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How trustworthy is your phone service? For some, having a full-featured phone service is sufficient. Even so, even obtaining the most number of attributes will not assist you to accomplish significantly without the ability to run on its own. You should have a phone service you can rely on in the course of emergencies. So let’s check out automatable functions that could allow you to save your business during downtimes. • Answering calls during emergencies. But what if you weren’t able to report to the office because of an emergency? Can your phone service take over and nonetheless facilitate call forwarding as with every normal day? This is possible if you have remote access to your phone system. You just must log in to your online account using any Internet-connected device, after which configure the system to route calls straight to whatever functioning telephone number you have on hand. In this manner, business can go on as usual even though you need to rush to a personal emergency. • Arranging voicemail messages. Voicemail messages are handled the same way that faxes are. VoIP can receive more messages instead of getting recorded in an answering machine that winds up to only a specific point. More than that, something that the analogue answering machine fails to offer they can be accessed in any order. Having a much more organized messaging system, a company will not need to always be worrying about how many messages they need to painstakingly listen to. • Answering calls. Your office phone will certainly ring soon after and prior to business hours. Will you rather let callers wait until they quit? What if VIP clients called? VoIP phone service has an auto-attendant that answers each call promptly. It routes callers towards the correct extension throughout company hours, and then to voicemail after. In case you discover a phone service provider which allows you to specify callers who must be sent directly to your mobile phone, then you can surely answer phone calls from VIP customers 24/7. • Receiving faxes, many faxes. If a standard fax machine does that, you’ll arrive in the office with papers scattered on the floor. You’d have to get them organized and determine which one requirements your attention first after you pick them all up. With a phone service that contains Internet fax capabilities, you could sit back and relax realizing that your faxes are in your online mailbox. This means that you can organize and reorganize your faxes according to date or result of transaction. Sift through the ones you have already read or replied to and focus on the unread faxes that were sent earliest.

How trustworthy is your phone service  

How trustworthy is your phone service - report from RingCentral