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A Legacy of Caring

Caring Hearts Enhance Life at Kurn Hattin Caring is an essential piece of Kurn Hattin’s DNA. Over the last fifteen years one of the common threads I have experienced is the partnership of caring staff, volunteers and donors involved at Kurn Hattin. This collection of giving individuals makes Kurn Hattin work! We continue to be blessed with a staff who embody our mission from the heart. Often going beyond their regular hours or duties to ensure our children receive a home-like environment; the parental love and guidance they demonstrate exceeds a written job description. Volunteers consistently give their time, talent, skills, expertise and energy to enhance our children’s lives. Whether it is tutoring in school, chaperoning the ski program, mentoring or helping during a summer camping trip, our volunteers not only help with staffing, but often become positive role models. Donors make heartfelt sacrifices to afford us with the financial support we need to facilitate the programs we provide. As we prepare for the challenges ahead, and the hundreds of children who will need our assistance, I am confident that caring hearts, hands and minds will sustain us not only in the short term, but for another 100 years. I look forward to the future with great optimism. Thomas G. Fahner, Deputy Director

The Sun The sun is shining; It’s a glorious light. Happy and smiling, Day and night. I am the sun, But only here At this school. I cry no tears. It’s a good place. Friendly and fun. And, when I’m here, I am the sun. -Zoey, Grade 7


“Building a sense of community was always a priority for me. Somethinutgyter person” ~CHRISTOPHER BARRY

Chris Barry with early mentor, Sam Streeter


Home Is Where The Heart Is From my vantage point as the Executive Director to trustee to Board president, I had a vast panorama of the dual development of Kurn Hattin and the progress of an individual destined to become the premier Executive Director of a venerable residential program, a man for others to emulate. For the first three years as a teacher, Chris Barry lived on campus, looking beyond the classroom and acquiring a total grounding to “Kurn Hattin: the place we call Home.” He joined us directly upon graduation from Windham College. When not in the classroom, he frequently assimilated Kurn Hattin life by experiencing life in a residential cottage as an evening substitute houseparent or sharing his many athletic talents in a coaching capacity. His ambition to broaden his academic intellect led to the pursuit of a master’s degree at Keene State College. He was a born voracious reader and devoted a great deal of time to widen his professional growth in a variety of allied fields to arm himself to ultimately master subjects such as business, finance, personal relations, water supply, management and energy conservation. In my judgment his greatest strength was in personal relations, not only with the staff, but also in developing and molding the character of the youth in Kurn Hattin’s care. His analysis of challenges for Kurn Hattin facilitated the matching of the correct personal skills of individuals with the tasks to be done. Blending the assets of the staff with the needs of Kurn Hattin youth was a common and evident goal. Chris the visionary, the tuned-in observer, was always preparing for the future and providing a model for others. When he retires after a combined 39 years of dedicated service to Kurn Hattin, he will leave behind a legacy of caring. David J. Maysilles, President, Class of 1943 3

“It was a very emotional time when I left teaching, the boys bought me a hunting vest and the girls baked me a cake.” ~CHRISTOPHER BARRY

rk a day in your life.

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s since my working career began at the Time has passed much too quickly. The year . I have learned much, experienced a Homes in 1973 have gone by at a rapid pace great friends and loved my job. great deal of personal satisfaction, made or Director began. It was a tremendous hon In January, 1995 my watch as Executive t Tha ice. ced its second century of serv to be at the helm as Kurn Hattin commen first, was “The Quilt–One Cloth Out of year, the theme for the Annual Report, my t is the sum of a great number of diverse Many Fabrics”. In my article, I noted, “A quil in unison combined to create an object of pieces. It is often the work of many hands h more than its individual parts.” lasting beauty–the totality of which is muc 4-1995 unifying the Saxtons River We had achieved an ambitious goal in 199 d a unique opportunity to further and Westminster campuses, which presente the Homes. It became a catalyst for enhance a greater sense of community at ” , “What do I want to be remembered for? change. At the time I remember thinking k ortive boss who fostered a caring wor My hope was that I be recognized as a supp very rewarding. environment. The ensuing journey has been . what we as a staff accomplished together Over the past sixteen years, I’m proud of e n–w lots of children who need attentio Busy people, different departments and nizations in the country, thanks to a have become one of the finest childcare orga truly outstanding staff. and the future holds much promise. It The fabric of our organization is strong, ctor. My heartfelt thanks to all in the has been a privilege to serve as Executive Dire extended Kurn Hattin family. Christopher W. Barry Executive Director

Kurn Hattin Homes Sets A Course For The Future Since 1894, loyal friends and supporters have given generously to sustain the services for children that Kurn Hattin is known for throughout New England, indeed, throughout the country. Kurn Hattin is blessed with dedicated staff, a visionary Board of Trustees, and donors and alumni who take to heart the mission to help children in need. In 2011, Kurn Hattin set upon a course to address factors affecting the future of our program which will strengthen existing services, introduce new initiatives and address the challenges facing all non-profits in today’s new economy. Our combined efforts will ensure that a legacy of caring is available to future generations of children who will need our help. Sound stewardship of resources applies to wise use of gifts made by donors, and wise use of the beautiful land upon which Kurn Hattin sits. Ever mindful of sound stewardship, Kurn Hattin will revitalize the farm, bringing back crops and animals to provide sustenance for those in our care, as well as a venue for learning to care for the land while providing an educational and experiential opportunity for children. Just as seeds are planted in the fields, we will also plant the seeds needed to sustain Kurn Hattin into the next century. Mindful of escalating operating costs, Kurn Hattin will examine all areas of operation for efficiency and streamlining. We will refine and enhance practices to conserve energy and resources campus-wide. New initiatives will be explored which will enhance income. Dependent on private support, which provides over 90% of our operating budget, Kurn Hattin will seek new sources of revenue to reduce its dependence on endowment principal to fund operations. Generous donations to our endowment fund will be invested with oversight provided by an independent committee charged with enhancing performance of our assets. Thank you for your dedication and for the support you provide both today and in the years to come, which is the cornerstone of our work. 5

“I feel a special and personal responsibility to future generations of children. Past and continued efforts of friends, like you, will enable us to meet the needs of tomorrow’s families.” ~CHRISTOPHER BARRY


