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Magazine Winners General News Reporting 1. L. D. Kirshenbaum Seattle Metropolitan “Cops & Robbers” 2. James Addis World Vision “Turning Back the Tide” 3. Mark Defreyn Washington Law & Politics “Line of Defense” Government/Political Reporting 1. Dean Paton Washington CEO “Hybrid Highways” 2. Susan Nakagawa Seattle Magazine “Who’s Pulling the Strings” 3. Ross Anderson Seattle Metropolitan “Why Do We Have a Problem with Maria” HM J. Kingston Pierce Washington Law & Politics “Laptop Warriors” Consumer and Environmental Affairs 1. Staff Seattle Metropolitan “The Greening of Seattle” 2. Brad Warren Seattle Metropolitan “Reservoir Dog” 3. Eric Lucas Horizon Air Magazine “Fascinating Fishers” HM Paul Clarke Alaska Airlines Magazine “Growing Success” Science & Health 1. Eric Lucas Alaska Airlines Magazine “Power Up” 2. Eric Scigliano Seattle Metropolitan “Doctor of Doo” 3. Andrew Engleson Horizon Air Magazine “Practicing Medicine” HM Cynthia Scanlon Washington CEO Magazine “Stepping Wellness”

Social Issues 1. TIE: Michael Hood Seattle Magazine “A Long Way from Home” TIE: Carol Tice Seattle Magazine “No Place Like Home” 2. Lisa Wogan Seattle Magazine “The Death Debate” 3. Joe Follansbee Seattle Magazine “The Disappearing Middle Class” HM Emma Grunberg Seattle Metropolitan “Payday Saviors—or Debt Enslavers” Minorities 1. Christina Twu Colors NW Magazine “Mixed Blessings” 2. Lisa Wogan Seattle Magazine “Fight for Rights” 3. Tom Griffin Columns Magazine “The Stolen Years” HM Steve Wiecking Seattle Metropolitan “A Strange and Bitter Crop” Education Reporting 1. James Ross Gardner Seattle Metropolitan “The Kids Might Be All Right” 2. Christine Twu Colors NW Magazine “Educating Native Youth” 3. Nick Gallo Seattle University Magazine “Opening Doors” HM Eric McHenry Columns Magazine “Spreading the Word” Personalities 1. Kathryn Robinson Seattle Metropolitan “The War of Lt. Watada” 2. Lisa Patterson Premier Media/425 “The Man Behind the Vision” 3. Staff Seattle Metropolitan “277 People Who Shaped Seattle”

Leisure & Lifestyle Reporting 1. David Laskin Seattle Metropolitan “All Roads Lead to Home” 2. Joanna Kadish Seattle Magazine “The Cowboy Way” 3. Peter Sackett Seattle Metropolitan “Out of Site” HM Paul Clarke Alaska Airlines Magazine “The Sweet Life” Arts & Criticism News Features 1. Steve Wiecking Seattle Metropolitan “Flight Plan” 2. Scott Driscoll Horizon Air Magazine “Art with Heart” 3. Eric McHenry Columns Magazine “The Mountain Mover” HM Steve Wiecking Seattle Metropolitan “Stagestruck” Business News/Features 1. Niki Stojnic Seattle Business Monthly “Frisky Business” 2. Chris Winters Washington CEO “The Venture Capital” 3. Christina Twu ColorsNW Magazine “Second Generation Brings New Style to Family Shop” HM Dori Jones Yang Washington CEO Magazine “The Good Fight” Sports 1. Terry Sheely Horizon Air Magazine “Catch Basins” 2. Jim Gullo Seattle Metropolitan “Ping Pong Yong” 3. Joel Rogers Seattle Metropolitan “The Old Man and the Sweep” HM Kim Wolfkill Alaska Airlines Magazine “In the Fast Lane”

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