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inspire their future


Christine Fish Issued 2010

Insights & Ideas

The following pages are excerpts of a love letter to a brand answering the question:

“What does the customer value and desire?” Microsoft Bing



Intuitive Online Tools

Streaming Intimate Conversations


I desire tools to fluidly seek for information. Please make the process easier and more inspirational.

Thank you for letting me share my own content. The information is just what I wanted.

Dear Google, everything about you makes my life easier. Somehow I trust you every time.


“What does the customer value and desire?�


Zico beverage

Rich Stimulating Cuisine

Approachable Lifestyle Changes

Engaging Health Experiences

My palette is yearning for diversity. I desire to experience food that is sensual and ritualistic.

I need solutions that improve my health. Help me.

Peaceful balance builds my inner and outer strength. I desire to compete towards a greater goal.


“What does the customer value and desire?” Fresh Direct

Jet Blue

Umpqua Bank

Simple Grocery Solutions

Enjoying the Traveler’s Journey

Approachable Community Banking

I consider my family’s health everyday. I wish for affordable high quality food at my doorstep.

Each moment of the day has value. I desire to be at the right place at the right time.

My bank connects me to a greater goal. It creates easy solutions to care for my family and community.


“What does the customer value and desire?”

Monocle magazine

Coke Zero

Complete Financial Understanding

Trusting in the Source

Men’s Modern Soda

Clarity within my finances is a relief. I desire to be reassured that each day will be filled with joy.

Culture, business, and life should be painted with every detail. I need to be sure your words have meaning.

I value exciting entertainment and sex appeal. I desire to enjoy life and have it with Jack Daniels.


“What does the customer value and desire?� St Germain Liqueur

Hendrix Gin

American Girl

Poetic Social Lubrication

Tailored Obsession

Every Girl Is Beautiful

My modern history blooms in the evening. I desire to relax into meaningful conversations.

My prudent obsession requires a unique mixology. I desire to understand the love affair with my gin.

My daughter and I love to embrace her individuality. I want to guide her inner and outer beauty.


The Last Note Digital tools will simplify life’s little issues People take care of their health everyday Evaluating life through complexity is dead Social Lubrication is passionate & intelligent

Brand Insights & Ideas  
Brand Insights & Ideas  

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