Dedicated Supporters Step Up In Uncertain Times As an organization caring for one of the most vulnerable segments of our population, the nation’s children, Kurn Hattin Homes relies on friends and supporters to provide the resources needed to uphold the legacy of our founder, Reverend Charles Albert Dickinson. In these uncertain times, pressure on fragile families is greater than ever, and our services in even higher demand. Contributions in the year ended June 30, 2011 were nearly triple our goal of $365,250, closing the year at over $1.3 million, with charitable gift annuities continuing to be an attractive option for donors who wish to receive a life income while helping a favorite charity. Investing in Kurn Hattin’s children and in the future of the Homes remain key motivators for our donors. In Kurn Hattin they see an opportunity to make a real difference in helping others. “I know what the need is”, a donor said on the phone recently, “and I know that when I give to Kurn Hattin that kids get a chance, a real chance. I know where my money is going.” Choosing which charity to support and how much to give are considerations on the minds of many donors. Recognizing that our donors have chosen us is humbling, and gratifying. We deeply appreciate the faith shown by our donors in this act of choosing Kurn Hattin. What does your gift actually accomplish? It gives a loving home staffed by devoted caregivers to young children whose families need help during a troubled time. Your gift educates, feeds, clothes, provides medical and counseling support, and provides recreational activities. On a working farm, your gift allows children to learn the fundamentals of tilling, planting and caring for crops and animals. Your gift gives children and families hope for a brighter tomorrow. The generosity shown to Kurn Hattin by so many is at the heart of our mission to serve children. As we embark on new paths, we reflect with gratitude and thank all who join in our work and encourage us by contributing to the programs and services designed to help boys and girls succeed. Connie Sanderson, Director of Development and Public Relations 7

“Each of us, in our own life, is the sum total of many diverse memories...intangible riches are handed down from one life to the next through words and deeds.” ~CHRISTOPHER BARRY

Sources of Income

Report from the Financial Manager The fiscal year ending June 30, 2011 was by all accounts a positive year for Kurn Hattin in terms of financial performance. Recognizing the need for careful management of expense, department managers and their staff under spent their budgets collectively by 4.3%. This was accomplished without

Other Income Parents & Guardians 4.9% 2.1% Outside Trusts 8% Investment Income 14.0%

reducing services provided to the children or the quality of the educational programs. Operating revenue exceeded budget goals. In particular, bequests and contributions totaled $1.4 million compared to $707,094 in Fiscal 2010. This vital source of revenue is critical to sustaining our operations and building the endowment. Fixed assets were increased by $235,000 as a result of various capital investments. The replacement of the heating system in Mayo will result in greater fuel efficiency in the coming winter months. Sev-

Amount Required from Endowment 45%

Contributions 26%

eral parking areas and roadways have been repaved. New computers and educational equipment have been added to the classrooms. Total fixed assets net of depreciation is $4.9 million.


As of June 30, 2011 the endowment totaled $45.4 million. Market conditions were relatively favorable

Development & Public Relations 7.3%

during the year with Kurn Hattin investments posting a 14% gain over the value as of June 30, 2010. Investment income of $759,891 was slightly below last year’s level of $761,854. In February 2011 The Board of Trustees formally approved a new investment policy and appointed an investment committee

Depreciation 7.3%

Administration, Human Resources & Finance 8.9%

to further strengthen the oversight and management of Kurn Hattin’s invested funds. On a personal note, in January 2011 I replaced the very able Kenneth King as Financial Manager. Ken’s retirement gave me the opportunity to join this incredible organization. I am very pleased to be a part of this community and to be able to work with a dedicated staff in fulfilling Kurn Hattin’s mission. Stephen R. Fitch


Residential, Education, Counseling, Childcare 76.4% Financial Disclosure: The purpose of the Financial Annual Report is to inform the public and contributors of the financial position of the organization and to acknowledge and recognize the support of our Trustees and Contributors. Our Financial Statements were examined by the firm of Lehman, Wilkinson & Oster of Keene, NH, a certified public accounting firm. Audits are conducted annually in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and include an assessment of accounting principles used as well as an evaluation of our financial procedures, controls and presentations. Copies of the audited statements are available upon request at the Kurn Hattin office in Westminster, VT. The audited statements may reflect different classifications than presented above and will reflect Unrealized Gains or Losses.

Financial Report Additions to Endowment With much gratitude, the trustees of New England Kurn Hattin Homes publish the following list of funds which have been received during the past fiscal year July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.

Year Ended June 30, 2011

Sources of Income: Amount Required from Endowment

$ 2,449,134




Investment Income



Income from Outside Trusts



Other Income*



Angus Black Pooled Income Fund

Support from Parents and Guardians



Marianna Burke Estate

$ 5,438,695


Contributions, Direct Appeal and Charitable Gift Annuity


Unrestricted Restricted Robert Adams Estate


Florence Bader Estate


John P. Barry Memorial Fund

Eleanor Garlock Dorothy Marsha Estate

9,471 174,595 60,855 2,000

Fred J. Matteson Memorial Fund* Expenditures: Residential, Education, Counseling and Childcare

Roberta Munson Trust 76.4%

Administration, Human Resources and Finance



Robert W. Owens, Jr. Memorial Fund*

Development and Public Relations



Genevieve Rosterholz Morgan Estate

Depreciation of Capital/Assets



Total June 30, 2011

$ 5,438,695






Priscilla B. Norton Fund*

$ 8,190

275 31,650

32,431 $ 501,066

$ 54,840

Grand Total

$ 555,906 9

* Other Income includes the lunch program, meal reimbursement, rents and farm products.

Those marked with an asterisk (*) are additions to pre-existing funds or subsequent increments to bequests. Only the new amounts are shown in these cases. A cumulative listing of bequests and other additions to endowment funds received over the years is available upon request from the Kurn Hattin Development Office, P.O. Box 127, Westminster, VT 05158. Four contributions totaling $225,000 have been received to purchase Charitable Gift Annuities from July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011.

Acknowledgements Westminster Club $15,000 and up In the hills of this small, southern Vermont town the steady purpose of caring for young children continues to thrive.

Reverend Charles Dickinson Club $5,000-$9,999 Native son of Westminster, Vermont and the founder of Kurn Hattin Homes.


Ms. Sharon E. Owens-Avey

Mr. Will Hurd, Jr.

Mrs. Judy Wallace

The Pabis Foundation

IPG Employee Benefits

Mr. & Mrs. John Alan Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Merton J. Snow

Mr. Donald R. Inglis*

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Watson*

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Thomas, Jr.

Michael & Barbara Janiszyn

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Waxman

Mrs. Andrea Scott Trout

Jay R. Monroe Memorial Foundation

Mr. Robert N. Williams, Jr..

