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christina robev selected works

Model : Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

Created in collaboration with Natalie Bellefleur, Samantha Willman, Sneha Sumanth, Vantar Angardi and Victor Cocuz

hello, bonjour, hola, guten tag, My name is Christina and I’m looking for an internship position. I speak four languages and I love to learn and travel. I have an open mind and a very strong work ethic. Please see my cv on the following page. Thanks for your time!

curriculum vitae SKILLS SUMMARY - clear communication and effective sharing of knowledge & ideas - respectful & understanding of thoughts, opinions, & ideas of others - constant striving to achieve full potential - innovative at solving problems - exceptional organization and efficiency - highly productive in fast-paced environment TECHNICAL SKILLS - experienced in Rhinoceros [3D Modeling Software] and VRAY - proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Lightroom - thorough knowledge of AutoCAD and Vectorworks - proficient in Microsoft Office and iWork - highly skilled in manual rendering and physical modeling EDUCATION Candidate for Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario, September 2010 - Present [Enrolled in 2B Term] Achieved Ontario Secondary School Diploma in Enhanced Learning and Extended French Programs at Lorne Park Secondary School

28 Blair Road Cambridge ON Canada N1S 2H6 1 (519) 841-9481

WORK EXPERIENCE Intern Architect, Taller de Arquitectura Rico+ Roa [Spain] Jan - May 2012 precise model making with the use of AutoCAD and a laser cutter wrote articles for the studio’s blog: assisted in design processes and completed architectural drawings Yoga Instructor, Atlas Studio July 2011 - Present designed specific lesson plans for different groups of students led intimate classes of 5-10 youth and adults treated each individual student with respect and care modified poses to accommodate physical limitations guided students through meditations and relaxation techniques Store Cashier, Sheridan Nurseries Garden Centre executed high standards of customer service handled customer complaints and inquiries worked independently without supervision

May - July 2011

PUBLICATIONS Author of two copywrighted photographs in DETAIL Magazine, Edición Español. April 2012 Featured in the International Journal for Architecture Research for Great Mosque of Córdoba Model

Christina Robev University of Waterloo School of Architecture

EXTRA-CURRICULAR AND LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Internal Vice President / Waterloo Architecture Student Association organized school-wide events and fundraisers represented student body in budget decisions

Stereotomic Exploration Jan - Dec 2011

Media Co-ordinator and leader at University of Waterloo’s Orientation Week 2011 Food Co-ordinator at University of Waterloo’s Orientation Week 2012 Participant / University of Toronto’s Mentorship Program Sept 2008 - March 2009 assisted Prof. Brad Bass (dept. of Environmental Science) with research on: green roofs and living walls adaptability and “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” COBWEB software dealing with survival of ecosystems PERSONAL INTERESTS - photography - yoga [certified yoga instructor] - cuisine - travel & world culture - philosophy - acoustic guitar - martial arts - hiking & camping - skiing - languages native speaker of English and Bulgarian fluent in French [completed French exchange program in 2008] comfortable with conversational and technical Spanish learning German [took two years of adult classes at Goethe Institut, Toronto]

ma jor projects: architectonic pavillion FALL 2010

forest residence

vinyl music archive

rolling pedestrian bridge

namaste yoga retreat hotel

eco house


FALL 2011


current project: tea botanical garden model making: great mosque of c贸rdoba casa cerro muriano cooper union case study selected renders realized project: loft bedroom


architectonic pavilion Architectonics refers to the elements of architecture and the manner in which they relate to each other to create a coherent composition. In this project, I was to design an open-air pavilion without context. I created a walk-through structure, putting emphasis on the experience of expansion vs. contraction while moving through the space.





Manual drawings: pencil on vellum

Rendered using Adobe Photoshop CS5

forest residence WEST ELEVATION

This project explores the balance between the specific accomodation needs of a writer living in solitude, a very limited amount of floorspace (80 sq. m) and seclusion from distractions through natural surroundings, materiality, light and circulation. My design for this writer’s residence is located on a tall ridge overlooking Taylor Lake in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.



Manual drawings: pencil on vellum

1 9



4 6



PLAN Composed of two main axes, as seen in the parti diagram above, this temporary residence has distinct separation between public, semi-private and private spaces. The main feature of this residence is the high-cieling studio which projects out of the house and provides panoramic views of the lake and forest which surround it.



1 entry 2 living room 3 dining area 4 fireplace 5 kitchen 6 writing studio 7 bath 8 bedroom 9 patio

Rendered using Adobe Photoshop CS5


vinyl archive

LONGITUDAL SECTION Manual drawings: ink on mylar

On a narrow site in Toronto’s emerging John Street cultural corridor, this musical archive and experiential gallery for vinyl records strives to familiarize the public with the best possible quality of recorded music. Complete with a cafÊ and public listening rooms where one might stop to hear a few tracks, strike up a conversation, or discover a new favourite artist, the archive not only exposes people to a new way of listening, but can also act as a space for social interaction and community building. The meeting room and research/ archivist spaces stay physically separated and well-lit, providing these professionals with access to the archives as well as privacy from the busy Toronto streets.


1 performance 2 arrival 3 meeting 4 w/c 5 cafĂŠ 6 listening room (public) 7 research 8 archivist space


3 4

4 2 6






I considered with great importance the threshold of my archive; the way in which it interacts with John Street and its countless pedestrians. I decided to create a public space of repose and relaxation, and silmultaneously a performing area for buskers and budding musicians. I did this by designing a large overhanging cantilever to house the listening rooms, made up of several cubes, with small voids to create a canopy and a diffused-lightning condition underneath.

