most rewarding experience I can have as a photographer…. plus we’re friends by now!

8. Our After Party WE’LL STAY CONNECTED. You’ll hear from me to see how you’re doing, fill you in on what I’ve been up to, send you inspiration for our next session, and let you be the first to know if I run any kind of a promo. You have the ability to earn your next session at an exclusive rate by referring your friends and family to me.

Contact me to get started: 785-220-3592 /


Are digital files included? Digital files are available for purchase separately after the session. However, I believe that I best serve you, your

FAQS Frequently Asked Questions

story, and your family by creating custom art for your home, like a large canvas print or an heirloom album.

I’m not sure I can afford this. Do you offer payment plans? Absolutely. Every family deserves to have their priceless memories documented. I’ll work with you to design a payment plan that works within your budget. Just ask!

What if my house is too dark for pictures? As a documentary photographer, it’s my job to deal with tough lighting situations. Often, it’s beautiful, moody low light that inspires me the most! I’m comfortable shooting in low light and I have the equipment and experience to make it work.

We’re just not interesting enough for this type of session. What if we’re too boring? So many people ask this question! I’m a moment-seeker, a hunter, waiting patiently for the magic moments hidden thoroughout the mundanities of everyday life. When you follow the same routines day after day, it becomes hard to see the beauty that surrounds you. What might seem boring to you is full of potential moments for me. All you need to do is be yourselves and trust me to find and capture those moments.

Are you willing to travel? Definitely! I will travel anywhere in the US with an additional travel fee and lodging provided. Contact me for more information.

What if my kids can’t behave for that long? Misbehaving kids is kind of my thing! It’s an inevitable, messy part of life that I embrace wholeheartedly. Years from now, I hope we can all laugh about the naughty and embarassing things our kids did when they were little. No sweat, no judgments, just honest stories.

I just want a photo of all of us for a holiday card. Do you offer mini-sessions? Since I started doing 22

documentary-style work, I have not offered mini-sessions. Due to the nature of documentary work, I feel I can best tell your story with full-length sessions. I always attempt to make a great documentary image of all family members within one frame. If you request, we can grab 1 or 2 staged family photos at the beginning or end of your home documentary session.

Do I need to buy everyone new outfits?

Nope! Just wear whatever you’d normally be wearing on a

regular day. If you like to hang out in sweat pants and your favorite band tee, go right ahead. Just do you.

Should I plan some activities for us to do? You can plan something for the kids to do if you normally like to plan your day. If you’re not a natural planner, then don’t plan anything except for following your regular routine. I actually prefer a non-planned session. We don’t feel rushed, and the photos will show that you’re relaxed and at ease. Documentary-style work requires me to anticipate moments, and I do that a lot better when we’re not trying to fit in too many activities in a short period of time. The only exception is if you have only older kids who love their technology. In that case, we’d better plan something for the family to do together ;)

I love the idea of a documentary session in my home, but my husband isn’t sold. How can I convince him to get on board? It can sound pretty crazy at first to have a photographer come over for a whole day. I find that most of the fathers I’ve done sessions with thought the idea was a bit odd at first, but quickly warmed up and felt more and more comfortable as the day went on. Men also love that there’s no need to dress up in stuffy clothes or have to pose and stand still and smile. I’m also more than happy to visit your home to meet in person and to answer any other questions or concerns he might have.

My house is so messy. With my kids, I can hardly keep up with cleaning! Will it look bad in the pictures? As a mom myself, I can totally relate. For the most part, my goal is to make your family the focus of the pictures, not the mess. However, sometimes the messiness is a crucial part of telling your story - a baby tasting solid avocado for the first time, toys strewn across the floor, sunscreen-slicked hair, etc. It’s best to do what you need to in order to feel comfortable. If you want to clean up, go ahead, but no stress if you don’t want to! Remember, these pictures are only for you, so if you don’t want me to post the pictures online, I will absolutely respect your wish for privacy.

Can I order more prints at a later time?

Sure! I backup and archive every session. If you’d like to

order more prints or products at full price after your gallery has closed, there will be a re-hosting fee to upload and open up your gallery again.



TESTIMONIALS “Christine has an amazing eye for capturing all the little details that make up a family. I AM IN LOVE with the pictures she shot of our family. With how fast my son is growing and changing, it’s so nice to have some candid photos of this stage in his life. Plus her work is just gorgeous! I highly recommend Christine…She really has a unique perspective and the pictures she takes are priceless.” -Megan “Christine is amazing!! She did a a day-in-the-life shoot for us and was able to capture some really great moments. She stayed with us for a few hours one night and took pictures of us making dinner, baking cookies, taking baths, and reading books before bed. It was just our normal family routine but when she turned it in to some TRULY MAGICAL PICTURES that I will cherish forever. I would highly recommend her!” -Cassie “Christine is the best! She made our whole session so COMFORTABLE AND ENJOYABLE. Her work is beyond amazing. My poor little mama heart explodes every time I look back at the photos she took of my family!! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone, and I can’t wait to book another session with her.” -Meghan “We did absolutely nothing when Christine shot for my family. It was just an ordinary evening. My kids played. I made dinner. And yet, she made my family look like natural models in an high-end magazine. We didn’t pose for one shot. Her ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND AN EYE FOR ART are what make her one of the best photographers I’ve worked with. I have snapshots of memories I would have never remembered on our ordinary day.” - Julie


QUIZ How well are your memories being preserved?


Grab a piece of paper, a pen, and a highlighter

List 5 family members and/ or close friends. Leave some space between each person, as you’ll have more writing to do.

Next to each person, write the first 3 memories that come to mind of time you’ve shared with each person.

Back to the top, go through each person again. Next to the memories, list the first two things that come to mind when summing up who each person is. For example, Grandpa Dan loves woodworking and can be found in his workshop.

Highlight the memories you have photos for WITH YOU in them. Then, highlight the character summaries you have photos for that represent the spirit of each person.

Add up the number of highlights you have photos for and the number you do not.

The Results

If you have 13 or more highlights, you are in great shape! This means you already value the preservation of memories. and likely have a handful of photos to represent each person on your list. That is a treasure! Most people have not had these results. If you hae 12 or fewer highlights, this means most of your precious memories are stuck in your mind. you can share these stories through your words, but don’t have a way to visually share the stories and details to others or to reflect upon when the memories become fuzzy.

How to obtain more memories in the form of a photo? Ask yourself: Do I love a night of

sitting on the couch, glass of wine in hand, and a homegrown conversation about the good ol’ days while feeling paper memories between your fingertips? Do my days in life seem to be rushing? Is even last week starting to become a blurred, distant memory? Do I want my future generation to feel a connection to our life as it is now? Can I be just a little bit fearless, let go of my reservations, and trust Christine to photograph and reveal the love that surrounds me daily? If you answered yes to any of those questions, let’s set up a time to talk further. You may not be able to say this about a new purse or latest electronic, but you will never regret preserving your memories.


DOCUMENT THE BEAUT Y IN YOUR EVERYDAY. email me to book. Christine Hurla documentary family photographer

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2018 Client Guide