Ms. Sibyl Kirby


Mr. Scott R. Bundy

Mrs. Ermalea Frisbie

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Hawley

Charles & Mary Fuqua

Mr. John Cooper Hubbard

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hubbard

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Maysilles*

Mrs. Patricia D. Kelsey

National Society of New England Women

Beloved Staff Member from 1938-1980 (Girls’ Campus Supervisor 1960-1980).

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation/Ira S. & Gertrude S. Hubbard Memorial Fund


Mr. Thomas E. LaClair Mrs. Richard B. Lewis, Jr. Barbara Matteson Olive I. Miller

Eleanor Ward Club $1,000-$2,499

The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin H. Owens

Sidney & Judith Kranes Charitable Trust

Mrs. Estelle Barry

William & Caroline Warren

Jim & Kay Stack

Jim & Marjorie Bohne

Mr. J. Willard Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Williams* Mr. Bruce Woodward

Mattie Harvey Club $10,000-$14,999 Mattie, a neglected young girl from the woods of Maine, inspired Kurn Hattin’s founder to embark on a lifelong path to improve the lives of New England’s boys and girls.

Mr. Lawrence Thomas

Jean L. Black Mr. Michael Bouvier*

W.I. Mayo Club $2,500-$4,999


We gratefully acknowledge those individuals who have supported Kurn Hattin during the fiscal year July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.

The Director of Kurn Hattin Homes from 1927-1963.

Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. William Baldasaro Clayton F. & Ruth L. Hawkridge Foundation

Mrs. Wilma Cowie Pat & Heidi Crotty Dodge & Cox Investment Managers Durand Toyota Ford/Stephen & Doreen Durand Mrs. Mary Fenn Fitz, Vogt & Associates Mr. Edward Frenette

Cogswell Benevolent Trust

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gallagher

Mr. Bill Fenn

Mr. Alexander Haslam

Fletcher D. Proctor Trust

Mrs. Hilary Hatch

Mrs. Janet Piro Lide

Mr. Robert Holbrook

Mr. & Mrs. Norman K. Morong*

Mr. Robert P. Hubbard

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Korpela/Kalevala Management, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mack, Jr. Anthony & Elizabeth Maiola Martin Salomon Morton & Gustel Schreiber Morton Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Menzel*

Eliza Sessions Club $500-$999 Via train, trolley, stage and foot, she visited New England villages asking on behalf of the children. Her work generated legacies and endowments that are a substantial part of Kurn Hattin’s financial structure.

Joyce Miller


Mr. Benjamin K. Neithercut

Ms. Trudy Abbott

Mr. & Mrs. Scott H. Owens

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Bardwell*

People’s United Bank

Mr. Christopher W. Barry

Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Peterson*

Mrs. Diana Lupien Belcher-Bacon

James & Noreen Pfadenhauer

Bethel Mills Incorporated

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Piro*

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Brackett

Prime, Buchholz & Associates, Inc.

Bryant Chucking Grinder Foundation

Mrs. Frank J. Prindl Ms. Signa L. Read Robert F. Cooper Family Foundation Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Carrier Mr. & Mrs. Ray Chamberland Chroma Technology Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. James Robertson

Mr. George C. Congdon

Robin Colson Memorial Foundation

Crosby Fund

Rockingham Charities Limited

Miss Ruth L. DeMone

Mr. & Mrs. David Schaefer

Mrs. Wendell Farnham

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schwenk, Jr. Mr. Alfred D. Sines

Alison Fillmore-Parker & Paul Parker

Sovernet Communications

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin T. Foster

An asterisk (*) denotes alumnus/alumna. Every effort has been made to ensure that the donor list is complete and accurate. Regrettably, errors or omissions can occur and the Development Office appreciates all items for correction.

Mr. Timothy A. Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. Donald I. Gale, Sr.*

Jane & Herman Skofield

Mrs. Alvah B. Billings

Mr. & Mrs. William Gray

Mrs. William P. Noonan

Senator Robert Gannett

Ms. Julie Smith

Mr. Thomas Boggs

HB Energy Solutions

Ryan Ostebo

Mrs. Shane Goldman*

St. James Thrift Shop

Boy Scouts of America Troop 70

Ms. Elizabeth M. Harris

Stephen & Darlene Pecor

Green Mountain Insurance Company Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Stavrou*

Mr. & Mrs. James Bridgeo

William & Diane Harting

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Piro*

Christine Takacs/Rapt Creative

George & Janice Bristol

Larry & Sue Hennessey

Mr. Donald Plamondon*

Patricia & David Hallam

Miriam C. & W. David Van Scoter

Ms. Patricia Budnick

Gordon & Emily Jones

Mr. Edward R. Potter

Mr. & Mrs. Huc H. Hauser

Mr. & Mrs. Vern Violette

Camp Lanakila

Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Kelsey

The Putney School

Mr. Stephen W. Hayes

Ms. Trudy Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Clayton*

Mrs. John Kennedy, Jr.

Mr. Robert M. Pyle

George & Laura Heller

Wendell Veterinary Clinic

Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Clayton*

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. King

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Rounds

Mrs. Katherine Holmes

What To Do Circle of Woodstock

Mr. Robert S. Conway, Sr.

Kiwanis Club of Claremont, NH

Dr. & Mrs. James Smith

Mr. Clarence Houghton

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Wilmott

Ms. Kathleen D. Cooke

Ms. Barbara E. Knapp

Hubbard Farms Charitable Foundation

Mr. Richard Woodhull

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Crane

Kurn Hattin Alumni Association

Square & Compass Club Incorporated

Mrs. Mildred Crews

Ms. Margery Levine

Ms. Susan Struble

Mrs. Elizabeth L. David

Cricket Lewis

Suzanne Temple

Ms. Erica De Zitter

Mr. David Liebtag

Susan & Robert Tidlund


Ms. Birgit Deeds

Mr. James Lynch

United Natural Foods

Houseparent 1928-1951. “Every one of those boys had a good part in him and that’s what I looked for; that’s what I remember now.”

