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Christine Breese – A Torch Bearer to Make People’s Life Happy

Christine Breese (Ph.D.) is a spiritual author, retreat facilitator and a teacher – conducted (conducts) workshops and retreats; while she has created a considerable number of spiritual material from meditation CDs to written works. With the motive of working for society and something good for the mankind, she has founded Wisdom of The Heart Church and University of Metaphysical Science. Not to mention his work and creation of online Ezine Starlight journal along with producing and directing the series Spirit Talk TV – a Metaphysical Talk Show.

Being an experienced and prolific writer, Christine Breese leads people into deep trances with her meditations. There is no denying the fact that she has helped uncountable number of people to change their lives through her meditation CDs and Powerful States of consciousness that they have never experienced earlier. These wonderful and amazing transformational experiences are quite evident at her retreats and in the curriculum of her school.

She has been working for mankind and society to make people aware of the ways of living a happy life. Her work and her dedication for the society has truly changed the life of many people.

You will learn a lot more from her and by attending her workshops and retreats.

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Christine breese – a torch bearer to make people’s life happy