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What is a personality type profile and how can it help me be career and college ready? Of the many factors that contribute to a successful future, an understanding of Personality Type is among the most useful. While interests and skills change during the course of a person's life, the one thing that does remain constant is an individual's Personality Type - the innate way each person naturally prefers to see the world and make decisions. And although all individuals are unique, people of the same type share enormous similarities in the kinds of academic subjects and careers they find interesting, and the kind of work they find satisfying. By understanding the role Personality Type plays, people can gain important insights into their educational, career, and relationship needs. And because people of different types often communicate in very different ways, counselors and teachers can learn which strategies work most effectively with each individual student.

How do I prefer to experience the world?

Put me in the picture! Extraversion (E)

Introversion (I)

What do you see? Sensing (S): 10 pumpkins, 2 corn stalk piles, green grass, fall scene. Intuition (N): Wondering what the pumpkins will be used for, is someone going to carve them? Reminds me that I want to go on the hayride this weekend. I love the smells of fall.

Making Decisions Thinking (T): You might be coming home with me eventually.

Feeling (F): You will be coming home with me today.

In my day-to-day functioning I’m most like Judging (J)

Perceiving (P)

Take the assessment (Homework): DUE October 31st

 Quicklinks (click on Naviance)  Sign in o Username: e-mail o Password: Student ID  Click on “About Me” tab at top of page.  Click on “Do What You Are” (Inventory will take approx. 45 min. to complete)  You must print page 1 of the results and turn it in to your ELA teacher.

2016-17 Do What You Are Presentation  
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