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Dunbar

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mackey

Mr. Kenneth J. Varall

Dayton & Dianne Duncan

M L Magrath

Mrs. Helen Ward*

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Easton, II*

Mrs. Richard G. Mallory*

Ms. Margaret Watson Westminster Institute Board of Directors

Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Hunker, Jr. Mark & Bonnie Kimball Miss Marilyn E. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Al Motzer Mr. & Mrs. Nathan W. Pearson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Pfadenhauer Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation

Margaret Duncan Club

The Richards Group

Mr. & Mrs. William Abbott

Elizabethan Fare Catering & Event Planning

Manchester Lions Club

Mrs. F. Fuller Ripley

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Ackerman

Ms. Martha Elliott

Rotary Club of Bellows Falls

Mrs. Avis Conant Arseneault*

David & Joan Melville

Tom & Donna Fahner

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rounds

Cindy Bacigalupo

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Mendez*

Connie & Lee Sanderson

Ms. Mimi Baird

Julia & Alexander Merriman

Savings Bank of Walpole

Bates & Murray Incorporated

First Congregational Church United Women’s Fellowship, Manchester, VT

Mr. James H. Scarlett

Ms. Candace Beardsley

Donald & Lillian Goss

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Morrison

Dr. & Mrs. John Schullinger

Samuel & Alice Berlow

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Gosselin

Mr. Richard T. Nash*

McKinsey & Company

Mr. & Mrs. Carl B. Williams* Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Woolson Ms. Carol A. Young

Ms. Helene A. Minugh


Friends $100-$249 Each friend’s gift is an important part of the whole. From childhoods remembered, they invest in childhoods being lived.

Mr. Peter Adam* Ms. Kim Adams Mr. George E. Alexanian* Mr. & Mrs. David Allbee Mrs. Ellen Allman Alpha Chapter #53 OES American Legion Auxiliary #5 Stephen & Joan Ames Mrs. Evelyn Greenslet Arnold Mr. & Mrs. George Arvay Mr. Brian C. Atherton* Ms. Carolyn L. Avery Ms. Priscilla Jenne Babcock* Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Bagalio Mr. David Baldasaro Ms. Lucy K. Baldwin Mr. H. Valentine Barnes Steve & Valerie Barry Mr. & Mrs. James Barschdorf* Mrs. John P. Bartlett Real & Carol Bazin Mr. Walter R. Beer, Jr.


Bellows Falls Women’s Club, Bellows Falls, VT Mr. & Mrs. William A. Berry Ms. Miriam Bierman The Birch Family Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Black* Mr. & Mrs. Charles Blount Mr. Steven Bobrowski, Jr. Reverend & Mrs. Ernest Bodenweber Ms. Barbara A. Bodine

Mr. Ryan Boland

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Corum

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Fuller*

Jessamine Chapter #75 OES

Mr. Bruce R. Bonadies

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Cross

Mr. David Fusco

Dr. Timothy Johnson

Col. & Mrs. Nelson B. Bond

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Cunningham

Eugene & Linda Gaffey

J. Clyde & Ruth A. Johnson

Ms. Corky Bond

Amber & Tom Cutler

Lucy Gagnon

Richard & Carol Johnson

Karlie A. Borst

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Daniels

Ms. Sheila Gardella

Mrs. Charlotte R. Jones*

Mrs. Elaine Morrison Bowen

Daughters of Isabella

Mr. & Mrs. William Gay*

Mrs. Margaret S. Jones

Reverend & Mrs. Nehemiah Boynton, III

Mrs. Violet Day

Mrs. Mary Giamartino

Roberta & Nick Jones

Theresa DeMasi

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Gilbert

Joy Wah

Reverend Ruth M. Brandon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Deverill

John & Sarah Giles

Mrs. Marcelyn Karagosian

Brattleboro A.A.R.P. #763

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Dinnany

Mr. Larry Gilman*

Ms. Shirley A. Keech

Ken Brautigam

Thomas & Linda Doane

Mrs. Robert Goodrich*

Mrs. William Keech & Family

Mr. Lloyd Brooks

Ms. Janice Doolittle

Keene Woman’s Club, Keene, NH

Flip Brown

Dr. & Mrs. Philip H. Dunham D.D.S.

Greater Hartford United Church of Christ, Hartford, VT

Richard E. Brown

Ms. Bobbie Durfee

Mr. Theodore E. Haapala

Mrs. Anne Keppler

Jim & Toni Budd

Ms. Margaret R. Durling

Ann Hadley

Ms. Mary Ellen Kiernan

William Burke

Doris & Herb Eddy

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hallett

Mrs. Walter Kilburn, Jr.

Bill & Sandy Burton

Mr. Patrick Eddy

Wayne & Jean Harlow

Marilyn & Ollie Kimball

Ms. Mary-Jane Bush

Ms. Linda Edelman

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Harris

Richard & Charlene Knight

Mr. Elisha Edward Camp

Mr. Robert W. Egner

Mrs. Joan V. H. Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Korcheck

Bob & Beth Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Eldridge, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike T. Hastings*

Mr. Harold Krevsky

Joan & Sean Campbell

Ellis Music Company

Mrs. George Hayer

Mr. John M. Labine

Mrs. Charles A. Carlson

Mrs. William Emmons, Jr.

Elizabeth Henry

Mrs. Priscilla Carpenter

Mr. Stephen W. Ensign

Mrs. Dayton M. Henson

Ladies Society of the United Church of Winchester, NH

Mr. Norman S. Case, Jr.

Falvey Pools & Spas

Mrs. Ann Herrmann

Ms. Maggie Lake

Ms. Susan M. Caskin

Mrs. Alice Farrand

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hewitt

Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Lamson Mr. Bill Landwehr

Mr. Charles J. Cathcart

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kelly

Leonard E. Farrar

Mrs. Beryl M. Hinton

Children &Youth Services, Inc.

Stanley & Shirley Farrar

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Hodgkins*

Mr. Andrew Lane*

Stephen Chipman

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Feltus

Mr. Howard W. Hollis*

Karen Lansberry

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon F. Clark

Mr. John Fenniman

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Holloway

Mr. James Lantz

Stephen A. Clayton

Mrs. Marian M. Fiasca

Mr. David E. Howe

Lawton Flooring Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Lengyel

Mr. Robert H. Cleary*

David & Joyce Fillmore

Mr. James M. Howe

Ms. Anne K. Cleveland

Mrs. Raymond F. Fleck

Ms. Christine Hume

Eve A. Leons

Debbie Greco Cohen

LTC & Mrs. Timothy M. Flynn*

Diane Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. James Lernihan

Mr. & Mrs. Burton J. Cohen

Mr. Charles Foale

James & Joan Hunter

Mrs. Shereen Letz

Conneman & Associates

Mrs. John S. Foster

Mrs. Sybil B. Ibey*

Ms. Elizabeth G. Lewis

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Fox

Ms. Elizabeth B. Ikerd

Mr. & Mrs. Earl W. Coolbeth

Sonja Fullam

Jennifer Jacobs

Charlotte Lewis-Hankus & Julian Hankus

Mr. Peter Corbo

Ithiel & Joanne Fuller

Peter & Jeanne Jeffries

Mr. Richard G. Licence*

Ms. Arlene Conwell

Mr. Brent T. Lisai

Mr.& Mrs. Henry Otto, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Ruthven Ryan

Walpole Senior Citizens

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Armstrong

William & Anne-Marie Litchfield

Ms. Laura D. Page

Donald Saaf

Dr. William H. Warren, Jr.

