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trip diary in Austria november-december 2011

th e first mobili ty of ou r proje ct

the dĂŠparture

It had to be EUROLINES... of course !

the official opening day of our project in Gansendorf

some ice- breaking activities... and some fun !

all the students were there !

a nice lunch served by the austrian students

sweet and delicious !

did you say Lea , did you say Europe ?...

and when you have your birthday a day like that one ... 100 people sing for you !

the workshops we also had to work in different workshops ICT ones mostly

walking in Vienna city center... what a beautiful town !

the cultural program not less than 7 important and great museums of Vienna !

Museums in Vienna are full of beauties : famous paintings by famous artists,masterpieces that one should see at least once in a life time... di fficu lt to ru n from a mus eum to an ot he r


some tender ones...

some strange ones...

some quite old ones...

..and some very very old ones...

but also beauties from nature...

incredible stones !

the natural treasures of the Emperor

we went to the Hundertwasser ‘s House

an d th e te ache rs had a nice time in th e Ku ns

t Haus

a pose and then we shall see the famous kiss !

we did it ! we took that picture !we were alone in the museum....

Christmas time was there !

an absolut MUST !

an d a war m te a, an appe lst ru de l or a sach erto rte at cafĂŠ Sach er. ..was ide al !

Yes ! We even sat at the Austrian Parliament !

to say goodbye was so difficult !

bye bye Austria we will come back !

LEA : French trip diary austria  
LEA : French trip diary austria