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Success stories about the businesses that uses 800 phone numbers It's a wise expenditure to create your own brand with vanity 800 phone numbers. Not only are vanity numbers proven to be remarkable, they also give the impression of reputable and thriving businesses. Here are two inspiring vanity toll free stories. 1-800-FLOWERS+ With headquarters at Westbury, New York, 1-800-FLOWERS, Inc. has become associated with what its toll free number proclaims-flowers. The company wasn't an immediate success story though. 1-800-FLOWERS launched as a modest striving company in 1976. Its originator was social worker James McCann who bought Flora Plenty having $10,000 loan from relatives and friends. The modest shop grew into 14 store chains which has an annual earnings of $50,000 each year. By mortgaging McCann's own house several times and using his assets from real estate and stocks, he acquired what was soon to be one of the most well-known 800 phone numbers 1-800-FLOWERS in 1987. Nonetheless, the business was still in financial doldrums. This was until McCann promoted flower delivery through telephone orders. He capitalized on the then-new 800 phone numbers technology, showing an astute eye for customers' need for convenient service at an reasonable value. He also provided a 100 percent smile satisfaction guarantee, a seven-day freshness guarantee and rewarded loyal customers having a Frequent Flowers Club. Nowadays, 1-800-FLOWERS has acquired or merged with other retail companies, expanding its products to confectionaries, gift baskets, collectibles and gourmet food. It has an annual income of $714 million and total assets of $286 million (FY 2009). It nonetheless remains true to its roots though - delivering fresh flowers at your home. 1-800-CONTACTS Another 800 phone numbers success story, 1-800-CONTACTS began from a young contact lens user's wish - to be able to get his contact lenses without having the hassle of a come back trip to the optometrist. Financially challenged and car-less, then-Brigham Young University student Jonathan Coon was put out when he was asked to go back after one week to get his contact lens. The incident started a business plan that filled Coon's every spare time. He started to be believing that he could offer his fellow students with much more inexpensive contact lenses at a quicker time. Coons opened up a home-based business on winter of 1992, printed out flyers and distributed all of them in his campus, even while enrolled as a full-time student. His major break came during a free lunch at BYU where he was able to run his strategy along with a faculty member who mentored him. Coons wanted to get his hands on 1-800-CONTACTS by knowing the value of 800 phone numbers and motivated by the success of 1-800-FLOWERS.. He recruited a private detective to locate the owner and paid a massive $163,500 for it. It was a valuable investment; Orders a lot more than doubled in thirty days. Today, the company is capable to deliver 90 percent of its orders in just 48 hrs and has the world's largest inventory of lenses. It had a yearly revenue of $237,950,000 in 2005. Picking 800 phone numbers wisely is only one portion of the numbers game, though. Back this up with innovation, intelligent marketing and excellent customer service and you'll be on the right track.

Success stories about the businesses that uses 800 phone numbers  

Success stories about the businesses that uses 800 phone numbers - report from RingCentral

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