Ascutney Happy Homemakers II

Ralph P. & Mary Ann Lowen

Lyssa Papazian

James & Arla Sampsell

Mr. Robert Warren

Mr. Joseph Ashley*

Lucas Industries

Mr. Frank Papp*

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. Scarlatelli

Mr. John S. Waterman*

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Austin

Dr. Jacqueline Lyon

Paul’s Pest Control

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Scarlett, III

Ms. Virginia Watson

Janet Avery

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. MacLeay

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Payne

Mr. William J. Scarlett, IV

Mrs. Evelyn Weber

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Avery*

Mrs. Beverly A. Manner

Peerless Insurance Company

Cornelius & Ruth Schenck

Mr. Stephen W. Webster

Ms. Reva Bailey

Marble Valley Lions Club

Ms. Suzanne Peltier

Seaside Country Store Incorporated

Mr. & Mrs. John Whitaker

Ms. Maria Balbuena

Ms. Alice S. Marks

Bill & Janice Perry

Mr. David C. Seeley

Mrs. Patricia R. White

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Balch

Mr. & Mrs. David Marvin

Bennet & Judith Petry

Mr. Bernard J. Shine

Mr. & Mrs. James Wickwire

Mrs. Elizabeth Baldarelli

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Maysilles

Mrs. Ellsworth Pierce

Ms. Margaret B. Shiverick

David B. Willard

Mr. Jack Barber

Mr. William McCormack

Peter & Deborah Shumlin

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Williams*

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Barrett, Sr.

John & Kay McCrillis

Pinnacleview Equipment Incorporated

John & Nancy Sinclair

Mrs. Paul T. Williams

Ms. Mildred Barry

Mr. & Mrs. J. David McCrillis

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Piotrowski

Mr. Alvin L. Southwick

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. William Barschdorf*

Mrs. Meritta McKenna

Ms. Jane Piro

J. Hayes & Sandra Stagner

Ms. Kathy A. Piro

State Street Matching Gift Program

Women’s Fellowship, Congregational Church, West Lebanon, NH

Mrs. David Bates

Major Mac McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Michael Melega

Clint Plante

Mr. John Steuer

Ms. Doreen Woodward

Harold & Barbara Beam

Mrs. Virginia Merrill

Patricia Porter

Mr. John W. Stickney

Mrs. Diane H. Yeaney

Ms. Lois Beardwood

Mr. & Mrs. Harry F. Meyer, Jr.

Ms. Sandy Post

Sara Stine

Mr. Clement G. Young

Brian & Maggie Beaulieu

Miller Construction Company

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Pratt, Jr.*

Mrs. Willis Stoddard

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zublic

John & Rose Beberus

Ms. Coren Mitchell

Ms. Doris Pratt

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Strong

Ms. Joyce Slayton Mitchell

Prosper Homemakers Club

Sugar River Savings Bank

Mr. & Mrs. George Morland

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Prunier*

Jennifer Tallman

Mr. Kenneth Morris

Richard & Peggy Pschirrer

Gwynna & John Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander F. Morze

John & Mary Lee Pulvermann

Eric & Cecelia Tazelaar

John Mozley

Mr. James J. Quinn*

Mr. Donald J. Tisdale

Mr. Rodrigo Nava

Real to Reel Video

Mrs. Alma Beals

Mrs. Eleanor Wright Beckley

Contributors Up to $99

Joe & Mary Beer Mr. & Mrs. Chester Bejtlich, III Peter & Eleanor Belanger

Dedicated supporters of the Kurn Hattin mission.

Jachson Bell

Elisabeth Tobey


Mr. & Mrs. John Bentley

Dennis&Carmen Needham

Ms. Elizabeth R. Redington

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Tobin

Ms. Doris Adami

Ms. Mary Beth Berberick

Mr. & Mrs. J. Cheston M. Newbold

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Reid

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Tucker

Pat Akeley

Paul & Joanne Bergquist

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Nilan, III

Ms. Theresa Reilly

Kris Tyson

John & Jane Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Berkley

Ronald & Rose Noble

Mr. & Mrs. Roland Reynolds, Sr.

Ms. Brenda Underhill

American Legion Auxiliary #7

Thomas & Jennifer Berry

Mr. & Mrs. David Noyes

Mrs. George V. Roberts*

Ms. Nancy Berst

Mr. Ralph Noyes

VFW, Robert L. Johnson Post 771, Springfield, VT

American Legion Auxiliary Unit #15

Mrs. Arthur Robinson

American Legion Auxiliary Unit #37

Dr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Lisa Bianconi

Francis & Claire-Ann Oakley

Mrs. Leah Robinson

Linda Colarusso Van Alstyne

American Legion Post #3

Miss Phyllis Binkley & John E. Fay

Seward & Maria Ogden

Ms. Elisabeth T. Roos

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Vander Meulen

Arland & Sharon Amidon

Carolyn Blake-Deyo & Bob Deyo*

Mrs. Walter Oldendorph

Mr. Timothy L. Roper

Mr. Steve Varrieur

Mrs. Henry Anderson

Michael Blau

Sara & Benjamin Olson

Mr. Byron M. Roscoe

Vernon Seniors

Mrs. Doris M. Anthony

Mrs. Nancy Osgood*

Martha Ruffle

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur W. Walker*

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Antoniewich

Julia Bemis


Contributors continued


Ms. Shirley Carpenter

Mr. & Mrs. William Corbo

Ms. Roberta J. Ferguson

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Gochey

Laura Carroll

Joe & Donna Corsi

Ferrisburg Grange #539

Chris Goding

Mr. & Mrs. Hollis Blodgett

Patrick Cavanaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Weyman Crocker

Kim Fine

Mrs. Nancy Goldsmith

Bill & Sherry Bogdanovich

Ms. Christine Crocker Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Crowe, Jr.

