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EDITO… Here is the fourth edition of the newspaper ‘COMENEWS’, created by the pupils of the participating schools and countries of the Comenius project. It is the compilation of 3 months of work, meetings and exchanges between the schools. The theme chosen is ‘LET’S HAVE A PARTY’. In this newspaper you’ll find all traditions and customs of the participating children concerning celebrations. Enjoy!


Norway’s National Day: 17 th of May

Royal family greets the children’s parade from the Palace balcony at 17 May: Crown Prince Haakon, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Crown Princess Mette Marit, Queen Sonja and King Harald.

Let’s party! We are not big on celebrations in Norway, but 17 May is our National Day (constitutional day) and then we like to celebrate all day long!

On 17 May we dress up in our National Costumes, eat ice cream, we take part in parades, eat more ice cream, play children’s games, eat hot dogs and maybe even more ice cream. 17th May is "Children's Day". Children's parade tradition started long ago. The first parade took place 17 May 1870 in Christiania (Oslo). This first parade couted 1200 children—all boys.

National Costumes

Our National Costumes varies from where you come from in Norway. Both men and women wear national costumes.

17 May in Skudeneshavn

All the children from the local schools take part in the children’s parade in the morning. Our school has its own drummers.

In the afternoon there is also a parade where children and grownups take part. People will dress up in different custumes and just have fun. The team / company that dress the best, will win a price. The parade ends in the lokal Park where there will be entertainment.

The children’s parade ends at the market square. Afterwards there will be a service given by the local priest and then playtime for the children.

Partytime Celebrations in Norway

Let’s have a party

Halloween Halloween is a new celebration in Norway. It started around year 2000. The children (and some grown ups) dress scary. They go to houses in the neighbourhood, and ”Trick or treat”. The 2nd grade in Skudenes love it. They like to scare, and to be scared. It is

How we celebrate birthdays?

Most of the children in Norway invite friends and/or family. When we have party for friends, we eat good food, cakes and candies. We also play, and maybe we dance. It is normal to give presents for the birthdaychild.

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming again. My family spend this holiday with all their relatives. At the beginning, a prayer is said for the deceased and the meal is always blessed. Then we exchange Christmas greetings and make festive wishes. Later, we sit down to the supper with the entire family and most often ,we find on the table 12 dishes. The most frequent dishes are: the fish, borscht and different cakes. When the time for gifts comes, everyone sitting down next to the Christmas tree sing Christmas carols, and at that time somebody dresses up as Santa Claus. When he already comes, he hands out gifts to all the present relatives. Everyone is pleased and especially children who will sometimes do the competitions who gets a birch for the naughtiness. And they boast who got more gifts. Later we sit, we talk and we listen to Christmas carols together. I like Christmas very much, because it is one day where everyone meets the entire family. Natalia Sikorska

The best holidays ever This summer, I went with family to the Baltic Sea. We enjoyed ourselves magnificently. My junior (youngest) sister played. My mum and I made a sand castle together. My dad read interesting books. When we were all already weary , we returned to our house , where we lived during the week. It was a nice house. There was a trampoline on which I jumped with sister after breakfast. We walked in the evening to the seaside, in order to see the sunset. One evening, when I had earache, my youngest sister found a kite, which we played with to the end of day. It was big and colourful. Returning, dad noticed that the kite was from Germany! These vacations, I will remember these holidays particularly as I was there with my family enjoying myself a lot. Joanna Zielińska

CHILDREN’S DAY This festival is celebrated on the 1st of June. This is festival is for children. The families give them sweets or presents. On that day, all the children are happier than ever. Kasia Runce

ST VALENTINE’S DAY This festival is unusual. This festival is for lovers. It is celebrated on the 14th of February. The lovers give each other presents. The lovers spend a lot of time together. Schoolchildren organize love mail. It is a really special day for all those who love and are loved. Don`t miss it! Maja Ciszewska

My favourite singer Kamil Bednarek is 19 years old and he was born on the 10th of May 1991 in Brzeg. It is a Polish reggae and dancehall vocalist, songwriter, composer and musician. He is best known as the runner-up in the third series of Mam talent. At the beginning of 2012, Kamil Bednarek took part in the second edition of the TV show Bitwa na głosy, broadcasedt by TVP2. He has got brown eyes and brown dreadlocks. My favourite songs are Cisza, Jestem and Dla Ciebie.

Let's have a party  
Let's have a party  

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