Rendered using Rhinoceros, V-RAY and Adobe Photoshop CS5

pedestrian bridge

SSEF Competition Entry in collaboration with Kristin Allison

This project focuses on the concept of biomimickry in the build environment. Biomimickry is the imitation of natural systems in architecture and design, and serves to bring humans closer to nature, especially in an urban setting, even if at a subconsious or subtle level. This rolling pedestrian bridge, which is proposed for construction in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, is modelled after the fern, which uncoils itself every spring from a perfect geometric spiral. When not in use, the bridge remains rolled up at the side of the canal, allowing boats to pass by, mysterious and unrevealing as to what its purpose really is. However, when the bridge is needed by pedestrians and cyclists alike, it unravels itself piece by piece, transforming into a walkable horizontal platform.



Rendered using Rhinoceros, V-RAY and Adobe Photoshop CS5


Rendered using Vectorworks 2010 & Adobe Photoshop CS5

namaste yoga retreat hotel

The Namaste Yoga Retreat Centre is situated in downtown Galt, Cambridge, Ontario. In essence, this project is a secluded and meditative environment for the discovery of one’s true self. By incorporating a cloisterlike hallway for circulation with rhythmic columns, a heavily wooded and natural courtyard, greenhouses to provide fresh, local food and a full water spa, I hope to relax the minds and bodies of those who occupy the hotel.

adminitsration adminitsration

hotel reception

firepit & meeting area



outdoor yoga

treatment rooms

office space

self-service food bar

food prep

spa & yoga reception employee area




The courtyard, being the primary focus, consumes most of the site. The building acts as a set of walls to seclude the santcuary within. Facing the courtyard, wide hallways become open space in the summer, when their glass panels can be opened for half the year. The yoga space spills to the outdoors, as well as the retaurant which occupies a trellis-covered patio in the summer months. Thie play on the boundary between interior and exterior is a pervading theme in the project.


Rendered using Vectorworks 2010 & Adobe Photoshop CS5

Rendered using Rhinoceros, VRAY and Adobe Photoshop CS5

eco house

A Habitat for Humanity Design Competition Entry in collaboration with Snehanjali Sumanth

“Habitable� combines compactability with versatility to become the perfect assemblable house. Its A-frame shape and structure address the climate conditions of southern Ontario; snow and the need to adapt to varying climates. Located in the suburbs of Cambridge, the east and west facades are clad in wood with a strip of glazing and operable windows the shed light into the house. The north and south facades are glazed, with the A frame extended out over them serving as a shading device. This regulates the light entering in from the south during the summer and winter months. The floor is a concrete slab off the grade, contributing to winter heat gain through thermal mass. The house is compact: you have just what you need in terms of space and utilization. In plan it can be split into four quadrants with the washrooms and kitchen in the centre on either side. Circulation runs through the center of the house, a simple way to go through a rectangular plan. Three of the four quadrants are customizable to be single bedrooms, a master bedroom or a dining area through the use of compacted manipulatable walls and versatile panels which come down from the walls, while the fourth is a permanant living area.


Sample Layout 2 2 small bedrooms 1 master bedroom living and dining combined Sample Layout 1 2 small bedrooms 1 master bedroom large areas for living and dining

STAGE 1 STAGE 2 Sample Layout 2 2 small bedrooms 1 master bedroom living and dining combined Sample Layout 1 2 small bedrooms 1 master bedroom large areas for living and dining




Preliminary assignment: Information mapping

Christina Robev 20372310




current project

a place for tea


I am currently designing a small scale tea production facility & tea consuming retreat for a niche market of tea enthusiasts in Toronto. With this project I would like to create a contemplative destination to experience the sacredness and ritual aspect of tea- something which is not usually addressed in today’s busy society. It is a place not only to create and drink personal tea blends in a meditative environment, but also to develop an understanding about what exactly tea is, how it’s processed, and how it benefits the human body and mind. I would like to achieve this consciousness of serenity and insight through the use of directed views of landscape, subtle & consistent architecture, and abundance vs. denial of light to create specific atmospheres.


Rendered using Rhinoceros, VRAY and Adobe Photoshop CS5

model making

Cathedral Mosque, Cordoba

Pieces cut using AutoCAD and a Laser Cutter


Natalie Bellefleur Samantha Willman Sneha Sumanth Vantar Angardi Victor Cocuz

This 1:100 sectional model was created for a second-year cultural history course in which the art and culture of Medieval Europe was discussed. The finished project measures 1.8m long by 1.3m wide and 0.4m tall. The mosque features over 700 columns, tiered as well as horseshoe arches throughout, an impressive orange grove and a cathedral at its centre which was added by crusaders in the 16th century.

Casa Cerro Muriano Completed for Rico+Roa Arquitectos in C贸rdoba, Spain during my most recent internship with the use of AutoCAD and a laser cutting machine.

Cooper Union Case Study A first year case study sectional model of the Cooper Union building by Morphosis Architects in New York City. Made manually from thick museum board.

Screenshot from “The Island”

room from a film As a project in Visual Communications, I modelled and rendered a room from the movie “The Island”. I used Rhinoceros to model the room and its furniture, and V-Ray to render the image with its realistic materials and lighting.

selected renders

loft bedroom When presented with the unique opportunity to create my own living space, I designed and transformed the once small and dark attic of a 100-year old home in the heart of Cambridge into the bedroom of my dreams. My first realized design project, this was a ma jor stepping stone for me as I was able to observe and guide the process through each of its many stages.


thank you

christina robev

Portfolio 2012  

My name is Christina Robev and I am a second year architecture student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Attached is my Arch...

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