First Congregational Church of Turners Falls, Turners Falls, MA

Mark & Jerry Gomez

Ms. Faith Boone

Cavendish-William French Chapter D.A.R

Ms. Mary Jane Bosworth

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Chabot

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Cunningham

Mr. Abbott C. Fisher

Harvey & Nan Goodell

Mr. Earl Boudette

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Chamberlin

Mrs. Berenice Currier

Ms. Melissa Fisher

Ms. Mary Weeks Goodwin

Ms. Susan Bourneuf

Mrs. Connie Chamberlin

Lois D’Arcangelo

Mr. Kenneth Flagg

Ms. Irene Gordon

Mark & Katie Bowen

Gerry & Jim Chandler

Mr. & Mrs. William Dailey

Mr. & Mrs. Melvyn H. Fleming

Mr. Merle Gould*

Ms. Alice J. Bowen

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Chartier

Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Daley

Mr. & Mrs. William Fletcher

Ms. Barbara Greenough

Mrs. Elisabeth L. Bowman

Jill Chase

Mary Jo Dansereau

Tom Fontaine

Mrs. Hattie S. Greenwood

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bradley

Norman & Rachel Chateauneuf*

Joe & Ann Davidson

Mr. Stanley Foss

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton E. Griswold

Mr. & Mrs. Homer Bradley, Jr.

Cheshire Health Federal Credit Union

Mrs. Rosemarie H. Davis

Ms. Sarah P. Foss

Mr. Terry Gulick

Mr. Richard R. Brady

Mrs. Marion S. Chester

Mrs. Lillian De Giacomo

Ms. Joanne Foulk

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gunnerson*

Ms. Evelyn Brassor

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Choukas, Jr.

Beverly DeCamp

Ms. Joslin Kimball Frank

Robert & Patricia Haas

Brattleboro Women’s Evening Club, Brattleboro, VT

Betty & Michael Christiansen

Ms. Marlene M. DeCamp

Mrs. Gino C. Franzi

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Haggerty

William & Gail Christmas

Mrs. Carl J. Bridge

Mrs. James D. Dean

Judy & Allen Halberg

Ms. Frances Church

Gary & Debbie Briggs

Ms. Char Delabar

Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #2445

Nancy Clingan

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford C. Briggs, Sr.*

Ms. Jennifer D. Desmaisons

Mr. David L. Cloutier*

Dave Brodeur

Mrs. Claud Dexter

Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Coburn

Ms. Patricia Brow

Ms. Patricia Murphy Dodge

Patti Cody

Ms. Eileen Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Doyle*

Brian Cohen

Jenna Buchanan

Ms. Helen S. Dugan

Mr. Arthur Cohen

Mr. & Mrs. Eliot Buckingham

Mrs. Patricia J. Dupree

Charles & Lorna Cole

Mrs. Anne G. Bugbee

Mrs. Marjorie Durling

Colebrook Elementary School

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Bullock

Mrs. Barbara Dyer

Mr. Michael Collier

Mr. Tim Butterworth

Mrs. Caryl Dyer

Ms. Margot G. Collins

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Bystrom

Mrs. Barbara Eaton

Ms. Lucille Colson*

Candace Caggiano

Ms. Abigail M. Edson

Barbara Comtois

Mr. & Mrs. Allan J. Caldwell

Mrs. Asa Elwell*

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Concato

Mr. Nelson Calkins, Jr.

Mr. Eric Evans

Mrs. Marcia Connolly*

Lawrence & Mary Lou Cameron

Evening Star Chapter #28 OES

Ms. Ethel E. Connors

Ms. Muriel N. Caouette

Ms. Janet Fabricius

Edward & Anne Conroy

Sharon & Rocco Caprarello

Teddy & Nelson Farr

Helen Elizabeth Cook

Carl M. Dessaint VFW Post #1034

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Faulkner

Lucille Cook

Ms. Colleen Carmichael

Mr. Thomas Faxon*

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Coonradt

Robert & Marguerite Caron

Julius & Barbara Federici

Mrs. Edward Corbiere

Mrs. Ethel Virginia Ferguson

Ms. Doris Frechette* Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Frost, Sr.* Mr. & Mrs. David D. Gaffey Ms. Linda Gagne Jerome & Nancy Galloway Ms. Karen Galloway Ms. Marcia Galloway Ms. Louise Garfield Edward & Elaine Garrow Gerald & Mary Garrow Mrs. Ralph B. Gates Ms. Joan Gates Ms. June B. Generous Ms. Blanche Bradley Gibeault Mrs. Frances Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Louis E. Gilbert* Mr. William A. Gilbert* Mr. Gary A. Gilman* Ms. Mary Jean Gilman Ms. Jane Glerum

Lawrence & Mae Good

Halestown Grange No. 287 Ms. Pauline Halfpenny Leonard & Beverly Hall Mrs. Natalie N. Hall Ms. Patricia Hall Joe & Geri Hance John & Mary Handrahan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hanrahan Mrs. Rose Haptonstall Charles & Priscilla Hardman John & Sheri Harrigan Lee & Susan Harrington Mrs. Sophia W. Healy Mr. Robert A. Hebert Mrs. William Hennessey Mrs. Wesley Herwig Mrs. Doris Higgins Ms. Wilma H. Higgins Ms. Joan Hildebrandt Ms. Reba Hill Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Hinds

Mr. & Mrs. Warner Hodgdon

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Kinville*

Mrs. Ruby Marcotte

Connie Moser

Mr. Brad Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. James Hodgkins

Miss Jane S. Kirk

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Martin

Mount Anthony Grange #230

John & Madeline Pichette

Mr. James Hodgkins*

Mrs. Jacqueline Klose

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Mason

Mr. Tom Mullane

Ms. Thelma J. Pilloni

J. Holan

Jim & Jann Kurrasch

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Massey

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mullin

Mr. Gary Pletzer*

Dr. John Perry Hooker

Ms. Dianna La Fleur

Elliot & Barbara Matteson

Ms. Christine Mulvey*

Mrs. Cecile G. Potter

Daniel Hovis

A.H. Mattisen

Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy

Ms. Florence Howard

Ladies Church Circle, Townshend Church, Townshend, VT

Ms. Virginia M. Mattison

Sue & Jack Murray

Poultney United Methodist Church of Women, Poultney, VT

Ms. Barbara H. Howe

Arthur & Jean Lafave

Edward & Mireille Maxfield

Ms. Suzanne Murray-Bissonnette

Poultney Women’s Club, Poultney, VT

Ms. Carol Howe

Mr. & Mrs. James Lake

Joseph & Rebecca Mayer

Ms. Viola Myers

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Powers

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hughes

Ms. Jane Landenberger

McBride-Harwood Post 44

Nature Club of Saxtons River

Mr. John M. Pratt

Mr. Luke A. Humphrey, Sr.

