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Quirkey Division 16 Newsletter

Important Dates  3/6 Registration must be postmarked  3/15 DCON contests materials due  4/5-4/7 District Convention

Inside this issue: What is DCON?


Convention Cost Reduction


Advocacy Focus: SAIL


Officer Spotlight: North Bergen President


Who’s Nearby?: LTG Spotlight


What Is: ICON?


Important Contacts


June 20th, 2012

Volume 1, Issue 3

What is District Convention? Break out the sparkling cider, it’s Key Club New Year! 800 Key Clubbers from all over New Jersey gather to celebrate their successes and achievements for the past service year. With dozens of workshops and contests, District Convention provides a myriad of opportunities for any Key Clubber to grow as a leader and shine!

Registration for Key Club MUST BE POSTMARKED by March 6th. All the forms for District Convention can be found under the resources tab on If you need helping getting transportation, chaperones, anything like that for District Convention, please let me know! I’m here to help you get to DCON!

Our DCON’s theme is the 1920s—celebrating a roaring year of service!

Hope to see you at Ocean Place! Sincerely,

Convention Cost Reduction: $100 off! District Convention costs $260 per person, and covers hotel and meals for three days and two nights. However, this is a pretty hefty price tag that

many clubs have difficulty paying.

ONLY $160!

But thanks to a generous donation

This is a great opportunity that I highly recommend that all of

from several Kiwanises in our area, District Convention’s cost is

you take advantage of— a once in a high school lifetime!

District Convention Overview—Sessions and Caucusing District Convention is divided into several components; sessions, workshops, caucusing, and more. Sessions are held Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. At these sessions, you will hear from Keynote speak-


So, why attend Caucusing is held on DCON? Friday night, with House  Two dances; one forof Delegates being held mal the other semion Saturday. Executive formal elections are held at Dis-  Distinguished officer trict Convention. awards Caucusing is a way  Scholarships for you to get to know  Talent show your candidates. This is  Contests where you have a chance  Food

to ask them vital quesers, the district board,  and more. You’ll also see tions. House of Delegates clubs recognized for their is where you will vote. 

Meet your new lieutenant governor! Help elect the 2013-

       


Lieutenant Governor Kelly Tran, Workshops Chair

Every Saturday morn-

Meet officers from all over your division Meet people from all over New Jersey!

by LTG Kelly Tran

You can learn anything and everything from how to

the Public Speaking workshop along

and bring it back to your clubs.

be an outstanding president to how to dance like a true 1920s flapper. The workshops at DCON also include an intro to Circle K, college, and financial aid for interested members. There are three workshop sessions, however, there has been a change in how

with Breaking the Ice and Moving Your Meetings) Session 3 will be a general “divisional forum” for your division to meet with your current and future lieutenant governor, as well as

It is recommended that for clubs with many members attending, to split up and attend several different workshops as opposed to just one. This way, you can bring as much information as possible back to your home clubs after

ing at District Convention, Session 3 will be managed: a variety of workshops are  Sessions 1 and 2 will conducted to help enrich retain the typical workthe minds and abilities of shop format, with some Key Club members and workshops being comofficers throughout the bined (for example, district. Meeting Management is

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2014 executives Free time in Long Branch, NJ Free time by the beach Guest speakers Surf Taco Workshops Requirement for all officers

meet neighboring DCON, and use your divisions. newfound knowledge to Come Hey Kelly Tran… help guide Can we go workshopping? prepared you all for with an eager mind to the next service year! absorb as much Hope to see you all knowledge as possible at Ocean Place!

Meet the Contests All clubs must complete an Annual Achievement Report Form and have it postmarked no later than March 10th, 2013, found at Failure to submit the this form will result in disqualification from all other contests. Why Enter Contests? Contests are great opportunities for any club to gain recognition on a state–or even international level—for its wonderful achievements. Individual Key Club members can also enter a variety of contests to showcase their leadership and dedication. With more than twenty contests, there is a contest for everyone. Take the initiative and apply for at least one contest! Not only will you gain valuable experience, you might even bring home a polished prize. More info can be found in the contests packet:

Pre-DCON Contests Club Website: Judged based on usability and appeal; simple form to fill out! Single Service: Document and recap one significant event your club performed Club Bulletin: Recognizes editor’s newsletters. Minimum 8! Kiwanis Family Relations: Recognizes club’s work with the K-Family Major Emphasis Project: Recognizes club’s service with children (our ME) Annual Achievement Report Form: Required. Documents your club’s work (meetings, events, etc) over the entire year.

At-DCON Contests Traditional/Nontraditional Scrapbook: Documents the service year (events, etc) Computer/Drawn Poster: Create a poster advertising Key Club Video: Create a video (like a commercial) advertising Key Club Individual Contests Talent: Share a showstopping talent! (select few will show on Saturday evening) Impromptu Essay: write an essay within 40 minutes—no prompt provided before! Oratorical: Give a speech on Key Club. Prompt can be found online.

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Talent Show

By Treasurer Joseph

Anyone can audition! There are a few rules while preforming: 1. Acts may not exceed 6 minutes. 2. You MUST provide your own resources, e.g. Treasurer Joseph Toumanios,

CDs, props, iPods,

Talent Show Chairperson

instruments, jug-

The 67th Annual

gling equipment,

New Jersey District Convention is coming up, which means YOU

cannonballs, etc. 3. Any singing rou-

have a chance to show off your amazing hobbies, talents, or skills!

tines must have their song copied onto a CD (without lyrics), UNLESS you are

playing an

If you have a


crazy talent, come

4. All acts must

show it off! Fame

be appropri-

has to start some-

ate! Nothing

where! If you have


any questions,

illicit, etc.

please contact Jo-

Any and all

seph Toumanios at

types of talents are


encouraged, not

just acts containing dancers, musicians, singers, or instrumentalists! In the past, we’ve had Rubik's Cube solvers, magicians, Indian dance troupes, etc!

Important Contacts

Nicole Ventrone


Celina Baquiran secretary.baq


Joe Toumanios

Christina Xiao

Lucas Dos Santos

Zak DeGiulio




Quirkey - District Convention Newsletter  

A newsletter reporting specifically District Convention, a statewide event for the New Jersey District of Key Club on April 5-7 to celebrate...

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