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Important things to know about email to fax myths Although the facsimile significantly revolutionized everyday communications in the last few decades, people began utilizing other, a lot more effective modes of communication like email. To say that business faxes are a thing of the past is but an ignorant assumption. Even with the dramatic advancements in the tech landscape, some people nonetheless can't do away using the good old fax machine. Statistics have shown that there are 55.28 fax machines per 1,000 people in the U.S. Suffice to say, they'll still be around for some time. You must pay attention to these numbers like a modern business person. Who knows, you might find yourself working with one of these avid fax users tomorrow. You can constantly choose to send e-mail to fax machines, this is why the absence of a conventional fax machine inside your office ought to not hamper your efforts to close deals. If you're still apprehensive, you'll be able to even try out free fax services provided on the internet. To help you decide if you need such a service, here is a detailed list of some email to fax myths as well as the corresponding truths behind them: 1. Sending fax by way of email is costly. FALSE. The demand for online faxing technology has provided users with a lot more options, hence, virtual fax services go head to head in lowering subscription rates in attempts to outshine the competition. Without any frills or hidden charges, some providers even offer free fax service trials that generally last for 30 days. Sending faxes the conventional way requires a physical fax machine, electricity, and office supplies including paper and ink; you need to pay for the phone line charges, as well. With a fax service, you merely need your computer, a reliable internet connection, along with the fax service of your choice. 2. Since fax machines are obsolete, email to fax is impractical. FALSE. Fax machines remain a preferred means of transmitting signed documents electronically. A copy of an invoice delivered over the internet and then printed out on your receiving party's fax machine is as legit as it can be. 3. Email to fax is less secure than the traditional fax. FALSE. To ensure that your messages are transmitted securely, most internet fax services offer encryption protection. Your personal health information, for instance, contains really sensitive details, and should only be noticed by you as well as your physician. 4. Sending email to fax is difficult. FALSE. The fact is, sending a document as an e-mail attachment to a traditional fax machine is as simple as sending a normal e-mail, where you just have to open your e-mail client, create a new message, enter the recipient's details, fill in the subject field, attach your document, and send it over. For thriving companies, flexibility and openness to new ideas is of utmost significance. Entrepreneurs must often be ready to respond towards the growing demands of clients, whether in product development, customer relations, and (specifically) communications. Hopefully, these debunked myths concerning e-mail to fax services are enough for you to make the shift toward better business communications.

Important things to know about email to fax myths  

Important things to know about email to fax myths - report from ringcentral

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