Ms. Joan Lang

Mrs. Barbara McCarthy

Ms. Claire K. Prettitore

Ms. Sue Hunt

Bertha Lawrence

Mr. Dennis McCarthy & Family

Newbury Women’s Fellowship, Newbury, VT

Susan Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Lawrence*

Barbara & David McClaflin

Mrs. Emily M. Newcomb

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Prouty*

Jon Hussey

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore LeBlanc

Mrs. Gordon McClure

Guy & Janet Nido, Jr.

Nancy Purbeck

Ms. Joy E. Ingham

Ms. Katherine P. Leary

Mr. & Mrs. Robert McDonald

Mrs. Irene Nightingale-Nettler

Ms. Joan Ramsay

Mr. Christopher Irion

Ms. Grace Leonard

Mrs. Deborah F. McGrath

Mrs. Rhonda L. Nolan*

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Read

Lyssa Jackson*

Ms. Elayne P. Leonelli

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGraw

Harriet & Frederick Norris

Frederick & Mildred Reich

Ms. Abby Jacobson

Mr. Robert Levine

David & Donna McGuire

North Orange Grange #86

Ms. Ann Reydel

Mrs. Alma Jaskey

Mrs. Phebe Ann Clarke Lewis

Mrs. Patricia E. McHale

Mr. Burton A. Nowers

Dr. & Mrs. Chester Reynolds

Larry & Lynn Johnson

Ms. Janet Lewis

Mr. Bruce K. McMahon

Ms. Dale O’Brien

Mr. & Mrs. Marc J. Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Johnson

Ms. Marilyn Liljeberg

Mrs. Lillian Brown McMullen*

Ms. Margaret O’Brien

Ernie & Jeanne Rhoades

Todd & Kay Johnson

Max E. Lincoln*

Mr. Robert Rhodes

Mrs. Emerson Johnstone

Mr. Matthew T. Lincoln

The Melanson Company Incorporated

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond O’Connor Mr. Michael J. Obuchowski

Ms. Christine Riccio

Mrs. Martha Turner Johnstone

Jerry & Sherrie Lind

Mrs. Laurence Menard

Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Ochsner

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Woodhull Jones

Mr. & Mrs. William Lindsay

Mrs. Mary Ann Merrill

Mr. Richard H. Olson, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. William Ringwall

James Jordan

Kristie Lisai

Ms. Ruth E. Merritt

Mrs. Harriet Oman

Mr. Oswald Roach

Mrs. Rochelle F. Jordan

Mr. Richard Long

Ms. Ruth Mezzetti

Ms. Bev Osterberg

Mr. Richard A. Robbins

Mr. & Mrs. William Judge, Jr.

Loyal Order of Moose, Springfield, VT

Ms. Irene Michaud

Dr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Owen

Mr. Richard C. Rose

Ms. Martha W. Judson

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Geoffrey Lyon

Middle Branch Grange

Tom & Victoria Oxholm

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Roth

Ms. Heather Kampfer*

Mr. Robert MacKenzie, Jr.

Middletown Spring Grange #476

Barbara G. Page

Mr. & Mrs. George Ruhe, Sr.

Mrs. Beverly Birch Karamberis

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. MacLaughlin

Ms. Lori Miller

Mrs. Francine Clark Page

Karen & Stan Rumrill

Katherine Chapter #83 OES

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas MacPhee

Ms. Francese Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Parker*

Mr. & Mrs. James Rumrill

LeRoy & Patricia Keith

Mr. Gregory Macri, Jr.

Mr. Richard Minard

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Parnigoni

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rushia

Mrs. Lloyd A. Kelley, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Madison

Joe & Carol Minichiello

Mr. Neal Parr

Jack & Lisa Ryan

Ms. Diane S. Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Magoon

Ms. Ila Mitchell

Dr. Fran Pearson

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Ryan, Jr.

Mrs. Alice Kerr

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Mallat, Jr.

Mrs. William Moiles

Mr. Hugh Perkins

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Ryan

Sue Kessler

Mr. James Malley

Mr. David M. Moon

Lucas Perry*

Ms. Linda Sakin

Kenneth & Carol King

Mrs. Mildred Maloskie

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Morse

Mrs. Leland Perry

Professional Dental Care


Mr. Dennis Smith*

Ms. Doris M. Tazelaar

Westminster Auto

Mr. Michael C. Smith

Ms. Martha Tenney

Mr. Ronald Wheeler*

Patricia C. Saltsman

Mrs. Beverley W. Smith

Rob & Lydia Thomson

Mr. Monroe Whitaker

Ms. Linda Sanderson

Ms. Priscilla Smith

Mrs. Kit Barrett Tillinghast

Mrs. Claire White

Mrs. Elizabeth Santoli

Ms. Ruth M. Smith

Daniel & Karen Todd

Mr. William Wilkison*

Ann & Jan Scherma

Smith Insurance Agency

Ms. Margaret G. Torrey

The Willows at Westborough

Ms. Ute Schmidt

Ms. June S. Soine

Mr. Kenneth Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wilmott

Mrs. Louise Schmitt

South Royalton Woman’s Club

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Turner

Herbert & Jeanette Wilson

Mrs. Druzilla B. Schoch

Mr. Stephen V. Space

United Methodist Women

Mathew & Janet Wilson

Mrs. Margaret Schultz

Mrs. Wayne Stacy

Dominique & Peter Veitch

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Wilson, Jr.

James & Wanda Schumann

Ms. Heidi Stanclift

Vermont State Society D.A.R.

