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MARK AND SHANNON KOWNICK 1043 ACORN WAY CARY, IL 60013 847-516-2240 November 17, 2008 To Whom It May Concern, We are writing on behalf of Christine “Christie” Griesmaier. We have known Christie for the last ten years. Christie is a valued and trusted friend of the family. We are pleased to tell you about Christie, and how she has impacted of our lives. In addition, we would like to attest to her outstanding character, her strong work ethic, and her attention to detail. During the course of the last ten years, we have given Christie the opportunity to help care for our three children and complete many different tasks and duties within our family’s needs. Christie continued to fulfill all or our needs and took her responsibilities very seriously and always with a positive outlook. When Christie made a commitment, we knew we could always count on her. Over the years, we have seen Christie mature into a respectful, intelligent and motivated young lady who will definitely make a positive mark within our society. It has been enjoyable to witness the progress she has made through out the years, and continues to do so, as Christie completes her studies at Marquette University. As business owners, we look at Christie’s work experience with us, as a strong foundation to an incredible work ethic. Without a doubt, we think Christie will demonstrate her initiative and make a positive impact and be a valued team player within your organization. Finally, Christie should be strongly considered for the intern position for which she is applying. Finding hard working and dedicated employees is an ongoing challenge within every corporation today, one challenge I believe that just became easier for you, with the dedicated candidate you are currently reviewing to join your team. Please feel free to contact us in you should have any other questions about our experience with Christie. It would be our pleasure to confirm these wonderful traits with you. Thank you for your time and consideration. Very Truly Yours,

Mark and Shannon Kownick

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