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Allow a minimum of four hours for this activity. 40 mins drive each way, 2.5 hr walk—with photo & snack stops, and a refreshing stop at the Weldborough pub! Or picnic at Little Plains look-out. How to get there: From Tin Dragon Trail Cottages turn right onto the Tasman Highway (A3). Drive up over the hill out of Branxholm. Continue along the Tasman Highway through Derby, Moorina to Weldborough (26 Km). From Welborough continue on the A3 to the top of the pass where you will see a small sign indicating Lottah Road and Little Plains Lookout (6.8 km from Welborough). James & Graham near the entrance to the walk April 2014 (You can also drive via the Mt Paris Dam Road to Weldborough— 19 km, gravel road).

April 2014. New track construction commenced

Drive into Lottah Road about 1 km to the Quarry (LHS). Set your odometer to 0. Just past the quarry on the RHS is Lehners Ridge Road, which is unsigned (1.2 km from turn-off into Lottah Rd). Turn into Lehners Ridge Road. Drive mostly downhill till your odometer reading is 1.7km. There is a small pull-off area on the left.

Track construction should be completed in the next month. I guess road signs will be installed too. The start of the walk is now well marked (April 2014) and easy to follow along downhill contours—then along an old water race for about 200m, and downhill again. At the base of the walk is the Blue Tier Giant or ‘Big Tree’. It is the widest living tree in Australia at 19.4m rbh! (i.e. radius at breast height--~1.4m from roots). The new track will bring you back onto the water race, past the ’cradle tree’. You could also follow the old track to return via the Groom River and rejoin the water race. Hey! You have just had an easy downhill walk… most of the return is uphill and is steep in parts, particularly after you leave the refreshing waters of the Groom River. Remember to be careful because you walk at your own risk.

Here she is! The widest tree in Australia!

140418 blue tiers giants  

One of the significant wins from the Tasmanian Forest Agreement is the new Blue Tier reserved area--previously destined for logging. Constru...

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