Ms. Claire P. Wilson

Roberta Seavey

Bob & Carol Stegeman

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Violette

John & Debra Wizeman

Mr. & Mrs. William Semonite

Ms. Dolly F. H. Stevens

Mariquita Vitzthum

Ms. Janice E. Wojcik

Ms. Marguerite Serkin

Reverend & Mrs. James Stirling

Mr. Robert Serozynsky

Mr. Gordon M. Stone

Volunteer Colony, NSNEW, Rosemark, TN

Women’s Fellowship of the United Church, Bellows Falls, VT

Mrs. Louise Seward

John T. & Suzanne Stoodley

Mrs. Loyola Vuolo

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Seymour

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Stotz

Michael & Cheryl Walker

Womens Fellowship of Christ Church, Saxtons River, VT

Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Shaw, DVM

Ms. Helen L. Stotz

Mr. James Wallace

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Wood

Mr. & Mrs. David Shaw

Mr. & Mrs. Perley Stoughton

Rosina Wallace

Mrs. Elsie Woolam

Ms. Roxanne Shelton

Joyce Straw*

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Warner*

Ms. Laura Wormell

Gregory & Mary Shine

Mrs. Peggy Stroh

Charles & Janice Waterman

Mr. Robert A. Wright

Mrs. Rena Shippee

Paul & Karen Morze Sturgeon

Ms. Delayne Wells

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Wyant

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Sibley

Ms. Katsuko Sugiyama

Mrs. Beverly Young

Ms. Veronica T. Simonds

Mrs. Philip H. Suter

Wells River Congregational Church, UCC, Wells River, VT

Nate & Susan Simonds

Mr. & Mrs. Neale Sweetman

Mrs. Shirley A. Sird

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Swierczynski

Dr. & Mrs. David W. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Switzer

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Smith*

Henry Taggard

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson W. Smith

West Newbury Women’s Fellowship, Bradford, VT

Ms. Jean Manley Taylor

Arthur & Carol Westing

Contributors continued


Mrs. George Wenzel Barbara West West Hill Shop

Ms. Mary F. Zabriskie

Gifts in Kind Donors who gave goods and services over $500 Gifts in kind given throughout the year enable Kurn Hattin to meet daily needs.

Aloha Foundation Gordon Bristol FACT-TV Deep Creek Farm Leonard Farrar Grafton Village Cheese Company Green Mountain Missionary Baptist Church HPC Foodservice Corporation Inflatable Fun Tim Janis Thomas LaClair Mr. & Mrs. Walter Menzel* Tim Mollica Suzanne Nothnagle Santa’s Land Sara & Benjamin Olson Salmon & Nostrand/ George Nostrand Steven Semel Chris Van Houten The Virginia Company Colony, NSNEW #143 Tad Waldbauer

Board of Trustees

Presidents Emeriti

Massachusetts Corporation

David J. Maysilles* President Retired Executive Director

John A. Hubbard

Marilyn E. Moore President, Peabody

George W. Nostrand Vice President Attorney

Patricia D. Kelsey

Executive Committee

Ronald M. Williams* Vice President Retired Executive

Wentworth Hubbard

Roberta Woodhull Violette

Ruth L. DeMone Clerk, Peabody Robert Sinclair Treasurer, Middleton

Incorporators William S. Abbott Keene, NH

Charles P. Kelsey Deerfield, NH

Malcolm Streeter Westminster, VT

Jerry L. Bardwell* Middleboro, MA

Jon Korpela Goffstown, NH

Vernon Temple Saxtons River, VT

John P. Barry Bellows Falls, VT

Michelle Laurendeau Bellows Falls, VT

Susan Tidlund Montague, MA

Diane Bazin Westminster, VT

James Lynch Westminster, VT

Michael Blau Keene, NH

Elizabeth Woodhull Maiola Newport, NH

Roberta Woodhull Violette New London, NH

Trustees Emeriti

Administrative Staff

Anthony C. Adlerbert

Christopher W. Barry, M.Ed. Executive Director

Philip Caliendo Duxbury, MA

Eileen Brown, R.N. Director of Health Services

Leslie Canavan Chesterfield, MO

Thomas G. Fahner, M.S. Deputy Director

Gary Carrier Brattleboro, VT

Stephen R. Fitch, M.A. Financial Manager

Frances Cheslock Bellows Falls, VT

Jennifer Jacobs, M.A. Director of Counseling

Paul Clough Bellows Falls, VT

Susan Kessler, M.Ed. Director of Admissions

Patrick Crotty Westmoreland, NH

Karen Lansberry, B.S. Director of Residential Services

Elizabeth David Old Saybrook, CT

Walter B. Menzel* Foundation Executive Director

Connie Sanderson, CFRE Director of Development and Public Relations

Ruth L. DeMone Peabody, MA

Michael J. Obuchowski State Representative

Scott Tabachnick, M.Ed. School Principal

Charles P. Kelsey Member at Large Consultant Elizabeth Woodhull Maiola Member at Large Volunteer

William S. Abbott Retired Financial Manager

Stephen E. Baker Ralph N. Buck Paul Clough

Jerry L. Bardwell* Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Consultant/Manager

Wentworth Hubbard

Diane Bazin Golf Course Manager/Owner

Janet M. Lewis

Gary Carrier Retired Executive John A. Hubbard Retired Executive Rick Manson Insurance Agent

Merton Snow Accounting Executive

George L. Kelley*

Edward R. Potter William Semonite Theodore Thomas, Jr. Priscilla Mayo Watson

Scott Bundy Boxborough, MA

Bradley Dunbar Saxtons River, VT Doris Eddy Ludlow, VT

Malcolm Streeter Contractor

Bill Fenn White River Junction, VT

Roberta Woodhull Violette Retired Food Retailer

Justin Fuller* Westminster, VT

Trudy Walker Investment Consultant

Christopher Hackett Westminster, VT

Janet Wilson Retired Executive

John A. Hubbard Walpole, NH

Cheryl Walker Williston, VT

Rick Manson Brattleboro, VT

Trudy Walker Monterey, MA

Barbara Matteson Chatham, MA

Joan Woodhull Willey Newport, NH

Walter B. Menzel* Tiburon, CA

Ronald M. Williams* Madison, CT

Corey Mitchell Springfield, VT

Janet Wilson Walpole, NH

Marilyn E. Moore Peabody, MA

Greg Worden Brattleboro, VT

Rhonda L. Nolan Danbury, CT George W. Nostrand Chester, VT Michael J. Obuchowski Bellows Falls, VT James Robertson Spofford, NH Connie Sanderson Westminster, VT Sheldon Scott Walpole, NH Elaine Sinclair Middleton, MA Merton Snow Shaftsbury, VT James Stack Walpole, NH

Incorporators Emeriti C. Anthony Adlerbert Luke Bazin Edgar T. Campbell Thomas Dowling Mary Fenn Thelma Frederick Robert T. Gannett Nancy Purbeck Ida Snow John Watson


Kurn Hattin Homes PO Box 127 • 708 Kurn Hattin Rd. Westminster, Vermont 05158 (802) 722-3336

Accreditation and Licensing: Independent School Approval by the Vermont State Board of Education | Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, State of Vermont Memberships: The National Fellowship of Child Care Executives | Association of Fundraising Professionals | The Vermont Coalition of Residential Providers | Vermont Principals’ Association Photography: George Ruhe, Jeff Woodward and the Kurn Hattin Archives Printed on recycled paper

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Kurn Hattin 2011 Annual Report  

Kurn Hattin 2011 Annual Report