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Guys this is a pictrue of me and my uncle Jean Piaget who made a theory on cognitive development. He said to me that schemas are important in my cognitive development. They can be objects, colors,textures and other concepts.

He said that I already applied the concept of schema with my relationship towards dogs and cats. You all know that I really hate dogs because they bark and bite. I also assimilate that they have 4 legs, a tail and fur.

One day, I spotted a cat on the street. I almost ran away thinking it was a dog because it had 4 legs, a tail and a fur. But all of a sudden, it meowed on me—it was actually a cat! I accommodated my schema of 4 legs, tail and fur of dogs to cats. But cats are more cuddly and tamer than dogs, that’s why I like them more.

Other than schemas, uncle Piaget also taught me about the four stages in cognitive development.He told me that when I was still a toddler, I always cry hard whenever my parents leave me at school. It is because I thought they were going to abandon me. I was still developing my object permanence at that time since I was still on my sensorimotor stage.

I remembered when I was still five years old, I would jump for joy whenever my parents give me five 1peso coins, but I would get sad whenever they give me one 5-peso coin. As what uncle Piaget had told me, I still did not understand the principle of conservation that two objects can still have the same value despite the difference of its appearance. It is because I was still on my preoperational stage.

Back in my 2nd-grade art class, I discovered that I could change a modeling clay into different shapes, but I could still return it into a ball shape afterwards. Uncle Piaget said that I already mastered the principle of conservation as well as the principle of reversibility since I am already at my concrete operational stage

Now, I believe that I’m at the formal operational stage. It is because I could solve mathematical problems and other mental operations at ease.

My cousin Lawrence Kohlberg also helped me know myself better. He was famous for his theory on moral development. He told me that all of us pass through series of stages in the evolution of our sense of justice and kind of reasoning to make moral judgments. We all under go three levels of moral reasoning, namely the preconventional morality, the conventional morality and the postconventional morality, in a fixed order.

Preconventional morality happened when I was still little. I didn’t have a personal code of morality because I always obey my parents’ instructions. Whenever I obey them, they always give me rewards like toys and coloring materials. But if I disobey and don’t behave well, they scold me and spank me with a belt. Generally, my parents were in control of me which shaped my moral code.

Conventional morality is the level where I am now. Other than obeying my parents, I also have started following the rules and laws at school, society and the city. I don’t question or doubt most laws implemented, instead I follow them, even if some of those are against my will. Actions like passing my project on time, cleaning my surroundings and following the Church dress codes let me become a moral and responsible person. However, this is also the stage wherein I do good deeds to make others have a nice impression of me, just like volunteering to be a reader in the mass to gain points.

Though I’m still not at level 3 postconventional morality, I think this level would help me improve my self-confidence but at the same time decrease my moral development. I will know that I’m already at this stage if I do some things that could cause trouble against my society, my loved ones and even myself. If I have the courage to ignore the norms and judgments of others for my self-chosen principles, I could tempt myself to get piercings, have tattoos, gamble and change my gender.

Of course, my parents were also influential in my development. For me, they are authoritarian type of parents because they are very strict and dictatorial with everything that I do. They give me curfew, don’t let me attend parties, scold me if I commit little mistakes, make me wake up and sleep early, and even don’t allow me to attend overnights at school nor sleepovers with friends. Those are big burdens for me since adolescence is my time to socialize and understand myself better. Because of those limitations, I became shy and socially awkward.

However, despite of being authoritarian parents, they are quite permissive with me, especially on material things. I often get the things I want easily which makes me somehow a spoiled brat. Because of that, I am dependent, moody, immature and bossy, not only to my parents, but also to others. But I think that they spoil me because I deserve it and it can help me motivate myself to study hard for my future.

Even if my parents are not my ideal parents, I still love them for loving me unconditionally, taking care of my health, being concern with my welfare and the things I do, and providing my needs and wants, despite of being such a pain in their heads and wallets.

So guys, that’s all you need to know about how I met myself through those people. Because of the psychology behind my development, I knew myself better and understood why I am different from other people.

Guys this is a pictrue of me and my uncle jean piaget who made a theory on cognitive development  
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